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Q:160 tyres instead of 170 tyres?
Firstly, you should never run two different size-marked tyres on the same axle - it doesn't matter if the rolling size is the same or not. At the most basic level it is an MOT failure, and an offence that could warrant a fine if stopped by the police. With regards to the physical size, the 165/175 bit is indeed the width of the tyre, but the crux of whether the vehicle will be lopsided rests on the profile of the tyre (the double-figured number following the 165/175) and the rim size. The profile is the height of the sidewall expressed as a percentage of the width of the tyre - so a 165/70x13 is a different height to a 175/70x13, for instance. The last two digits are the rim size - is your spare the same size rim? And is it the same style of rim (ie is it a steel when the other wheels are alloy?). You need to change/repair your correct-size flat tyre as soon as possible.
Q:what is a retread tire?
Some people like loud rides. If the noise is too loud, yes law enforcement officers can write citations to the driver. They are not being enforced probably because cops are undermanned and underfunded. Making a noise or dance violation pretty far down on the things to enforce list.
Q:what is meant by a bad tire?
Your tread is probably wearing on one of them. When this happens, it's truly best to replace all your tires. Your ride will be so much better once you're on a new set of tires. But since I'm not looking at your tires, take your car to a reliable tire center and ask them. To be safe, get a couple opinions.
Q:Toyota Sienna AWD tires?
No offense to your friend, but they received incorrect informationany tires of the correct size will work on an all wheel drive ( AWD ) vehicle - look for the least expensive with the best warranty, or Michelins, which will last for many years
Q:Do I need tire balance when I install new tires?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Do I need tire balance when I install new tires? I'm buying new tires and there is a $5 fee per tire for one time balance.Do I need that service if there is nothing wrong with my car or this has to do with the tire? Thank you
Q:2005 Hyundai Tiburon GT Tires?
i exploit in undemanding words Michelin tires and that is what I positioned on my Tiburon (also got here with Michelin tires). With alignment and tires i did not spend that a lot, $1200 is thanks to intense I spent about $800 for all and that blanketed some more effective paintings. you pick to bypass observing tire places. i'm getting mine at Tire Barn and there are different places it truly is nice. you are able to positioned any variety of tires on the vehicle you want.
Q:tire pressure inside of door or on the tire?
OMG! Where do some of these answers come from? Look, as you have already guessed the door sticker applies to the factory installed / stock tires sizes ONLY. Aftermarket performance and / or upsized tires should be inflated in accordance with the recommendations on the tire itself. Inflate to the max psi listed on the sidewall. Now a liittle experimentation is in order to determine the optimum inflation pressure in regards to ride, handling and wear. Start out at say 47 psi on a 50psi max rated tire and see how it performs over a month or so, then go from there. Edit: Well, here we go again.On my 1969 Pontiac Firebird which came equiped with E78 X 14 tires (remember those?), the recommended inflation pressure in the Owner's Manual and the door sticker is 26 psi front and rear. However, this inflation pressure just doesn't seem to work for the Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 245/45ZR17 tires that are currently installed, Hmmmm, wonder why? (maybe because they require 48 psi to 51 psi to handle and ride as designed - you know. fully inflated rather than almost flat at 26 psi). Not being a tire professional, I am so confused, whatever shall I do?
Q:Why did Bridgestone Firestone have a tire recall? 2000.?
They had to many of the tires blow up and they didn't want to be sued any more. I had the recalled tires on my explorer, so I went down and got them replaced, What a mistake I made. The old tires had 137,000 miles on them and they looked brand new. Put on the new ones and at 165,000 miles the tires are junk.
Q:Where can i get Nitrogen for tires?
most goodyear tire dealer ships, napa or pep boys.
Q:What causes a bulge in a car tire?
Torn cords, usually the result of a pothole. Not repairable, and your tire will fail.

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