Pet Mould Making Plastic Injection Pet Preform Mould amd Pet Blow Moulding

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Product Description:

  Pet Mould Making Plastic Injection Pet Preform Mould amd Pet Blow Moulding




Plastic injection Mould standard
2Mould baseLKM&Hasco&DME standard (A,B plate 1730,2311,2312,P20 )
3Material main core and cavity insertDIN2312,2738,2344,718,S136,8407,NAK80,SKD61,H13
4Hardness of steel46~56HRC
5Material for Slider ,Lifter and all sub insert use1.2767 HRC
6CavitySingle-cavity ,Multi-cavity
7A surface requestEDM & High Polish
8GateCold runner,Yudo/DME/HASCO/Synventive Hot runner
9Maximum mould size1500*1500 mm
10Mould life time500000~+1,000,000 shots
11QualityISO9001-2008 certification
12Product materialPA,PA6/6+GF,ABS,POM,PC,PP,PET,TPE,PVC,HDPE etc
13Lead time4~6 Weeks
14PackageWooden/Plywood case for tool ,PE bags add export carton for parts
15Payment termsT/T
16Trade termsFOB XIAMEN
17Export countryEurope countries,USA,Mexico,Australia ,Middle-east ,Asia etc
18Value-added servicePolish,texture,painting,screen printing,turnkey project
19As a professional Plastic Injection mould ,Die casting Mould & Moulding manufacturer, our range products are covered from Automobile,Electronic,Industrial,Household,Medical,Sport,Office etc
20Clients project's 3D drawings or samples are highly appreciated


Our Services


1. Can supply with both Mold  & Molded parts


2. Provide Milled Prototype Making, Mold Design, Mold Making, Mold Testing, Molding, Products


3. With more than 25 years experience, all of works are done 100% in our factory in Taiwan!


4. Low volumes / Small orders are welcome! Please contact us to discuss case by case. 


5. Accept only OEM / ODM / Customer Projects. We do not have any existing molds for sell.


6. Mold building lead time: Around 40-50 days, with 1st Mold trialing report and Mold trailing samples  




Product Description



Plastic materials:

PS, ABS, PP, PVC, PMMA, PBT, PC, POM, PA66, PBT+GF30%...etc.

Other materials:

Rubber, Silicone rubber, LSR, aluminum, zinc...Metal...etc.


ROSH and SGS standard


Non marking and Non flash


According to your drawing

Color, Quantity, Unit price, Tooling cost, Tooling size:

To be discussed

Mold structure:

Injection Mould, Plastic Mold, Overmould, 2k mould, Die-Casting Mould, Thermoset Mold, Stack Mold, Interchangeable Mold, Collapsible Core Mold, Die Sets, Compression Mold, Cold runner system LSR Mold,…etc.

Mould Base:

HASCO standard, European standard, World standard

Mould Base Material:

LKM, FUTA, HASCO, DME, etc. or as per customer’s requirement.

Surface Finish:

Texture (MT standard), high gloss polishing


Mirror finish etc.

Cavity / Core steel:

P20, 2311, H13, 2344, Starvax 420, 236, AdC3, S136, 2312, 2379, 2316, 2083, Nak80, 2767 etc.


Single cavity, Muti Cavity, based on customer’s requirement.

Hot / Cold Runner:

HUSKY, INCOE, YUDO, HASCO, DME, MoldMaster, Masterflow, Mastip, Taiwan made brand…etc.

Mould Life:

1,000 to 1,000,000 shots

(according to your working environment)

Design & Program Softwares:

CAD, CAM, CAE, Pro-E, Solid works…etc.


High speed CNC, standard CNC, EDM, Wire Cutting, Grinder, Plastic Injection Molding Machine for testing mold from 50-3000T available.


Standard exported wooden box packed, fumigation process (upon required)

Mold building lead time:

T1, 40~50 days, parts measurement report (upon required).

Annual production:

