PET Preform Mould with 48 Cavity Hot Runner Preform PET Mould Injection OEM

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Product Description:

  PET Preform Mould with 48 Cavity Hot Runner Preform PET Mould Injection OEM



Mould name

12 cavity PET preform mould

Mould steel

NAK80,718H,P20,1.1730,2344,SKD61,2316,S136,3Cr13 etc.

Plastic material 

PP, PC, PS, PE, PU, PVC, ABS etc.

Mould base 


Hot runner system 


Standard mould parts


Design software


Min mould life

3,000,000 shots

Delivery time 



CNC, High speed carve, E.D.M, Wire cut, Drill, Injection etc.

Mould feature

Each cavity uses single location technology to ensure uniform wall thickness. 

Independent cooling system in each cavity promotes production efficiency 



After-sales service

Experienced engineers will provide all-round technical solutions
to any problems occurred in customers’ mould operation.




Processing equipment:


CNC machine 




Wire cutting machine


Drilling machine 


Fly cutter machine 


Crinding machine



Main market:



Africa:Egypt,South Africa

North America:USA,Canada

South America:Brazil,Peru,Argentina






Our Services


1. Can supply with both Mold  & Molded parts


2. Provide Milled Prototype Making, Mold Design, Mold Making, Mold Testing, Molding, Products


3. With more than 25 years experience, all of works are done 100% in our factory in Taiwan!


4. Low volumes / Small orders are welcome! Please contact us to discuss case by case. 


5. Accept only OEM / ODM / Customer Projects. We do not have any existing molds for sell.


6. Mold building lead time: Around 40-50 days, with 1st Mold trialing report and Mold trailing samples  




Product Description



Plastic materials:

PS, ABS, PP, PVC, PMMA, PBT, PC, POM, PA66, PBT+GF30%...etc.

Other materials:

Rubber, Silicone rubber, LSR, aluminum, zinc...Metal...etc.


ROSH and SGS standard


Non marking and Non flash


According to your drawing

Color, Quantity, Unit price, Tooling cost, Tooling size:

To be discussed

Mold structure:

Injection Mould, Plastic Mold, Overmould, 2k mould, Die-Casting Mould, Thermoset Mold, Stack Mold, Interchangeable Mold, Collapsible Core Mold, Die Sets, Compression Mold, Cold runner system LSR Mold,…etc.

Mould Base:

HASCO standard, European standard, World standard

Mould Base Material:

LKM, FUTA, HASCO, DME, etc. or as per customer’s requirement.

Surface Finish:

Texture (MT standard), high gloss polishing


Mirror finish etc.

Cavity / Core steel:

P20, 2311, H13, 2344, Starvax 420, 236, AdC3, S136, 2312, 2379, 2316, 2083, Nak80, 2767 etc.


Single cavity, Muti Cavity, based on customer’s requirement.

Hot / Cold Runner:

HUSKY, INCOE, YUDO, HASCO, DME, MoldMaster, Masterflow, Mastip, Taiwan made brand…etc.

Mould Life:

1,000 to 1,000,000 shots

(according to your working environment)

Design & Program Softwares:

CAD, CAM, CAE, Pro-E, Solid works…etc.


High speed CNC, standard CNC, EDM, Wire Cutting, Grinder, Plastic Injection Molding Machine for testing mold from 50-3000T available.


Standard exported wooden box packed, fumigation process (upon required)

Mold building lead time:

T1, 40~50 days, parts measurement report (upon required).

Annual production:

250 sets of mold

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Q:The stamping dies at the Angle of 90 degrees, the Angle is big or small how to repair.
The Angle size can be changed by adjusting the stroke, increasing the pressure and reducing the stroke. Small to reduce the pressure, the trip increases. There's always going to be an R Angle at 90 degrees, and it's going to get bigger and bigger.
Q:What does the mold and the flying model mean
B: it's the assembly mould. Where can't the qualified fitter fix it
Q:How do you play the continuous stretch mold
More than 3 Zhang Chengpin photos Now want to know how he made, and calculate methods and specific steps, he is the one step forming or stretch forming step by step.
Q:How many kinds of equipment can be used to open the mould?
Its success or failure depends largely on the design. General tooling development requires common processing equipment, heat treatment equipment, to accommodate the special and uniqueness of the development parts. Nc machine tool, the processing center is also the good practitioner of the open mode; In recent years, special processing equipment, such as electrical erosion, laser, ultrasonic, etc. Are also gradually entering the mould processing area.
Q:What is the mold for?
The mold has cold die and plastic mold, the cold die can extrude the sheet material into the shape you want, and the plastic mold will make the plastic model to be cooled by the melting plastic injection mold
Q:What is the main meaning of die mold?
It is the fractal type, which is to divide the mold into the upper and lower, the block, the living block. That is to say that the product is split into a cavity to make the mold.
Q:What is the manufacturing of mould materials
You're talking about the industry that makes moulds. It is the metallurgical industry that makes mould material. From steelmaking to forging and rolling, it also belongs to heavy industry.Belong to die design, consider the choice of suitable material.
Q:How to open the exhaust in the plastic mould exhaust, should notice what?
The effect of the exhaust tank The exhaust tank has two main functions. One is to exclude the air in the cavity when the fuse is fused. The second is to eliminate all kinds of gases produced during heating. The more thin wall products, the more distant the part of the gate, the opening of the exhaust slot is especially important. For small pieces or precision parts also should attach great importance to the opening of the exhaust slot, because in addition to it can avoid products surface burns and injection quantity is insufficient, also can eliminate the various defects of the products, reduce the pollution of the mould and so on. So how does the exhaust of the cavity be sufficient? In general, if the injection rate is injected at the highest injection rate, it is not left in the product, and it is considered sufficient to exhaust the cavity in the cavity
Q:How is the die in the manufacturing industry
If you are a production company, you can buy it as a tool and sell it as a material sale. Purchase: low value consumables - molds Taxes should be paid in the form of VAT Bank deposits (or accounts payable) Sales: bank deposits (or accounts receivable) Other business income - material sales Tax payable - value-added tax Cost of transfer: other business costs Low value of the loan - molds Welcome to use the "fiscal and tax question-and-answer community" for financial advice
Q:What are the types of molds?
Sheet metal discharging, hot-rolled, cold-rolled, hot coil, cold rolled sheet metal processing, deep drawing, integer, bending, punching, blanking, non-ferrous metal casting, powder metallurgy, plastic parts, injection molding, blow molding (plastic bottles), extruded (pipe) mold other categories: alloy mold, metal mold, plastic mold, stamping mold, casting die, forging die, injection mould, die-casting mould, auto mould, thread rolling die

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