stainless steel 90 degree elbows316L

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stainless steel 90 degree elbows
Material: cs, ss, as
Standard: ASTM, JIS, DIN, GB, EN, GOST, etc
Size: 1/2"-48"

Steel Pipe Elbow

Materialcs, ss, as
Surfacegalvanized, black paint, transparent paint
ThicknessSTD/XS/SCH 20-160, 2mm-50mm
Shapeequal, reducing
Packagewooden case, wooden pallet or as customer's request
StandardASTM, JIS, DIN, GB, EN, GOST, etc
Applicationoil, gas, power, chemical industry, construction, ship building, etc

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Q:Will the moving angle of the air conditioner indoor be harmful to the connecting pipe joint?
It will not affect the joint, but it is possible to take care of the brass pipe and bend it or make it straight.
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Q:Silicone gasket, rubber gasket, water pipe joint which is good?
Silicone gasket is also a rubber gasket, compared with the ordinary rubber gasket, it has better chemical stability
Q:What's the meaning of the plumbing PVC pipe joint specification "1/2" "X12" and "1/2" "x18"?
Indicates that the joint is 1/2 of the wire (that is, the 15 wire), and the length of the wire is 12 18mm
Q:Hydraulic pipe fittings, DIN, GB, American Standard how to distinguish?
PT is the abbreviation of Thread Pipe, is a 55 degree taper pipe thread sealing, belonging to the Whitworth family, for the European and Commonwealth countries. Commonly used in water and gas pipe industry, taper regulations of 1:16. national standard is available on the GB/T7306-2000 G is 55 degrees non thread sealing pipe thread, a thread labeled Wyeth family. As the representative of G cylinder thread. The national standard is available on the GB/T7307-2001 thread in 1/4, 1/2 in addition, 1/8 marker refers to thread size diameter, unit is inches. Insiders usually used to call thread size, one inch 1/4 inch is equal to 8 points, 2 points, and so on.G seems to be referred to as pipe thread (Guan), 55, division 60 degrees are functional, commonly known as the tube. The thread is machined from a cylindrical surface.
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Q:checking for swineflu at airports?
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because normally you have to cut threads on the end to allow attaching fittings
Q:How do I make a Faraday cage out of my RV, and can I use ferrite beads or something to filter phone/elec/wter?
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