Euro HASCO Mould Frame Mould Base for Plastic Injection Moulding

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Our company specializes in manufacturing all kinds of plastic standard and non-standard mold, die-casting mould, stamping mould and all kinds of Euro HASCO mould frame.

The accessories are all made of standard guide pillar & bushes. 

Thickness tolerance are processed according to requirements of 0.00 to 0.02.

High surface finish and roughness of standard.

Various types of formwork could be processed according to figure.

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Q:What is the cooling system of the mold
The simple thing is that the temperature of the mold is high enough to keep the cooling system constant
Q:The wall thickness of the die is affected by the plastic parts
For thermoplastic materials, the cooling time is added For thermosetting materials, solidification is not complete.
Q:The processing method of the mold cavity processing center
The common processing procedure of the cavity: (milling) around and on both sides, the thickness remains 0.4 minus 0.6rnrn. Two sides of the face and two sides of adjacent side, the surface roughness Ra is 0.8 mu m. The shape of the fitter and the position line of the screw hole. The pattern required the milling out of the cavity, the unilateral remaining balance of 0.3 one-half mm, The machine drill screw holes, thread and so on. 6. Heat treatment. The electrode is used in a rough machining cavity. The worker finishes the polishing. The design calls for chrome plating, etc. The equipment was repaired and inspected.
Q:What is the top and bottom die in the mould?
Hello, before you answer your question, I want to tell you that you are just as misguided as any other student. Moulds itself no, under the touch, it's like: two tiles together, we can't say targeted on brick, brick, if there is a mould of lower die on concept, studied physics knows, it is need a reference or a reference point. Two cavity, the most common type of mold is the so-called two mould, is there are two main cavity, you can control open mould, also can open mould, therefore, only under the condition of upper and lower mould work, just have upper die, the meaning of the lower die.
Q:Is the slanting and shoveling chicken in the mold the same thing, shoveling the chicken? Where is it used?
The same thing, different calling, is used on the top of the slider to balance the lateral forces
Q:What is a mold, and what is a mold
The television, all the electrical appliances before production should have a model like his model can be made by machine, which is the die! -
Q:Do machine parts need to be moulds?
It is necessary to make the machining parts in large quantities, which are complicated in shape and need to be moulded.
Q:Basic knowledge of die fitter
4. The fitter species along with the development of mechanical industry, the widening scope of work bench, professional division of labor is more thin, so is divided into ordinary fitter fitter (assembly fitter), repair bench, die locksmith tools (bench) and so on. (1) the general fitter (assembly bench) is mainly engaged in the assembly and adjustment of machinery or parts, and the clamping of some parts. (2) the repairman mainly engages in the maintenance of various kinds of machinery and equipment. (3) tool fitter (tool manufacturing fitter) is mainly engaged in the production of moulds, tools, measuring tools and samples. 5. Fitter basic operation skills including line, chisel cut cut cut (), sawing, drilling, reaming, counter boring, reaming, tapping and set of silk, straightening and bending, riveting, scraping, grinding, and basic measuring skills and simple heat treatment, etc. Either fitter, first of all should grasp the fitter in all kinds of basic operation skills, and then according to different division of labor further study to grasp the good parts of the bench processing and assembly of products and equipment, repair and other skills. Fitter skills require strengthening basic skill practice, strict requirement, standard operation, practice and innovation. Basic operation skills are the basis of production, is the basis for the machinist's professional skills, therefore, must first master, can be achieved step by step in the future work with ease, with ease.
Q:How many types of molds? Please help me out!
The classified method of plastic mold profile at 11:30 on Friday November 7, 2008 mold is one of the important technology and equipment, modern industry is an integral part of many industrial products production. After China's accession to the WTO, the ability to attract foreign investment increased year by year, the increasingly prominent position, to become the world manufacturing factory of all kinds of industrial products mold imports more and more. The type of mold is usually carried out in accordance with the process of processing object and different classification, from the industry point of view to see the distinction between the main plastic mold, rubber mold, metal cold punching mold, metal cold extrusion die and hot extrusion die, metal drawing dies, powder metallurgy mold, metal die-casting mold, metal precision casting die mold, glass, glass fiber reinforced plastic mould and so on. Although there are many kinds of molds, the main items in the tax classification are the items of the tax items 84.80 and 82.07. The following is a description of how different types of molds used in the most common plastic processing are described. Plastic forming method of the most common general divided into two categories: the melt molding and solid phase is melt molding plastic heat to above the melting point, make the molten forming way, belongs to the molding methods of molding process mainly include injection molding, molding (shrinkage) molding, extrusion molding, etc; Solid-phase molding refers to a type of forming method in which plastic is kept solid under molten temperature
Q:Why are the stamping molds wrinkling?
The reason for the wrinkling of the stretcher is that the pressure of the elastic pressure plate is too small, or it may be too large for the extension of the groove. The solution is to increase the pressure of the elastic press and reduce the R in the concave cavity. The gap between the wrinkling and the convex and the concave is not very important.

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