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Q:My old POLO is 165 wide tires, I would like to use good tires or good tires good? Now the car is generally more than 185, but I asked the old driver, they said no need to change the tires have a clear person?
When the tires are wide, the stability of the brakes and cornering is improved. Accelerated slow, waste oil. Tire narrow words, on the contrary. POLO with 175 or 185 can be. 165 is a bit narrow in the north South does not matter.
Q:Tire says 80psi, door plate says 40 psi, thats a huge difference.
I have found out the hard way, alot of times it's best to go with what is on the tire. The new tires that I have on my Blazer say 45psi and my door don't say anything, but if they go under 40psi it don't drive very well mainly around corners and cerves on the highway. Just because the door will say one thing and tire will say some thing don't mean it's the best for the tire, running a tire under could ruin a good tire.
Q:I see it strange. Is it if the new car configuration is not the most suitable tires?
High-performance tires are mainly flat, relatively low, high speed, good drainage, low noise, good handling, high safety tires, he does not pay attention to wear resistance, tire can not be used, so dynamic balance Will change.
Q:What does the car tire V mean?
V represents the speed level of the tire, V is 240 km / h.
Q:toyota said i need new tires 2 of the tires are 1‘s? and the other 2 are 3‘s?
Replace them all if you can if not get the 1's replaced ASAP.
Q:will walmart transfer my tpm from my old tires to new tires and then install it on my car for me? and for how much?
The tire pressure monitor system runs off the tire valve not the tires.Replaceing the tires will sometimes cause the system to need reset by the dealer.The dealer will charge for this reset of this system.Best of luck.
Q:I check my tyre pressures every 2 weeks. I use a digital pressure gauge in conjunction with a double barrel foot pump to set the pressures. However I feel they may be up to 1.0 PSI out. Is this going to matter much?
cold air is thicker than hot air and therefore more volume is sucked into the combustion chamber. like you get better economy driving on a cold night then on a hot day. the cold air intake is meant to scoop up the air while driving via a cold air intake cut out in the bonnet. but i doubt if you ever see a return on the expence involved but the engine will run cooler and slightly more economical but not much.
Q:Having problems with brand new car tires. Any time the temperature falls I have to put air in my tires. what can be causing this problem. My wife who also has new tires it‘s having the same problem is not all the tires, just certain ones. are they defective?
The problem of lower tire pressure when the temperature is cold is related directly the Ideal Gas Law nRT PV Temperature (proportional to) Pressure * Volume In this example, n (# moles) and R (gas constant) can be ignored Since the volume of the tire is essentially constant, changes in T (proportional to) changes in P Decreases is Temperature mean decreases in Pressure.
Q:Ok is it possible to use a 175/60/15 tire on a car that has 175/65/15 tires
a single in dual out muffler would be the cheap easy way
Q:Is it because the narrower tire at the same pressure is under inflated?
34 psi front, 36 psi rear, you won't go too far wrong. there's an element of personal preference involved, so you could vary that +/- 2psi if you wish.

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