Factory price china yuchai diesel generator sets 130kw

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Diesel generator Powered by Yuchai Engine,which yuchai is a large state-owned enterprise and a Nasdaq listed company in USA (NYSE:CYD). Its main business covers diesel engine, contruction machinery, vehicle parts. The engines produced by Yuchai include series YC6G, YC4G, YC4E to which American technology applied, series YC6A, YC6B, YC6J, YC4B, YC4D, YC4F, YC4W to which German technology applied, and YC6M series in which world top technology integrated, totally 12 series.


YUCHAI SeriesPower(KW)Power(KVA)Jichai Engine ModelCylinder NO.Fuel consumption

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Q:how can i write this in good English?
A factory operating from 8 am to 4 pm uses 80kWh or 10000w of electricity per day generated by diesel. It is possible to use a small diesel generator to generate enough power to run a motor. If that motor is connected to a large power generator, it will generate enough electricity to power the entire factory.
Q:how can we set the timing of QSX15G8 cummins diesel engine?
Q:Diesel generator, hydro electric generator, or steam generator, is best to produce electricity?
Hydroelectric is a good source of power and is used around the country where there is a good source of water. Drawback is initial cost. Today Hoover Dam would probably cost a millions to build. Environmentally they are clean. Diesel Electric is used commonly in areas where there is a lack of water or funding to build hydro. The cost of Diesel is cheep er on the front end than hydro but is expensive to operate and keep up. Since oil will continue to go up and is environmentally damaging it is not a great choice. Steam generators are still in use. They are more expensive to build than Diesel. Coal is very dirty and new coal fired generators are not being produced. Wind Mill generation is a very old method of producing electricity and has a mediums cost to construct it is clean and has fairly inexpensive upkeep. It is estimated that one wind mill can provide the current needs of 40 homes. The Tennessee Valley Authority is now producing power from wind mills. There are also several companies in the West that have wind power. There of course is also atomic power. There is major construction costs and upkeep because of the danger from atomic materials. There is also a cost of getting rid of the used material used as it continues to be dangerous.
Q:diesel engine VS gasoline engine?
a diesel engine develops so much more torque compared to a spark ignition engine. given that the typical engine has a compression ratio of about 12:1 MAX and a diesel is roughly 18 to 22:1, when you ignite the air fuel charge by any means that compressed gas is what does every thing, in a spark ignition engine that air charge expands to 4 times its volume. i do not have a diesels ratio but there can not be much of a difference. that 12 to 1 now be comes 48 to one in a very small area forcing that piston to move. in the diesel with a 20 to one compression ratio, now 80 to one putting an immense force on the face of that piston. so muck torque is developed. i have no info on the clean diesels, so i will stop, but diesels are known for the smoke in the exhaust whick is particulate matter in the air that will settle out.
Q:Are bases sources of electricity?
base has many meanings. Air force bases sometimes have a diesel generator. Base hospitals almost always have diesel generators. A chemical base, together the right metals, can act as a electrochemical cell (battery). A base metal, such as zinc and copper, with the proper acid can act as a electrochemical cell (battery). .
Q:portable generator efficiency?
That is correct, but it measures efficiency from mechanical output of the engine to electrical output. It does NOT include the efficiency from gasoline (or diesel) fuel all the way to electricity. You need additional information to get that, such as gallons per hour or per day used by engine when operating at full output.
Q:how does a generator work?
Generators *always* take some kind of mechanical energy to operate. In the case of a power blackout, backup generators use large diesel engines rated for hundreds of thousands of Horsepower, to run the electrical backup generators. Those diesel engines (obviously) run on diesel fuel so, there is your 'anything'. .
Q:An electrical power system consists of identical diesel generators?
Not going to worry about this one but with a 50% failure, I think you outta buy Caterpillar. (You might want to fire your maintenance engineer as well)
Q:Need help with my portable generator - no power output?
Some have safety fuses or circuit breakers to safeguard Voltage spikes. Check also for a switch which enables the generator once the deisel moter has been started. This link may help as well
Q:I am planning to open a medium size furniture factory in my country Nigeria,, can it be solar powered?
Yes, it can be fully solar. Very power comsuming factories are autonomous. If you dont find how to, if you want e-mail me and i will put you in touch with some companies. For your info, some companies not only are autonomous, they resell power while they dont use it.

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