YJHLV8 … XLPE Insulated, Aluminum Alloy Conductor, Chain Armored with Aluminum Alloy,Power Cable

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Conductor: creep resistance, high flexibility, strong extended, low rebound, connection stability.
Insulation: high temperature resistant, anti-burning, anti-aging, strong and durable, low-carbon environment.
Armored layer: lower cost and good performance, a special form of interlocking, sturdy and tough.
    Cable armoring layer high strength,lighter than steel tape armored , easier to peel, ease of installation, free tray installation, and reduce costs. Not limited to 360 ° installation does not require a cable box. Easy to bend around the corner, and reduce the demand for pipes, super flexibility compared to the ordinary pipeline,which can be well-designed in factory, effectively avoid cable damage during installation, and also be produced according to user needs LSZH refractory flame-retardant metal interlocking armored cable,it can reach the flame retardant IA level, refractory the I-level, compliance GA306.1, and GA306.2


   The Cable is suitable for 600V ~ 35KV voltage leveldry or wet places under 90 ° C, apply to indoor and outdoor installation, can be mounted vertically, also laying tray or along the wall, the minimum bend radius of 7 times the outer diameter, can also be 360 degree bending, apply to residential, commercial, industrial, large venues, entertainment venues, mine, subway and the different levels of risk areas and other places.Flexible interlocking armored cable can be used in a non-humid environment of surface wiring or dark wiring , and as the same performance as the pipe laying methods, it can not only withstand a certain pressure, but also can reduce the difficulty of construction and labor costs conduit wiring.






















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Q:Should all the power cables be replaced when buying a new power supply?
It will come with an all new set of cables! You should continue to use the cables that you have installed already, and save the new ones for later. You never know when you'll need to replace one, or when a friend might need one from you.
Q:What is that black box on power cables?
its a transformer to cut the mains plug voltage down to the same voltage as the battery which will be around 16volts to 20 volts for a laptop,the desktop PC will have the same transformer built into the tower casing beside the fan,but you just cannot see it, and there will be a voltage selector switch for the country you are using it in ie-UK =220-240volts, USA=110 volts or similar,both the laptops and desktops use the same internal operating low voltages,and mains voltage would fry everything inside ,that's why they are fitted with the transformers.
Q:Question about threading a coaxial cable through brick?
If this is for TV cable the cable company will do this for you. The main question is where are the electric wires in the wall. You don't want to get through the brick and find wires. So if you are bound and determined to do this yourself I would start from the inside. Cut out a square of the drywall, keep it to replace later, move the insulation with gloves and see if you can see the brick. That's when you use a concrete drill bit to drill thru the brick. Feed wire thru all and figure out where the hole should be in the drywall you saved,and make one (feeding the wire thru the drywall square.) Then once you have what you want all done, get some drywall mud, small container and use a spatula to fill all edges-let dry. Then redo as needed. When the seams are filled, get a wet rag and sand it down in circles til it's smooth to the touch, repaint and you are done, (they do have receptacles to put that wire thru if its in a space that will be seen.) But I'd call your cable company.
The wire is the same, just different color so you dont confuse yourself when installing. You'll actually have to upgrade BOTH wires to properly do the big 3. 1. + Batt to + Alternator output post 2. - Batt to frame/chassis 3. frame/chassis to engine block 4. (For extra) engine block to - Batt All in at least 0 awg gauge wire. I've done my in 0/2 awg gauge welding cables.
Q:Where can I buy new Xbox 360 cables?
gamestop or OKorder maybe walmart and places like best buy
Q:Is it dangerous to touch double monitor cable when its on power?
Pasting the reply I gave to the other (deleted) question: Assuming these are the IEC-standard power cables I'm thinking of, yes and no respectively. Electricity will be able to reach both ends, but the plastic insulation at the end of these connectors should disallow any contact between you and the live pins. You may want to consider covering it up in non-conductive electrical tape, though, just to be sure no debris get in causing it to go live outside of the connector.
Q:does my power supply need to have 2 pci e connectors for my graphics card to work?
The adapter must have two of the four pin Molex connectors. It uses three of the wires, in the four pin Molex connector. (3 wires x 2=One 6 pin PCI-Express power connector)
Q:What is a good entension cable for the xbox 360 sata and power cables?
Open QuestionShow me another » What is a good entension cable for the xbox 360 sata and power cables? I am trying to modify my my xbox 360(put it into a pc tower that I have) but the DVD power and sata cables won't even come close to reaching. As well as the cables needed to move the rest of my peripherals. Please point me in the right direction or to a website that has these cables for sale. I need 10 inchers if possible. Thanks in advance!!!
Q:Can 110kv and 10kv cables co-share with trenches? What is the relevant specification?
The same is 1080P resolution, the computer with the TV is not full screen, it is possible that the frequency of computer graphics output and TV default frequency is different (the national standard is PAL50 Hz), so as long as the graphics output frequency into 50 Hz will be full screen. Win7 mouse right click, select the resolution, the remaining steps see below:
Q:What kind of material should be selected for the fixing bracket of the cable trunking
General 2.5 square wire load is 2 kilowatts, and rubber sheathed cable, full load can reach 3 kilowatts are no problem (estimated again, it is not safe). The load level of the wire is mainly dependent on the current, but also on the voltage level. Under normal circumstances 50A below 1 square millimeter safe carrying capacity is 6A, 50 ~ 100A current 1 square millimeter of the safe carrying capacity is 5A, 100A current above the general take 1 square millimeter of the safe current is 2.5A; so many large square copper cable You can calculate the current. According to the three-phase alternating current formula: P = 1.732 * U * I * cosφ, cosφ is the power factor, select 0.8; this is the three-phase power calculation formula. Single phase: P = U * I * cosφ, cosφ is the power factor The power factor is 1 for the resistive load and 0.8 for the inductive load.

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