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my portable HD has 2 USB cables, one for the computer and one for power... why?
Because it needs more power than the standard 5V the USB normally gives.
The difference between power cable and overhead cable
. the power cable occupies less. Generally buried in the soil or laying in the room, the channel, the tunnel, the line between the insulation distance is small, no tower, covers an area, basically does not occupy the ground space. The overhead cable is the opposite. . power cable reliability. Affected by climatic conditions and the surrounding environment, transmission performance is stable, high reliability. . the power cable has to ultra-high pressure, large capacity development of more favorable conditions, such as low temperature, superconducting power cables. . the power cable distribution capacitor larger. Overhead cable is the opposite . the power cable maintenance work less overhead cable is the opposite . the power cable electric shock is unlikely. The overhead cable is the opposite
Does anyone know if this PSU comes with a power cord/cable? I can't find an answer for this.
Psus usually come with one, if not the cable is universal and is dirt cheap
I have my Clearwire modem but have lost the power cable. Does anyone know what I would look for in a replacement power cable.
I would probably call Clearwire's tech support or customer service line for that.
Wire and cable manufacturing process (to be detailed)?
Hello, copper wire per square safe current-carrying 6A, .05X6A = 3A.X220V = 660W, 3AX380V = 1140W, aluminum core for the same 4A algorithm,
I need help asap before I lose my patience with my dog.
Try Radio Shack or if it has a 3 prong socket any computer power cable will work.
I like to play my PSP at home quite a bit. When I do I plug in the AC adapter so that the battery power doesn't get used up unnecessarily. I see that when I have it plugged into the wall that under the system information it says that the power is being used from an external source instead of the PSP's battery. I take it then that the battery won't overcharge and it's OK to use it this way, or do I have to remove the PSP's battery when using the power cable?
It is fine. The PSP is just telling you that it is taking power from the outlet instead of the battery.
power supply, however it comes with some cables that can be attached to the peripheral 4 point cable then ran into the card itself. can this setup work? Or will I need a new power supply with 2 6 point pci express power cables? Oh by the way its a 600 watt power supply I currently have.
The addapter to the 4pin molex will work just fine. If your pickie about your computer like I am, then you can purchase a new power supply, but there really isnt any need.