250 sets of mold

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Q:What is the hardness of mould steel chromium 12 unquenching?
The CR12 mould steel is widely used for cold making mold steel, with high strength, good hardening and good abrasion resistance, but the impact toughness is poor. Mainly used as under impact load is small, high wear resistance of cold die and punch, cold cutting scissors, drill sets, gauge, wire drawing die, stamping die, thread rolling plate, drawing die and screw thread rolling dies, etc. Cr12 steel belongs to high carbon high chromium ledeburite steel, is widely used cold work die steel. The steel has good hardenability, abrasion resistance, hot workability. Carbide distribution in the steel is good, can be used to make complex shape, under heavy working conditions of all kinds of cold work mould. Such as cold die punch, thread rolling dies, wire drawing die, die, powder metallurgy die, woodworking cutting tools, cold cutting scissors drill tool and gauge set. CR12 steel hardness in the return of the state for 269 ~ 217 hb, a maximum of 62 HRC after quenching, according to different purposes, can choose a different hardness and reasonable hardness range should be around 58-62 HRC.
Q:What are the advantages of using a hot runner?
Save plastics raw materials There is no production charge in the pure heat flow mold because there is no cold water. This is especially important for the expensive application of plastic. In fact, the world's leading manufacturers of hot water production have been developing rapidly in the world's expensive years of oil and plastics. Because the hot runner technology is an effective way to reduce the cost of materials. Reduce waste and improve product quality The plastic melt temperature is controlled accurately in the flow system during the process of hot runner mould forming. The plastic can flow in more uniform and uniform state, and the result is a uniform component. The parts of hot runner forming are good quality, the residual stress is low and the parts are small. So many of the high quality products in the market are made by hot runner mold. Many of the plastic parts in the DELL laptop, such as the familiar MOTOROLA phone and the HP printer, are made using hot stream molds.
Q:What is the difference between the mold and the numerical control? The difference is?
Large-scale production of non-sheet metal parts - cold heading, die forging, metal mould, etc Sheet metal material: hot rolling, cold rolling, hot roll, cold roll Sheet metal processing - deep, rising, bending, punching, falling Non-ferrous metal -- die-cast, powder metallurgy Plastic parts, injection molding, blow molding (plastic bottles), extruded (pipe) numerical control also called computer numerical control technology, numerical control technology, it is currently digital program control is realized by using computer technology. This technique USES the computer to perform the control function of the device according to the control program stored in advance. Because use computer to replace the original use of hardware logic circuit of nc device, the input of data storage, processing, the realization of the arithmetic and logic control function, all can be done through computer software.
Q:What effect is the flange of the die
Flanges are concentric with the jw, flanged, and the nozzle of the injection-molding machine, the flanged design corresponds to the size of the machine. 1, flanges, or flanged flanges or flanges. The flange is the part of the pipe that is connected to the pipe and is used for the connection between the end of the pipe. Also useful for the flange of the equipment import and export, for the connection between two devices, such as reducer flanges. Flange connection or flanged joint, which refers to the disconnection of a combination of flange, gasket and bolt. The pipe flanged flanged is a fitting flange for the piping device, which is used to refer to the equipment's import and export flanges. There are holes in the flanges, and bolts make two flanges. The flange is sealed with gasket.
Q:What is a mold?What is it mainly used for
Mold is a product molding equipment, and classification not only on the first floor also said that several, and die mold. Plastic mold, mold, of course, the most widely use or plastic mold and metal mold. All plastic products how it become such a shape, that is the mold production, not someone often metaphor is like two people say they like a mold out. Said the mold is mould. Metal mould and plastic mould is to make the difference between products, product is iron, hardware mold, like computer inner body shell, auto body. It is plastic products and plastic mold making, mold itself is actually made of steel, plastic mould have been used too widely, like washing machine computer mobile printer of the television, and so on...
Q:How do you handle the die holder
Mould run burrs this directly associated with the precision of the mould processing 1: CNC processing aspect: parting surface machining with rubber products separately, do protect with mold clamp mouth out at the same time, avoid direct cause in the process of machining die round 2: split electrode aspects: faceted clear Angle of electrode to product rubber electrode, separately die fillet in the EDM process can be avoided
Q:How does the die rod work? Is it through the press?
The principle of the work is: in the die and die, the rigid push device doesn't produce the push force, it is in the non-working condition; In open mold close to the biggest trip, installed in the press the slider widget dozen material beam rigidity force transfer to install in the upper die of the push rod, plate, connecting rod and push block, which launched within the die parts or waste.
Q:What is the difference between a mold and a handboard?
Hand refers to do manual model, general use plastic stick on machine tools or machining centers or in the form of a similar casting, made by hand, not mass production. And open mode is to point to the processing mould first, then use mould injection molding or blow moulding moulding to produce the product. In general, it is used to confirm the shape of the customer by hand plate mould.
Q:The role of cryogenic processing of die material
The continuation of cryogenic treatment after quenching workpiece cooling process, the application in the mold industry mainly embodied in the cold work die steel and high speed steel, bearing steel, cold work mould and mould parts have cryogenic technology application case.
Q:What does it mean to pull the mold? What's going on?
There are many reasons, such as 1, block of foreign body, cleaning surface, suitable type of stripper

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