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All Steel Radial Giant OTR Tires

All Steel Radial Giant OTR Tires for Dump Trucks.

Different tread compounds for customers' requirements.

40.00R57 36.00R51 and 33.00R51 available

Hours guarantee and TKPH report available.

SizeTypePatternO.W.of inflationO.D.of inflationStar ratingMax SpeedLoading capacityInflation pressureStandard rimTread depthQTY/40'OT

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Q:What are the figures above the car tires?
Hello, the numbers and symbols on the tires reflect the size and data of the tire as a whole, 245: tire tires wide. 45: tire flat ratio. R: Radial tire. 96: Maximum load of tire. V: the highest speed of the tires.
Q:Is the car tires wide or narrow?
Very simple question, if based on safety, braking, rain and snow days on the tire grip, and other factors, of course, is a greater force of the tire, more secure. If for economic problems, like the above problems a year and rare encounter, save the oil, you can let the landlord run farther ...
Q:Somebody that knows about car tires?
Sorry, you don't have a 225/45 R18 on a set of 20s. Your wheel size is 18".
Q:How to build a large car tires
not so good
Q:Tire pressure?
What kind of car are you driving? You do not want to over-inflate the front and under-inflate the rear. The door panel is and indicator of the maximum pressure. You want to inflate a few psi under that for each tire ,unless you are carrying a lot of weight in the car. If you are alone or only a couple of people in the car, then I would inflate all of them at 42 psi. This will give you a nice even wear on the tires and much smoother ride. Hope this helps
Q:sOoOo tired!!?
2 days after my positive pregnancy test at 4 weeks.
Q:Tires pressure?
it should say on the tires.... its prolly 35-40lbs on the tire look for your case it says 33psi so that might be it, look for 33psi on the tire and thats how much u want in overinflation is DANGEROUS underinflation wears your tires more, to much is dangerous..... i just watchd a video on that..... u want to get the exact amount of air, none less or none more
Q:Chaoyang car tires good?
Chaoyang car tires are very good, good quality, good wear resistance. Unlike the price of foreign brands is very expensive, Chaoyang prices are very close to the people. Worthy of choice.
Q:How to detect the tire pressure of car tires
Landlord, you go to OKorder to buy a tire pressure watch on the Well, do not know what you are car, Jia Tong technician friend told me that the car's tire pressure in general 2.2, full load 2.4 (generally refers to the rear wheel). And the general car fuel tank cover or driver under the door will be marked,
Q:Tourists car tires how many kilometers to change
Tire tire safe life of 50,000 km, if the depth of the pattern to reach the safety mark did not reach 50,000 km is to be replaced

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