Horizontal pump for slurry CNBM From China

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China main port
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1 set
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200 set/month

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Product Description:

  • Quick Details

    • Model Number: YQ ZGM

    • Theory: Centrifugal Pump

    • Structure: Single-stage Pump

    • Usage: Water

    • Power: Electric

    • Standard or Nonstandard: Standard

    • Fuel: Diesel

    • Pressure: High Pressure

    • Application: Sewage

    • color: any color

    • certification: ISO9001

    • application: sewage, mining industry

    • Mode: horizontal

    • theory: centrifugal pump

    • packing: wooden case

    • MOQ: 1 set

    • OEM: welcome

    • payment: TT or LC

    • warranty: 1 year

    Packaging & Delivery

    Packaging Details:standard exporting wooden case or as the customer's request
    Delivery Detail:within 10-20 days upon the receipt of the payment

    Product Description


                                              ZGM horizontal pump for slurry




    ZGM/ZJ slurry pump


    Centrifugal pump


    The pump is widely used to transport strong-wearing and high-density slurry, such as rejects,

     finished ore, trash, coal mud and sand slurry  cement slurry for the industrial 

    department of mine, metallurgy, power and coal.


    Function range

    Flow rate:4-2330m3/h


    Motor power



    Solid-liquid slurry pumps of type ZJ and ZGM are effective wearproof slurry pumps 


    The pumps can not only convert the solid-liquid energy in the pump body fully but also 

    improve away the worn conditions of overcurrent parts.


    With advanced waterpower design, rational construction and high-rigidity wearproof materials, comparing with other pumps, the pumps have the characters of high efficiency, excellent cavitation, long service life and steady operation.


    The pump is widely used to transport strong-wearing and high-density slurry, such as rejects,

     finished ore, trash, coal mud and sand slurry for the industrial department of mine, metallurgy, 

    power and coal.









    Type-ZJ and ZJM slurry pumps are new-type effective energy-saving anti-ablation pumps designed and developed by Hebei Yongquan Pump Industry Co., Ltd. And Tsinghua University jointly .




    The pumps have comprehensively absorbed advantage of similar products ar home and abroad and are innovated in terms of hydraulic design , structure design and wearproof materials used , which have the characters of high efficiency energy saving low noise steady operation long service ife and convenient maintenance, etc.





    They can be widely applied to transport slurry with solid particles for such industries as electricity, metallurgy, coal and building materials, for example, for hydraulic removal of ashes in thermal power station, mine slurry delivery in metallurgy concentrating mill and delivery of coal slurry and heavy media in coal separation plants . The allowable maximum slurry weight concentration, Cw, for delivery is :45% for grout and coal slurry,60% for mine slurry and heavy media.

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DPO, You will need the water pump gasket, water pump gasket sealant and the manual. DO NOT USE SUPER GLUE. Remove the cover [after draining the coolant this time] and clean everything up nice and dry. Resist the urge to scrape and gouge the parts with a screw driver to remove the old gasket material. you can use a scotchbrite pad to clean it all up. [no, steel wool cannot be used] Use a THIN film of sealant on each side of the gasket [NO, more is not better] and bolt it back together gently or you risk cracking the pump cover. Don't forget to refill with coolant and recheck after it has warmed up and cooled again.Get the manual before you do any more damage. You didn't give the year or exact model 85 so the link below is just for example.
Q:Corolla Water Pump - How to test leak?
You did not say how many miles your 2004 Corolla CE currently has? We have owned 5 Toyotas from brand new and 211,000 miles is the most mileage we have gotten was on a 1993 Toyota Camry that did require radiator replacement. However, one of the more expensive preventive maintenance expenses requires replacement of Timing Belt every 75,000 to 90,000 miles when it also makes sense to replace Water Pump, Thermostat and both fan belts etc in one overhaul saving on expensive labor and normally being worry free of any breakdowns. If you are not overheating (meaning Temp Gauge runs normal) then I would say 1st Mechanic was just to put wool over your eyes but still one should always watch observe temperature gauge while vehicle is in operation and never run or drive if HOT <= put over to side of road and if recurring then carry gloves/bottle of water and see a good trustworthy mechanic. Hope the Above Info Helps!
Q:Cost to replace water pump on a Saturn?
i doubt that your motor vehicle has 2 gasoline pumps yet till now you replace the pump have it examined first ! as nicely the pump it must be some thing else like the pump relay or the fuse ! no longer commencing ought to additionally be a clogged gasoline filter out ! getting back to the thermostat and water pump ! confident you are able to replace them in case you have the magnificent equipment and your robotically vulnerable !
Q:Car is overheating, just had water pump replaced? What now!?!?
Air in the cooling system, or worse yet, head gasket failure.
Q:Is it possible for a water pump in a car to leak for awhile ( days; weeks???) or does?
Check the water-pump weep hole under the input shaft casting. You have to look underneath the pump while the car is on jack-stands or plastic ramps. The weep-hole will show the color of the coolant if it's leaking. It will leak at a higher rate with the engine is running when the cooling system is under pressure than when the car is sitting and the engine is cold. Any trusted private mechanic or new car dealer can see a water-pump leak if you can't lift the car safely to crawl underneath.
Q:37KW how many contactors does the pump need to start directly?
First of all, you have to see what voltage you use If 380V then current per KW is about 2A, if it is 660V per KW at about 1.1A, then it is the starting current is 3 to 7 times for the starting current, but for the moment, 380V voltage: 37*2=74A 100A on the line, 660V voltage: 37*1.1=40.7A 63A on the line.
Q:What does the pump lift mean?
The pump head is the parameter you must know when you buy a pump, that is, the height of the pump.To buy a pump, I think the Heathrow pump is OK. I bought it earlier this year. It's not bad yet, but the quality is pretty good.
Q:1994 plymoth grand voyager leaking anti freeze is it the water pump?
It could be the water pump, but without doing a pressure test it could be hard to diagnose. You can put cardboard or something else to help find the leak. But the leak could be somewhere else than the spot on the cardboard. Best to take to Advance, or Auto Zone and carry some water in a jug to fill it up and use a pressure tester and look and listen for the leak. Could be upper/lower Radiator hose, radiator, heater core, heater core hoses, and a few more that are less likely.
Q:A few questions about a water pump?
does your van have a 3.0,3.3 or 3.8 litre engine? If it is a 3.0 liter engine then the job involves removing the timing belt. Book time is 4.5 hrs. The other two engine is much simpler, only 1.0 hr to replace the water pump. So since most garages charge about $100/hr it will cost you $450 and $100 respectively. Also it would be wise to change the thermostat and flush the system at the same time. That would be an extra 1.4 hrs or $140. Note: the serpentine belt has to be removed to do this job, so if it is worn replace it. There should be no extra labor, just parts cost.
Q:Where is the water pump located on a 2002 Mercury Cougar?
Leave the water pump alone! It sounds to me like your gauge is malfunctioning. Every so often an electrical gauge will fail and give strange readings. It could either be the sensor that reads your coolant temp or the gauge body itself. Your car cannot go from overheating to fine while stationary at a red light. Take it to a shop (that specializes in electrical, they're out there) and tell them the temp gauge is acting wacky. If you INSIST to know the location of your water pump...should be on the passenger side of the car mounted to the engine. It's either driven by an accessory belt or the timing belt, I can't remember at the moment. Here's a trick also. Water pumps are designed to leak when they fail. See if you can find coolant spilling out of anywhere a few ounces at a time. Good luck!

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