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it's square shaped 12x12 with a grill. Right next to the deck and with a view of the ocean. The house is grey-blue
Red cement patio? Did you paint it or use red-colored cement? Bravo! Since you prefer brightly colored additions to your life, go hog wild and buy fluorescent furniture to lounge around in. Your living quarters then might qualify as a historic lighthouse and you will be know far and wide as the keepers.
need specification for this type of cement
Oil well cement can vary depending on the application. Take a look at this link. It has some information on the API specifications that are typically used. You can also get a copy of the specification from API publications.
what is portland composite cement?
its a cement where can be poured in colder weather and has strength as well as Resistance to cracking compared to standard portland cement.
Only the cement is allowed to touch the water. It can not be bigger than 19cm in Length by 10cm in height. It also has to hold twice it's Weight.
Just displace more water than the boat weighs.
I was putting together a process book for one of my classes and was gluing some work, using rubber cement, to paper and slipping it in plastic sleeves. A little while later I noticed that a lot of the plastic sleeves where warped where the rubber cement was. The plastic sleeves and rubber cement never made contact but it was warped where it was on the back of the paper. Does this normally happen? And if it does, is there a certain amount of time I should wait until I put the slips of paper into the plastic sleeves so it doesn't warp?
please i need advantages and dissadvantages, like how carbide is more expensive, and how high speed steel is resharpable.also a website for references would be nice, thanx in advance.
Generally, cemented carbide is harder than high speed steel. To last the longest and provide the best cuts It also requires different rake angles relative to the material being cut. A negative rake angle is better with cemented carbide cutting tools and a positive rake angle is better for high speed cutting tools. The material being machined is also a factor in the best rake angle.
I have leaky rod holes in my basement. I just bought hydraulic cement (King Plug-Tite) and I just want to know what I have to do to patch the hole. Do I need to fill the entire gap (depth) ? The label says to force the product into the opening with the palm of the hand. Can I do that a couple of time (stuff the product in the hole) before it sets?
Hydraulic cement expands, thats why it says to push it in with your palm. This gives it a firm, even pressure. You have a little time before it sets.
I just bought this model and it's my first one doing it lol I was just curious that if after I painted one part and went to glue another onto the painted plastic, will it stick? Or will something else bad happen, or will it be perfectly fine? I just don't want to ruin it =( The glue I have is Testors Cement for Plastic Models and the paint is also Testors Enamel paint.
No it will not stick, the plastic cement will not melt the painted surface - what you need to do is to remove the painted area where the parts are to be glued and stuck together. The glue you have is designed to melt the surface of the plastic and then when stuck together , the melted/dissolved plastic area will bond together and when it dries, will form a firm bond To remove the paint, you can use an emery board or a curved hobby blade and scrape away the painted area. Good Luck, have fun and I hope you finish up with a top looking model Cheers