YJHLV82 XLPE Insulated, PE Sheathed ,Aluminu Alloy Conductor Chain Armored with Aluminum Alloy

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Conductor: creep resistance, high flexibility, strong extended, low rebound, connection stability.
Insulation: high temperature resistant, anti-burning, anti-aging, strong and durable, low-carbon environment.
Armored layer: Lower cost and better performance, a special form of interlocking, sturdy and tough.
Outer sheath:without lead, cadmium in PVC, can be installed in wet or damp locations, can also be directly buried or laid in the construction


    High strength for cable armoring layer compared to that of steel tape armored, It is lighter, easier to peel, ease of installation, free tray installation, and reduce costs. Not limited to 360 degree installation, does not require a cable box. Easy to bend around the corner, and reduce the demand of pipes ,super flexibility compared to the ordinary pipeline , it is well-designed in factory, effectively to avoid wire damage during installation, we can also produce LSZH refractory flame-retardant metal interlocking armored cable according to user needs , it can reach the flame retardant IA level, refractory the I-level, with the GA306.1, and GA306.2 standard.
    It is suitable for 600V ~ 35kV voltage level; dry or wet places  under 90 ° C , apply to indoor and outdoor installation, can be mounted vertically, also laying bay or along the wall, the minimum bend radius of 7 times the outer diameter, can also be 360 degree bending; apply to residential, commercial, industrial, large venues, entertainment venues, mine, subway and the different levels of risk areas and other places.

  Highly flexible performance interlocking armored cable can be used in a non-humid environment of open wiring or dark line laying, and with the same performance as the pipe laying methods, can withstand a certain pressure, can reduce the difficulty of construction and labor costs conduit wiring.





8.7/10 KV
















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Q:how long will a UPS power a cable modem and router?
There's no way of saying without further information. You need to know the amount of power provided by the UPS battery as well as the power drain by the cable modem and router to calculate this accurately. Generally speaking, a standard household model of cable modem and router do not pull a lot of power. Just ballparking it, since the power drain from both is fairly low...A UPS 750 will probably support the two devices together for about 45 minutes to nearly an hour...assuming NOTHING else is plugged into the UPS and using power from it. Be aware, however, that your local ISP will also be on backup or generator power...during an extended outage from a hurricane or serious snowstorm...sooner or later, they will go down too. .
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It is fine. The PSP is just telling you that it is taking power from the outlet instead of the battery.
Q:ive jst found that my laptop has stopped working if i take out the power cable from the back,it jst turns off?
Recharge the battery without using the computer at the same time. If this doesn't work you need a new battery and, obviously, someone to do the technical work. Try the geek squad at CircuitCity. It may cost you a little bit but they should be able to fix it or tell you if there is anything else that can be done.
Q:Can I connect all my fans and drives on single power cables?
Yes to both questions. It doesn't matter whether you're connecting only harddrives to that cable or only diskdrives (aside from the fact that these are usually located a little apart from each other.) You can combine both and they will work. As for fans... If they have the molex connectors rather than standard 3-pin fan connectors, you can connect them for sure. Depending on what power supply you have, you'll probably have anywhere from 18-30amp on your 12v molex rail. Harddrives will take under 2amp, and depending on what fans you have, they'll use anywhere 0.5-3amp, so even if you have 3 extremely powerful fans drawing 3amp each (3 x 3amp = 9amp), you can safely connect 6 of such monster fans to that 12v molex rail. To be honest, I haven't met too many of such fans - most standard 120mm fans, even with leds, will use no more than 1.5amp. 80mm fans non-led fans will use about 0.3-0.5 amp. If you have a very powerful psu with 30amp on 12v rail and hundred of 80mm fans, in theory you can run all of them. In practice, I'd like to see that :)
Q:Watt rating on amp power cables?
watt is the unit of power or amps that you can push through a cable without burning it up. So if its rated for 40 to 400 you cannot add more or it will blow a fuse or melt.
Q:Subwoofer/Amplifier Power Cable Help!?!?
The fuse isnt mandatory but its a good thing to have if your drawing alot of power then you will need it ive blown like 4 then i upgraded no more blown fuses but ya you should get one
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Do you have an Geek Squad nearby, if so, take it to them and see if they can fix it, this also happened to my 1TB USB drive, they got the data off, but I'm in Mississippi. Hope it works
Q:A network cable must cross a power cable. What can be done to minimize the amount of EMI?
Use okorder.com/ You would need two (one for each side of the connection)
Q:Can I just have a HDMI cable to power a monitor?
An HDMI cable is not a power cable, it is only used to view the picture from whatever source it is.
Q:Power, Resistance of cables?
a) Power = (Current) (Voltage) = (Current)^2 / (Resistance) You got it good job b) I would rearrange your equation a bit to minimize computation. R = (resistivity x length) / Area Therefore (R / l) = (rho) / A They give you (R/I) = 0.15 ohms/km and they give you rho. Just solve for A. Your way of doing the calculation in bits (finding R and then finding A) is good, too, though. I didn't actually check your numbers. The only pitfall would be forgetting to convert km to m.

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