GRC Fiberglass Water Dispersed Chopped Strand

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GRC Fiberglass Water Dispersed Chopped Strand is used for surface crack-proof of GRC products.

Product codeStrand tex(tex)Filament dia(μm)Moisture content(%) Size content(%) Breaking Strength(N/tex) Zirconia Content(%)
ARC15-98-(3-30mm)D 98 15 <0.50.6-1.0 ≥ 0.28 ≥ 14.5%
ARC11-50-(3-30mm)HD 5011<0.50.6-1.0≥ 0.30 ≥ 16.5%

GRC Fiberglass Water Dispersed Chopped Strand

Our alkali resistant fiberglass water dispersed chopped strand applied with water-dispersed size, the strand will disperse well to filaments in water in10 seconds, and also disperse fast, appliance amount less, enlarge strength.

It is typically used in a small amount to prevent cracking and to improve the performance of ready mix concrete, gypsum or other special mortar mixes. It can be used for surface crack - proof of GRC products.


Disperse fast, low dosages, harmless.

Package and Storage


20kgs/kraft bag, 50 bags/pallet, 20 pallets/20'FCL(on 2 levels), total net weight for approximately 18 tons.

Other packing methods are available, according to customers' requirements.


AR fiberglass water dispersed chopped strand should be stored dry in their original package, the best conditions being at a temperature of between 15 and 35, and at a relative humidity of between 35 and 65%. If the product is stored at low temperature (below 15), it is advisable to condition in the workshop for 24 hours before use to prevent condensation.

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Q:cement and concrete as composite?
concrete is made up of portland cement and aggregate (sand, gravel and rocks) and you add water in certain ratios.
Q:what blocks wifi more cement or glass?
Definetly cement.
Q:What I will need to cement the outside of my house?
First, I think you need to put a special wrap on your existing siding. I am not sure what this would be; ask at your home repair store. Then you have to install a railing on the bottom of the design as a guide and also to keep the cement in a straight edge and also from sliding. I watched a guy cement his house and he constantly put little strips of mesh on the area he was working and slopped more cement over it. I would study up on this first before I begin on a project like this. I think the major obstacle is getting the cement to stick on the surface, it would be discouraging if you cemented a section and the next day it was on the ground in one whole piece.
Q:How to install cement backer board in a shower?
Hi, I'm Nick the Tile Man I like to use Hardi-backer cement board because you can cut it with a circular saw, its much lighter to work with than Durock or Wonder board and its more durable. Make sure you use hardi-backer screws to install the cement board to the walls. No you cannot install cement boards onto the shower floor. You will have to mud it. You can check out my web site for more info.
Q:contact nos and address of south western cement corporation?
South Western Cement Corporation c/o 3883 First Street. Forest Hills, Banawa, Cebu CIty, Malabuyoc Yes it is part of the Yuchengco group. Sorry could not find tel nos.
Q:Which is the main mineral in cement ?
gypsum is a construction mineral, it is what makes up wall board which is used in most homes and offices buildings. but it is not a part of cement. portland cement is made from Limestone and Clay minerals. Those are heated together to make a cllinker that is further refined to make the product that goes into bags of cement.
Q:Temporary cement for my permanent crown?
I'm not a dentist, but we NEVER use temporary cement on an implant crown. I don't see any reason to use it and cannot imagine why your dentist did so. Hopefully Grandpa Walleye will answer this question for you. He is a dentist who gives great advice.
Q:how do you resurface cement steps?
First check the quality of the cement, it may be inferior to construction standards. When you determine it is good, then you need to rough up the surface with a tool like a chisel to give the new surface a grip. Mix a screened sand with some portland at a 2 to 1 mix and trowel it on with a steel finishing trowel
Q:i need to paint a cement tirtle. can i use a glossy paint or will that seal the cement,?
As a rule, sealing cement as with other porous materials is generally a good idea. The reason being is that should moisture absorb into the cement with a nice coat of paint, the first thing to happen is that the paint can pop off. In chunks if it's oil or thin flakes in latex. Either way I would suggest painting with any finish you like and use coat of xterior primer as well. Otherwise, your turtle will continue to drink all the paint you could put on it.
Q:cement ratio?
I use a 5 to one ratio (five parts gravel, one part cement) the gravel is 60/40 (I assume that is 60 percent sand, 40 % rocks) The moisture content of gravel varies, so difficult to give amount of water.

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