Electro Galvanized Iron Wire For Hexagonal Wire Mesh

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Product Description:

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Spool, Reel, Coil,
Delivery Detail:2~5weeks


1) Bright and smooth surface
2) Different coil weight available
3) Small tolerance on wire diameter
4)ISO approved

Product Description

Electro Galvanized Wire


This kind of industrial wire is mainly used in construction, making of wire nails and wire ropes, express way fencing, binding of flowers and wire mesh weaving.

2) Material:

Carbon steel wire, mild steel wire

4) Surface:

Electro Galvanization



Tensile strength


6) Technical Info:

Surface: hot-dipped zinc coated

     Tensile strength:340-500 N/mm2 for all sizes
      Elongation: Min. 10% for all sizes

7) Packing:

2kg~500kg, in small coils, big coils and on spool or drums

9) All can be produced according to customers’ actual requirement.

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Q:Explanation of Remote Wire? and REM wire?
The blue and white wire on the back of car stereos is not a remote wire, it is the antenna wire for power antennas. Which does not require 12 volts to power on the antenna motor. The remote wire is the same thing as the REM wire, REM is short for remote. This wire is used to send a 12 volt signal to external amplifiers to turn them on when the stereo is turned on.
Q:can i use elmer glue to hook up wires?
u have to take off some of the plastic parts then twist the wires together then put electrical tape.. well atleast thats how i think it's done..
Q:i need someone who knows wires?
You have your choice. Some choices depend on the use of the wire. You can solder them, join them with crimp connectors, use wire nuts, or use screw down terminals. If the wire are for electrical house wiring, wire nuts are requires. If for low voltage inside equipement or the like, any of the listed methods will work fine.
Q:3 wire switch and 2 wire motor?
a 3 phase motor has 3 windings whose centers are separated by 120° mechanically. The phases in a 3-phase system are separated by 120° electrically. The sum of the magnetic fields produced by these currents has a constant magnitude, and rotates the direction determined by connection of the phase wires. Arbitrarily giving ABC as one direction of rotation, then BAC = ACB = CBA reverses the rotation of the field in the motor, reversing its rotation.
Q:re wiring a lamp question?
Good that you asked. Polarity on alternating circuits does matter. The side of the wire with a little ridge on it is the neutral side and goes to the white screw on the lamp socket. The other wire is the hot and goes to the center pin. Wired reverse of this the light will still turn off with the switch, but you will still have power at the screw shell on the socket. This is how folks get shocked when changing a bulb even though the switch is off. Same with appliances. You think it is safe to open them and look around inside because the switch is off, but power is still present through the internal workings all the way back to the switch. Trust me on that! All electrical circuits, be they AC or DC are a loop. Break that loop anywhere along the way and it ceases to work. Not understanding this simple fact is why so many folks have trouble fixing electrical circuits. It is especially true with trailer lights. But that's another subject.
Q:Spark Plug Wire Problems?
It sounds like you may have installed the wires out of order. On your car the firing order is 1-3-4-2; standing at the front of the car the cylinder count is from passenger side to driver side (#1 is passenger; then 2-3-4.) Make sure your #1 wire is coming off the #1 terminal on the coil pack, then #3 wire on the second terminal, #4 on the third, and #2 wire on the last one. If that doesn't do it, than you may have bad wires. Check with your mechanic.
Q:what is the difference between a phone wire and a lan wire?
Yes the difference is that network cable (cat 5) supports 100mbs data transfer and has a range of 100 meters. Network cable is also shielded against R/F interference and uses a connector similar to a phone connector (RJ45) but is bigger. Phone cable is smaller in diameter and in most cases is not shielded it uses a (RJ11) connector. It may be possible to use the phone lines to connect your network but you would have to know how to terminate the ends of the cable. This takes a special tool and also the ability to do it. Its not that easy to do, Its easy if you have some one show you. I've been doing this for years, my advice would be to use network cable, do it right. wireless is the easy way to do it.
Q:Okay to leave ground wire bare?
I don't think so you could get shocked, Look that up on an Electric Wiring site before you do and thing else
Q:how do you wire amotion sensor light.the?
If all else fails read the directions! Please read the directions that came with the motion sensor/outdoor light. They should have a color code in them somewhere that tells you what each color is and what it should be wired too. If you have any doubts hire a licensed qualified electrician to do it for you. You would be much better off if you don't think you are capable of doing it. If you do think you are capable make sure you turn off the breaker in the breaker box. (Not the light switch on the wall)
Q:what are types of copper wire?
Copper wire for electric/electronic cables has lots of categories, such as solid, stranded, coaxial, ribbon, power, small signal, stripline, flexible, twisted pair, and others. But your division into crafts/electric is not too useful, as either type of wire can be used for the other. You can use electric wire for crafts and vv. You can also get copper wire for construction use. .

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