Standard Mould Base/Plastic Injection mould base

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This product USES S50C material.Accessories are all made of standard guide pin guide bush.The thickness tolerance are processed according to the requirements of 0.00 to 0.02.High surface finish and roughness of standard.Heat resistance and corrosion resistance is very strong, It is used in plastic mold development and manufacturing,composed of various steel plate with parts,It is a complete set of the mould size to make it easier for mold into the injection molding machine installation.specific parameters according to customer requirements.


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mold base, LKM standard mold base, HASCO standard mold base, DME standard mold base, LKM mold base, HASCO mold base,mould base, LKM standard mould base, HASCO standard mould base, DME standard mould base, LKM mould base, HASCO mould base

What We Do


Plastic Injection molds. tools making Clear acrylic Injection molding Prototyping and model making  Plastic Printing & Welding & Assembly  Product 2D&3D design.Reverse-engineering.etc


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High quality is the only factor we consider Innovation reduces the cost,increase capacity One-stop solution assures the satisfaction of customer.


We expert in development and fabrication of various high quality moulds with advanced technology and tooling equipments.

High-speed CNC machine Engraving machine Mirror EDM machine Milling and Grinding machine Slow W-EDM machine


We provide one-stop solution from drawings design to final parts

PMMA.ABS.PP.PC.PS.PBT.etc Injection machines equipped with robots Feeders & Dryers. Temp. controlers Assembly line with silk-screen & painting 


Advanced CAD and CAM software is adopted in the tool making process.Operated by our experienced engineers.

Moldflow Pro-Engineer Solidworks Unigraphic Auto-CAD

Pictures of the mould base:

Standard Mould Base/Plastic Injection mould base

Standard Mould Base/Plastic Injection mould base

Standard Mould Base/Plastic Injection mould base

Standard Mould Base/Plastic Injection mould base

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Q:Introduction to mould design and manufacturing
Mold design and manufacture specialized mainly study, plastic injection mold, stamping mold and die casting mould design, and teaching mold fitter, Turner, CNC milling, basic subject and learning mechanical drawing, material, engineering mechanics, mechanical design basis; The software involved is CAD, PROE, MASTERCAM, UG, and CIRMATON
Q:How do you handle the die holder
Mould run burrs this directly associated with the precision of the mould processing 1: CNC processing aspect: parting surface machining with rubber products separately, do protect with mold clamp mouth out at the same time, avoid direct cause in the process of machining die round 2: split electrode aspects: faceted clear Angle of electrode to product rubber electrode, separately die fillet in the EDM process can be avoided
Q:What is the relation between the mould and the clamp
The mould is made directly by its shape (including pressing, die-casting, injection molding, stamping, bending, extrusion, etc.). Such as powder metallurgy mould, hardware mould, plastic mould etc. A fixture is an auxiliary tool, usually a tool used to fix a processed object or process tool. Like pressure board, drill clip first class.
Q:Why are the stamping molds wrinkling?
The reason for the wrinkling of the stretcher is that the pressure of the elastic pressure plate is too small, or it may be too large for the extension of the groove. The solution is to increase the pressure of the elastic press and reduce the R in the concave cavity. The gap between the wrinkling and the convex and the concave is not very important.
Q:The core is the moving or the model, male or female?
Dynamic model is also called the male die, die is also called the master pattern, as far as the core is a dynamic model with fixed mode is not necessarily, just general design core in moving die, it is because we hope that after mold opening mold, plastic pieces on a dynamic model of ejection device, so the general core in moving die.
Q:What does it mean to pull the mold? What's going on?
There are many reasons, such as 1, block of foreign body, cleaning surface, suitable type of stripper
Q:The wall thickness of the die is affected by the plastic parts
For thermoplastic materials, the cooling time is added For thermosetting materials, solidification is not complete.
Q:What is the main meaning of die mold?
If you want to ask is flying (transliteration) mode, that is will be effected according to the intention of parting made of each piece of steel materials and replacement form closed (product cannot overflow burrs) the process of a block is said to fly.
Q:What type of mould is the tooling
The definition of "tooling" : the short term for the process of manufacturing process of mechanical manufacturing, is the general term for the various tools used in the manufacturing process. Includes tools/fixture/mould/tools/tools/tools/tools/tools/tools
Q:How many types of molds? Please help me out!
Die, forging die, stamping die, aluminum casting (casting) using the block, wax mold, plastic mold, metal mould, plastic forming with modeling profile (profile), pressure molding die, glass blowing blowing mould,... This is for use. Cold/hot mold; This is divided by temperature. There is steel die, aluminum die, hard alloy mold; There are wood, sand and wax models; With a plastic mould; This is part of the material that makes the mold. There is a one-off model, multiple sex dies; Permanent model This is from the service life. There are mechanical moulds, space moulds, plastic moulds, building dies, and... This is part of the industry. There can be other calls, there is no uniform rule.

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