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Got a new kenwood stereo to replace the old kenwood one in my VW polo 1998. Workes fine but when I pushed the stereo into my dashboard a wire came out so I pulled it out and put it back in. It worked, but next morning my car battery was near dead, I unplugged the stereo and its fine now. I assume I used wrong wire? Does anyone have a diagram or picture of how it should be wired?
When you wired it did you butcher the wires or use a wiring harness? With the wiring harness, everything is labeled and color coded. Match colors to the kenwood wiring harness, splice or use butt connectors, plug harness into factory harness and player, attach antenna wire and you're done! If you did butcher the wires and left enough wire, repair the harness and buy a harness kit at your local sound shop, really cheap too! Good luck!
I need the wiring diagram for the 1992 Lexus ES300 OE Stereo.I specifically need to know what colors (or numbers) the wires are for the front right and front left bottom door speaker.
ur best bet is to take off the door cover and look at the speaker and go off the colors u see going into the speaker
Can we use pilot wire protection to protect overhead line, and which country use this scheme ?
Pilot wire protection can be used anytime anywhere. The question is not where it is used but why, and is it required. Pilot wire protection provides better discrimination of fault location, than, say, an impedance or distance relay. If the zones are too close, pilot wire may be the only feasible solution. .
Hello, I couldnt find a more appropriate category for this question, so i'm hoping someone here knows a little about wiring. today my booster fan burnt out, so I had to replace it. I got a 6in-line duct fan from the home depot. When I got home and took it out of the box, there is just wires with no plug on it. I have an old lamp that I took the cord off of, but there is only 2 cords, pos neg. The new fan has 3. white, black, and green. the black is the hot wire, and the green is grounded to the metal of the fan, and the white I am not sure of. I just want to know how to wire this plug to this new fan. if anyone knows how to do this please get back to me. Any help will be greatly appreciated. once again thank you.
you recognize the strategies of ways a furnace works so i'm assuming you basically opt to comprehend if in-line followers artwork. i've got put in them to help heat up a single room and it raised the temperature some ranges which became sufficient for me. this would sound stupid yet in keeping with threat truly of putting in a 12 inch in-line fan to flow air in the process the main significant duct, you install a pair of smaller 6 inch followers in strategic rooms on your upstairs and it does no longer be as great so a techniques as static tension is worried. basically a concept, wish it helps.
If 46 m of nichrome wire is to have a resistance of 12.0 Ω at 20°C, what diameter wire should be used? in mm
Resistance of a wire in Ω R = ρL/A ρ is resistivity of the material in Ω-m L is length in meters A is cross-sectional area in m? A = πr?, r is radius of wire in m resistivity Nichrome 150e-8 Ω-m 12 = (150e-8 Ω-m)(46m)/(πr?) solve for r, which would be the radius of the wire in meters. change to mm, and multiply by 2 to get diameter. .
i have old wiring for a stove that iam putting in ,a new box but i have only 3 wires 2 of them are white and 1 black how should i connect on a 4 wire receptacle? on the receptacle 1 white 1 green, 4 a ground then it says x then y ???????
You don't connect the 3 wires to the 4 wire receptacle. You leave the receptacle that was installed in the house alone and get a new cord for the stove. You need a 3 wire cord and what you do is on the stove, you connect the white and green (neutral and ground) wires together to the white on the 3 wire cord. Doing anything other than re-wiring from the electrical panel to the stove would be dangerous to you everytime you turned on the stove. Put the receptacle back the way it was. Any problems, call an electrician to fix it and be honest cuz he'll know you're lying as soon as he looks at what is going on. Are you sure that there are 2 white wires? Is one of them accidentally painted white by the painters that originally painted your house? There should be a black wire, a red wire and a white or uncovered copper or aluminum wire. The black connects to X and the red to Y. The green and white wire on the stove connect to what they called ground when we were wiring houses with 3 wire systems. Connected any other way could cause you to get shocked everytime you turned the stove on.....or worse, you could die. If you don't understand what you're doing, stop and have a friend call a friend who knows a friend that is an electrician and pay the guy his hourly rate which shouldn't be more than $25 to hook this up for you.
I just removed a Australian light switch that I've never seen before that controlled a bathroom ceiling fan and the bathroom light. (both buttons on a single panel switch)I have a black wire coming from the switch box that has 2 other black wires splitting out from the connection point, one of each going to the fan and the light. And a single black wire going to the ceiling fan and a red wire to the light.I'm just putting in your everyday off/on switch one for each the fan and the light. any help? what are the positive and negative wires?
Here in the USA we use Black and Red for power (positive) , a white wire for a neutral and green (or bare copper) for ground. I am guessing that the red and black are the independent power wires and the other black wires are the main power. the use of a multimeter should be used to verify which is which. Since your putting in a single switch (which is a interrupter) where you have one black splitting to two, remove the 2 wires and make it a single wire and attach to the line side of the switch. Then connect the red and black wire for light and fan with a 3rd wire (tail piece) and attach the tail wire to the load side of the switch., Remember to test your power source first. If in doubt, hire a electrician. No one wants a fire!!!! Better to be safe then sorry.
I need to buy more of the speaker wire my Yamaha system came with. Its very very thin almost clear wire. What is it called and where can i get it?
A ordinary websearch ability that the 4066 is a type no longer bought interior the U. S.. One website that had it quotes in Euros, and yet another became into in New Zealand. finding on the returned panel of the old 071, it appears that evidently it extremely is subwoofer linked to it using the comparable type of speaker wires that the different audio equipment use. yet, maximum separate receivers do no longer use that type of subwoofer connection. It additionally feels like the 071's sub is a passive sub, mutually as maximum receivers require the sub to be a powered type. So, it extremely is not going which you would be waiting to apply the 071's sub on a greater constructive receiver. The 4065 won't have the capacity to run a speaker cord linked subwoofer. specific, the Yamaha is a far greater constructive receiver. It only is smart that a receiver that expenses better than a receiver with six (inexpensive) audio equipment equipment could be the greater constructive type. The 4065 is a much better type than the 375, for this reason it expenses greater. Loudness is a mix of the means (including sparkling, no longer distorted means) of a receiver, *plus* the standard and sensitivity of the audio equipment. whilst going to be a greater constructive receiver, you will possibly no longer get plenty make the main of it till you apart from mght develop your audio equipment. it extremely is comparable to having an old tube television, and shifting from DVD to BluRay; on the old television, there'll never be plenty distinction seen, by way of bounds on the old television.