Yoga cushion, waterproof heating blanket, fitness carpet

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Product Description:

Quick Details

  • Style: Educational Toy, Electronic Toy, Soft Toy

  • Material: EPE for dance pad

  • Place of Origin:  China (Mainland)

  • Model Number: SY1429 for dance pad

  • Size: 60*60*2cm for dance pad

  • Thickness: 2cm for dance pad

  • Weight: 1.1kg for dance pad

  • Color: multicolor(two-sided) for dance pad

  • inner packing: Shrink wrap for dance pad

  • outer packing: carton for dance pad

  • QTY: 36 pcs (6 sets) dance pad

  • Approvals: SGS,CCC

  • Use: floor,outdoor,exercise dance pad

  • Product Type: eco-friendly dance pad


+Factory outlets center
+Approve SGS.CCC
+Accept custom
+dance pad

Product Description

1.Environmental Can be reused & environmental protection.The play mat is made of EPE which is very safe and Non-toxic to baby.

2.Protection The superb cushioning prevents children from injuries when falling down.Babies can play safely on the floor.

3.Education Have alphabets, animal, numbers etc printed on the mat, ideal for education.

4.Easy to clean All you need to do is wipe off the mat with a wet towel.

5.Heat insulation and waterproof

6.Light and easy to carry

Feature : internally printed,indirectly contact with the body

Material: EPE foam + OPP film (double sides coating)

Usage:Practise,strength the reptile of children's movement

Packing: inner packing-6pc/outer bag

               outer packing-36pcs/ctn

Item No.



EPE foam + OPP film



Gross weight




Product size(cm)


Inner packing

Shrink wrap

Packing size(cm)

Outer packing


Carton size(cm)



100% non-toxic and odorless



P.S. More pattern is optional, also the design and size can do according to your

request.Welcome to map, sample, custom, various forms of mats!

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you can seldom go wrong with SERVPRO. they're on Miller Avenue in Jackson.
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id wait till it dried if you want to vacuum, you could get electricuted
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Either one is fine, but the BD could eat the sand which could cause digestion problems. I would recommend the cage carpet.

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