Rubber Yoga Mat with PVC Free and Fatigue Resistance

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CMAX Yoga Mat is a material with high elasticity of rubber, high strength, high springback ability, but also has the characteristic of injection molding processing. Environmental non-toxic safety, wide hardness range, excellent dyeability, texture soft, weather resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature tolerance, the processing performance is superior, no vulcanization, can be recycled to reduce costs. It is very a Good Ideal for camping, travel, hiking, exercise and Yoga.



♦ Dim. : 24" x 68" / 24" x 72” (61*4325px/61*4575px)

♦ Thickness : 1/6"~2/5" (4~10mm)

♦ Material : TPE yoga mat & PVC yoga mat

♦ Label: According to your logo, company name, design etc.

♦ Yoga accessories: Yoga strap, Yoga bag, Yoga block/brick, Yoga towel.



♦ No toxic, PVC free, no metallic elements, no excitant taste, is the top grade yoga mat

♦Excellent elastic resilience, better protecting bodies.

♦Various of designs and colors, to develop baby color perception and cognitive ability,which is also a joy for adults

♦Easy to roll up neatly and lighter to carry

♦Durable and long lasting,more wear-resisting and super toughness, ten times longevity more than ordinary PE cushion

♦Clean and convenient,easy to wash




♦ Roll the mat with strap and leave in corner or pack with a bag.



♦Do not expose to sun and touch high temperature things.

♦The ground should be smooth and clean. Do not touch pointed, hard things.



♦You can clean your Eco-friendly Yoga Mat once a week or whenever it is necessary. Do not use a washing machine or dryer.

♦ Please wipe the mat with cloth in suds or laundry powder solution or soak with some vinegar for 30 min. Then wipe the water off from mat with towel or cloth.



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