Factory price china yuchai diesel generator sets 300kw

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300 unit/month

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open type dioesel generator with yuchai enginee 
1) Factory direct sale 
(2) CE, ISO9001 quality 

Power range



All series powered by Yuchai engine


All series owning alternator options of Stamford/Marathon/ENGGA

Controller system

Hanging control box, automatic control module Smartgen HGM6310

Base frame

International channel steel welded base, inbuilt composite damping system; sandblast, acid-washing, antiseptic treatment


Standard genset-joining radiator of 40 °C ambient temperature



Diesel generator Powered by Yuchai Engine,which yuchai is a large state-owned enterprise and a Nasdaq listed company in USA (NYSE:CYD). Its main business covers diesel engine, contruction machinery, vehicle parts. The engines produced by Yuchai include series YC6G, YC4G, YC4E to which American technology applied, series YC6A, YC6B, YC6J, YC4B, YC4D, YC4F, YC4W to which German technology applied, and YC6M series in which world top technology integrated, totally 12 series.

YUCHAI SeriesPower(KW)Power(KVA)Jichai Engine ModelCylinder NO.Fuel consumption

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Q:silent diesel gensets in india?
i have seen Kirloskar unit in an office complex. Seems to be good. No idea about the other two brands.
Q:Kipor Diesel generator?
Dont buy anything Chinese. They are not interested in customer satisfaction or quality and just want to shift as much product as possible. The materials are usually sub-standard and the build quality is total rubbish! I guess it depends what you want it for? If it is a one off use and then you are prepared to throw it away then maybe consider it but otherwise spend even double the amount and get some equipment that can be serviced and that has a customer service and back up plan. It will be more value in the long run. It is also more patriotic.
Q:Off Grid power options?
i don't know about your possibilities where you are but i would definitely suggest using as much natural lighting as possible and the alternate wood heating furnaces available
Q:Why don't hybrid car makers just run the gas engine to power a generator at constant speed? More efficient.
Truly it has to do with type of fuel to create energy. So using whatever type of fuel you want to create a specific amount of energy, say to move a vehicle, you end up not considering the type of fuel but the cost of fuel. Seriously, if gas was a couple of cents a gallon who would care about alternate fuels. So as a race we seem to be more satisfied to leave our ability to travel around, not only our countries but also our planet, to the money Barons rather than placing our fuel needs in the hands of our Governments where our tax dollars could be efficiently used to develop human efficient fuels that are FREE. Sunlight comes to mind, seriously how hard can it be with our technology today to develop ways of utilizing this never ending source of vast power. Then there is water made up of H2O and yet we are all aware of how much energy we get from splitting an atom, dah! So how about splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen and utilizing that energy and God hasn't hinted he/she/gay/partner/bi/lesbian etc ( to make sure I am politically correct here, will be stopping the rain anytime soon. Oh rain and sunlight are FREE, hmm, I wonder, is there someone not wanting us all to have free energy. WHY would that be possible?
Q:On a large generator powered by a 6cyl. john dear diesel What would make the exciter rotor banding come loose?
Sorry man, your idea has been taken already they are called uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). They can seamlessly keep your computer and other similar electronics online with a battery backup until power is restored. For longer outages, most folks use an outdoor AC generator to power critical components (fridge, freezer, heating, maybe computer/modem). Also, your DC power outlets idea would not work logistically. Your modem and computer do indeed have power supply cords that convert 120 VAC into some DC voltage. So, in order to use your special DC outlets during an emergency, you would have to unplug the devices from the normal outlets, attach a special DC-DC cord, and then plug the device into the emergency DC outlets. So, this would be quite the headache and would also mean downtime while you switch over; by comparison a UPS would have no downtime. Also you have to figure in the additional complexity of installing emergency DC outlets in a home (more confusion for electricians and homeowners). Finally, a gas-powered generator in the basement isn't the best idea since internal combustion engines give off carbon monoxide. People have died from using products such as gas-powered pressure washers in enclosed areas. In fact, a fairly common way to commit suicide is to leave your car engine idle in an enclosed garage. So I propose sticking with the status quo here. AC outlets for all, and UPS devices for those that need emergency backup power for their computers (in your case to keep your phone service as well). edit: Oops, you did mention that you know that battery backups exist already. Still, the points that I and others have made still stand.
Q:charging a marine battery with a car battery through a power inverter?
It will work but you need a battery charger as well, hook the inverter to the vehicles battery, then pulg the charger into the inverter, and then have the charger hooked to the marine battery. Why not just get a small generator or a 110v freezer and run it directly off the inverter or generator? You can plumb the generator into the fuel tank of the truck so you don't have to worry about filling the generator. If the truck is diesel get a diesel generator, gas for gas.
Q:About using motors generators to generate electricity?
No, it is not possible. All energy conversion devices are less than 100% efficient.
Q:Explain the operation of diesel power plant,the advantages and disadvantages of diesel power plant?
I am not sure what you are really asking about the operation of a diesel generator. You start the engine and connect the electrical load to the generator buss. If you are connecting to a grid or existing power system then you need to match the frequency of the grid. As to advantages and disadvantages, you need to state what you want to compare it to and how large the generator or system is.
Q:How do you take a generator head off of a generator motor?
Generator Power Head
Q:how efficient are diesel generators?pls read more below.?
Direct use of the diesel engine to run the car is more efficient. With the other option, there is a chain of energy conversion each involves a loss.

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