Heavy Galvanised Wire

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Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Wire

(1) Quality : Meet GB/T 343 standard and other requirements of relevant standards .

(2) Zinc Coating: Meet GB/T 15393 standard and other requirements of relevant standards .

(3) Raw Material : Wire rod ——1006 , 1008 , 1018 , Q195 , etc, and zinc with 99.995% purity.

(4) Tensile Strength Range

Size (mm)

Tensile Strength (mpa)







(5) Application : Used in wire mesh , artware , metal hose , binding for agriculture and construction , etc.

(6) Packing

Size (mm)

Coil Size

Spool Packing

Big Coil Packing

ID (mm)

OD (mm)


6 inch



8 inch



12/14/16 inch










(7) Zinc Coating

Meet GB/T 15393 standard.

Size (mm)

Weight of Zinc-Coating ( g/m2 )

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Q:where can i find a wiring diagram?
a haynes repair manual for your car at an auto parts store it should have what you need look to see before you buy it
Q:What is wire Harnesses?
A wire harnes is a set of wires that has all the conductors needed and can just be installed into something. There's a wiring harness in your car. They don't install the wires one-by-one. A harness is built for the product and is installed like any other part. There can be many branches on a wiring harnes to go to different places in the product. There may be more than one harness. There could be one for power, one for communications, etc. This is more efficient than installing separate wires.
Q:home wiring problems?
There should not be a independent conductor on the change; or, are you checking this for the circuit on the panelboard? Or, do you propose you're analyzing 40 5 Volts between the ungrounded (warm) conductor and the change-leg? you ought to no longer get any modern analyzing from the change-leg whilst the change is opened. If there is modern modern, the change is undesirable. in case you have become a analyzing between the independent (the grounded conductor) and floor on the easy container, that must be the consequence of a multi-twine community, the place the independent is shared between 2 opposite circuits. The independent will carry any unbalanced load between the two circuits. because of fact of this you ought to by no potential assume the independent no longer wearing any modern circulate. attempt changing the change. purchase one that doesn't grant any lower back-stab connections, as they are additionally the source of many issues. If the priority extends previous that, my suggestion, as continuously, is to call a qualified, authorized electrician.
Q:what gauge speaker wire to use?
A Powered subwoofer does not use speaker wire - it usually uses a RCA cable. EDIT: Ok - some older subwoofers only have speaker inputs and speaker outputs. You run speaker wire from the Left/Right speaker outputs to the sub, it strips off the sounds it wants to produce, and it passes the other sounds onto the other speakers. I suggest some good oxygen free 12 ga wire. There is a roll off effect with higher frequency sounds and long runs of speaker wire. It usually does not matter for a Home Theater system, but you can hear it with a high-end music system. Thicker wire reduces the effect. Since with a sub you would be running wires to the sub, then back to the L/R speakers, you could be using 15-30 ft of wire. Get a spool of good 12 ga from a speaker building site or get some of the Carol 12 speaker wire from Home Depot.
Q:ford wiring spec?
what okorder.com and go to the repair manual section.. Autozone has older (10 years or older) vehicle repair manuals online.. check it there as most include the wiring diagrams
Q:Photocontrol on a outside light wiring help?
no offence and no help but WHY did you not take a note of the connections as others have been told to do,in reality it makes no difference what colour of wiring goes where it is what the wire does that is important in other words if you swap the brown and blue at a light it will still work can you not remember what the connections were at onset of job.Best plan of action when dealing with electrics is if you do not know what to do do not do it
Q:How do I connect CAT5 wire to a RJ45 wire?
What will you be doing with this setup? the three wires you talk of are telephone service wires cat5 although it can be used for telephone, is for computer network service. RJ45 being the jack for ethernet networking. RJ11 is the jack for telecommunications.
Q:thin strand wire?
Hi welt needs to be multi stranded at least 8 awg in diameter as it is flexible and more flexible than a solid wire as work wire back and forth hardens copper wire and it eventually will break. using a flexible wire reduces the possibility of a breakage.
Q:where can i get a wire diagram for 1988 rinker cuddy cabin boat?
From Rinker. Or from Nautic Global Group as they now own Rinker since their merger with Godfrey Marine.
Q:Question about wiring when removing a range hood...what is the purpose of a non-insulated wire?
The copper wire is for ground. If there's a short, it is supposed to send the electricity into metal that leads into the soil. When you flip the switch, no charge should be in the copper wire... unless there is a short. Screw the weirdly-wrapped screw into something metal. If you have a metal utility box, screw it onto that, and you're range will be safe if there is a short.

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