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Hydraulic & Pneumatic/Pump & Vacuum Equipment/Water Pump/Deep Well&Borehole Submersible pump

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Q:Our CRN series pumps used in the 414V 480V 60Hz 60Hz power supply, what would be the effect? Is not the head can be reduced, there is no water pump and lift what voltage relationship?
This is the world's Grundfos pump, if the pump itself support work under the 414V if it didn't need to worry about traffic and Yang Cheng, if the pump does not support the long time operation of the pump must lift and flow impact, and the multi-stage pump if it is Gao Yangcheng in the use of low lift it is also easy to burn the motor,
Q:I was recently driving and noticed my heat gauge in the red. I have a 1992 Honda Accord 4 door LX. When I opened the hood what appears to be water was all over the place. Is this the water pump or something else? I want to fix it this weekend so I was hoping for a better understanding of what it might be. I am aware of the labor involved with the water pump and removing the timing belts to get to it. Thanks a bunch in advance!
since you have aluminum heads im betting your head gaskets are blown if it got into the red. Those 4 bangers dont stand up to the heat well.
Q:All water pump have diferent caracteristics, but it is imposible to overcome a certain hight...what is that hight and why?
It depends on the pump characteristics. It has its suction and discharge head limitations.
Q:I would like to use water from the lake to water my lawn. My lawn is about 100 feet up hill from lake. Just want something I can attach a garden hose to. what type of pump and horsepower do I need.
With 100ft of rise your probably going to want a deep well pump. Which means 3/4 to 1hp pump. You'll need a 230V electrical supply on a 20 amp breaker possibly 115V on a 30 amp breaker. This means buried electrical. You could try a cheapo pump and just return it if it dosn't work. Try to figure out the real rise from the lake to lawn. If it's a shear drop of 100 ft, sounds like a deep well pump or similiar.
Q:Is the pump head related to the water level of the entrance and outlet? If the water level of the inlet and outlet is on the same level, but higher than the height of the pump, does the pump lift need to be coupled with this height difference?
What's the relationship?! When the inlet level is low, the head is slightly higher than the liquid level!
Q:Hi, I need to create a portable shower and was going to go the DIY route, i wanted to use water pumps normally used in ponds, aquariums etc etc as the means of creating water pressure for the shower, the shower need not be really strong in pressure but it should be strong enough such that a person can take a bath using it.height of the shower would for sure be less then 6 feet,question , water pumps are rated at gallons per minute or some equivalent rating, how strong a pump or how much GPM should i be looking at ?
if your sink does not need a pump, you shower won't either....most water systems are pressurized
Q:What's the water pump?
Cooling water pumpDetermination of water replenishing pump1) the hourly flow is 4%~5% and the total water quantity is.2) the lift is the replenishment point and the pressure is plus 30~50 kPa.3] water pump to overcome the pressure of the replenishment point and the pressure difference between the make-up water tank, during which the pipeline is not long, you can ignore its resistance4) open system replenishment, no replenishment pump
Q:Weap seal is starting to leak and getting some noise from the water pump. These cars are not as easy as a 1969 Camaro to change the water pump. Can you please give me some guidance? Thx in advance.
2001 Chrysler 300
Q:Where is the water pump?How do i take it out, and replace it?
Drain Cooling System. Remove right front lower fender shield. Loosen pump pulley bolts Remove Accessory Drive Belt. Remove pump pulley bolts and remove pulley. Remove pump mounting screws Remove pump. Remove and discard O-ring seal. Clean O-ring groove and O-ring surfaces on pump and chain case cover. Take care not to scratch or gouge sealing surface. Reassemble in the opposite order. This will be a good time to replace your thermostat and check all hoses for wear and leaks.
Q:I'm looking for a high pressure water pump ,preferably submersible, between 80-100 psi.
go you five and six show room only prospects of high pressure of toll pump or submersible menu check if you like buy no like no buy

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Location Jiangsu,China
Year Established 1996
Annual Output Value Below US$1 Million
Main Markets
Company Certifications ISO14002;ISO9001;UKAS

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Nearest Port Shanghai port;
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No.of Employees in Trade Department 10 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
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Factory Size: Above 180,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range High and/or Average
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