Tuli Environmental protection latex(Homes, schools, hospitals,and large buildings interior wall)

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China main port
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100 kg
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10000 kg/month

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Product Description:

• Features:

 • Use: used in ordinary homes, schools, hospitals, real estate and other large buildings interior wall decoration


 • Main features: low VOC, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, with hiding power, scrub, cover minor cracks, mold resistance etc.

• Direct brushing 2-3 times

• Theoretical coverage:

• 8 m / kg


• Construction Guidance:

  1, construction of the wall must be clean, dry (moisture content 10%), no dust and oil;

  2, Adding 0% -5% water dilution before use, stir, then spray, brush or roller application;

  3, Brushing 2-3 times, each time interval 2 hours;

  4, The product brush area 8 / kg (one time), the temperature below 5 , not construction


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Q:Painting Background On Tank?
Like okorder.com...
Q:Why Roland inkjet machine spray gradient pattern will be uneven?
Dye ink has a good color reproduction ability, but the printed version of the waterproof, anti-light, poor antioxidant capacity, photos after long-term preservation, prone to fade phenomenon. The characteristics of the pigment ink is the opposite, print out the photo has a good waterproof, anti-light, anti-oxidation and storage performance, but the color reproduction capacity will be slightly worse.
Q:What is the difference between thermal transfer ink and sublimation ink?
First of all, a concept: thermal transfer is divided into sublimation transfer and thermosetting transfer, sublimation transfer method is mainly used in chemical fiber fabrics and coated with thermal transfer coating of hard materials, the main application of heat transfer In cotton products. Although both are printed on the transfer paper and then in the high temperature and pressure under the fixed color, but there are essential differences, the use of digital printing and dyeing fabric printing ink for the sublimation of disperse dye ink, cotton fabric digital thermal transfer use Print ink is divided into reactive dye ink and acid dye ink, sublimation using sublimation transfer paper, thermosetting transfer using thermoset transfer paper, can not be used instead.
Q:Is the wall paint brush or spray? Who is used to spray, how?
If someone or a construction team says to you that the paint film is thinner than the paint, then it can be said that this view is completely wrong, or lie to you, or with another purpose to say to you The You imagine: in the same proportion of paint under the premise of painting water than the paint water diluted much less, (we first talk about the structure of paint molecules by the number of water damage suffered by the bar.) So in the same area of the situation , Of course, the amount of paint used more than the paint used, then these dilution paint is used in the same area of the wall, you said that the film thickness? That is not self-defeating? But as soon as possible to destroy the difficult repair problems, please forgive me for you said: because you have never encountered this problem, you can say that you are layman, you will not mind it! I do not think this is the reason, because I was in OKorder is the first professional wall with high pressure airless spray construction team, if it is so difficult to repair, then I would have no food to eat. You see nearly two years of high pressure airless spray more fire Wang Yeah. Do not say my previous site, Jingtian North happy home site August 1 through the supervision company one-time acceptance of the new site, free to see it, perhaps it will give you confidence
Q:What is the difference between toner and pigment?
Toner is a dry paint, also known as pastry, the biggest feature is that no need to add thinner to reconcile the coating directly on the screen, the hue of the mutual mixing is also carried out directly on the screen, with paint painting both oil painting Heavy and colorful watercolor Smart feeling, and the painting is convenient, unique painting effect, by the Western painter's respected.
Q:ship paints?
Knowledge of what paints to use is most important thing. Marine paint is generally very expensive. I've worked in shipyards building freighters and naval vessels. My personal boat is a antique woodie, and I have one more quart of bottom paint for her. I'd gladly pay the $300 a gallon to get more, but it's not made any more. I'll have to strip the hull to bare wood and start with another type as I've not been able to find a compatible paint. Stay with a good brand. Talk to people at a marina where they sell and can special order boat supplies. Get factory recommendations. The paint is expensive, but you're paying for their knowledge. If you have to redo a botched job, you'll find that will cost you more in the end. I've been doing my boat for 30 years now, and she'll be floating longer than me -- if I keep maintaining her right.
Q:Artist VS Building Paints?
Building paints generally are mixed using readily available pigments of primary shades plus black and white which are added to either an Oil, Alkyd or Acrylic Base. Depending on whether the paint is used for interior or exterior, and relative to the amount of wear and tear on the paint, it could contain Teflon for wear ability, UV filters to prevent fading, etc. The polymer used in commercial Acrylic paint dries considerably slower than that used in Artists Acrylics. This is actually a blessing, that I've used to my advantage over the years. It's handy to use a white acrylic enamel interior paint for mixing with Artists acrylics when working on skies, water, or any large areas that require blending as it gives a smooth transition. Have done this for years. Artists pigments, depending on the quality of the paints you are using come from a variety of sources, everything from rocks, to plants, to fish, to bugs, and the list goes on. Depending on the source, some of these pigments are very rare and very expensive, making it uneconomical to use in commercial paint production. Hope this answers your question and hopefully gives you a couple of ideas that you might use.
Q:What is wood dyeing technology?
Wood dyeing is a combination of dyes and wood chemical or physical chemistry, so that the wood has a certain color of the processing process is to improve the quality of wood surface, improve the visual characteristics of wood and increase the value of wood an important means. Wood dyeing by dye dyeing, chemical coloring and pigment coating. Wood dyeing is an important part of wood processing and utilization. Wood dyeing according to the solvent is divided into water-soluble dye dyeing, alcohol-soluble dye dyeing and oil-soluble dye dyeing, according to the dyeing method is divided into deep staining and surface staining. Deep dyeing is mainly used for processing veneer and wood, such as veneer veneer dyeing and technical wood veneer dyeing. Surface dyeing is the use of spraying, brushing or leaching method to deal with the surface of wood products.
Q:Can dyes be fermented? If it can not, what can be used to dye it?
Dye is a pigment, because of its ability to have permeability and ductility, it can be on the object dyeing, the color will not be lost. However, the dyed material must be permeable, such as fabric, wood, paper, rubber, etc. with non-metallic materials.
Q:What are the general steps for putting putty and latex paint?
Grass-roots treatment → full scratch putty twice → the bottom of the paint → middle paint twice → latex paint spray → cleaning.

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