Iron Oxide Brown in Paniting

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Product Description:

Production details of Iron Oxide Brown in Painting :

Brown iron oxide molecular formula:Fe2O3nH2O,brown ironblendedproducts withred iron oxide,iron oxide yellow,brown ironalso has acolorcategory,strong adaptabilityandmain characteristics,andred iron oxide,iron oxide yellowcompared withmore extensive scope of application,can be more suitable forusers.Widely used in colorcement tile,paint,paint,building materials,rubber,plasticand other fields.Relyblack iron oxideproducts are 868,860,610series varieties.

1.Product Overview: formula Fe2O3 • nH2O, blending the product with brown iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow properties, iron brown color also has a large scope, adaptability and other major features, and red iron oxide, yellow iron compared to broader scope, more suitable for the user.

2.Ecification: 610/868.


Suggest Usage of Iron Oxide Brown :

widely used in colored cement brick, paint, paint, building materials, rubber, plastics and other fields.

 Storage: Store in a dry place, without rendering damp, avoid high temperature and acid-base materials with isolation. According to the above storage conditions, not opened packaging products effective storage period of three years.


Packing of Iron Oxide Brown Powder :

 25 kg / bag, woven of plastic , 22 Tons / 20 FCL with pallet .


 Iron Oxide



 samples of Iron Oxide


 equipment of Iron Oxide


 loading container of Iron Oxide

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