JCM906D Hydraulic Crawler Excavator

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JCM906D Hydraulic Crawler Excavator

JCM906D Hydraulic Crawler Excavator’s Operating Weight is 5.85t, equipped with YANMAR 4TNV94L Engine, with Boom 3m, Arm 1.6m, Bucket 0.22m3, and Blade 1880mm×464mm.

Notice: Only after getting the permission of our company that the optional or special parts can be installed on the machine.

EngineTravel System
ModelYANMAR 4TNV94LTravel motorsJEIL, Korea; Variable axial piston motor
TypeFour-cylinder in line,
natural intake
Support roller quantities2×5
Carrier roller quantities2×1
No. of cylinder4Travel shoes2×40
Bore and stroke94mm×110mmTravel speed2.49/4.8km/h
Displacement3.054LDrawbar pulling force46.5kN
Power output35.5kW/2200rpmGrade ability58% (30°)
Ground clearance360mm
Hydraulic SystemCab & Control
PumpREXROTH, GermanyCabAll-weather, sound-suppressed Cab and equipped with a heavy, insulated Floor Mat; Front Window can be opened and slid; 6-direction adjustable Seat; LED display, Automatic monitoring, display and warning; cool & hot Air Conditioner
Typevariable double–piston pump
Max. discharge flow2×60.5L/min
Max. discharge pressure
Boom, arm and bucket22MPaControlTwo hand levers and two foot pedals for travel Two hand levers for excavating and swing;
Electric rotary-type engine throttle
Travel circuit22MPa
Swing circuit21.5MPa
Control circuit4MPaBoom, Arm & Bucket
Pilot control pumpGear typeBoom cylinder115mm×60mm×720mm
Main control valveNegative flow controlArm cylinder90mm×60mm×877mm
Oil coolerAir cooled typeBucket cylinder85mm×55mm×600mm
Swing SystemRefilling Capacities&lubrications
Swing motorJEIL, KoreaFuel tank110L
Swing motor typeAxial-piston motorCooling system10L
BrakeHydraulic oil releasedEngine oil12L
Parking brakeHydraulic disc brakeHydraulic oil tank90L  Tank oil level
Swing speed11.5r/min130L  Hydraulic system
TypeBackhoe bucket
Bucket capacity0.22m3 (SAE)
Bucket width769mm
Arm Type
AMax. digging depth5784mm
BMax. dumping height3986mm
CMax. digging height3858mm
DMax. vertical digging depth3786mm
EMax. Depth cut for 2440m(8')Level Bottom3449mm
FMax. digging distance6195mm
GMax. digging radius at ground level6062mm
HMin. swing radius of work equipment2392mm
Digging Force (ISO6015)          Unit: kN
Arm length1600mm
Bucket digging force40.7kN
Arm digging force30.6kN
Arm Type  1600mm
AOverall length5851mmITread1990mm
BGround contact length (Transportation)3320mmJTrack length2569mm
COverall height(to top of boom)1932mmKTrack gauge1480mm
DOverall width1880mmLTrack width1880mm
EOverall height(to top of cab)2621mmMShoe width400mm
FCounter weight ground clearance708mmOBonnet height1633mm
GGround clearance360mmPRevolving frame width1780mm
HTail swing radius1655mmQDistance from swivel center to tail1655mm
Operating Weight and Ground Pressure
Operating weight includes basic machine (with boom 3m, arm 1.6m, bucket 0.22m3, and blade 1880mm×464mm)
Shoe width400mm
Overall width1880mm
Ground pressure33KPa
Operating weight5850kg

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