400KVA Standby Diesel Generator Set (Cummins NTAA855-G7A)

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1000 set/month

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Product Description:

400KVA Diesel Generator Set used as standby and emergency power


1. Features

1) Universal design and manufacture

2) Most widely used around the world

3) With most service terminals

4) Engineers are familiar with Cummins powered gensets

5) You could find spare-parts very easy

2. Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Genset model


Genset rated power


Rated voltage

230/400V (adjustable)

Rated current

576 Amps


50 Hz

Power factor

0.8 Lagging

Connecting type

3 phase 4 wire

Cooling system

Closed cycle water-cooled with fan, water tank

Overall dimension (L×W×H) mm


Gross weight (kg)


Diesel Engine





Engine type

6 cylinders in line,4 stroke, air-air after-cooled



Rotating speed

1500 RPM

Engine cooling system


Speed governing system

Electronic speed governor

Starting method

By 24V batteries 

Engine filter system

Dry type air filter ,fuel filter, oil filter, water filter





Compression ratio

14.0: 1

100% Load fuel consumption (l/h)


Lube capacity(L)







Excite type

Brushless self-excited AVR regulation

Connecting type

3 phase 4 pole

Steady frequency change


No load voltage


Steady voltage


Insulation class

Class H

Protection grade


The components of the genset

(1) Diesel engine; (2) Alternator; (3) Water tank & radiator assembly; (4) Control panel; (5) Base frame.



1.1 Each engine shall be tested at manufacturer’s workshop to certify the engine output and fuel consumption in accordance with the site operating condition specified by purchaser on the specification datasheet.

1.2 All relevant information drawings pertinent to the testing and test procedure shall be transmitted to the purchaser in advance of the test date notification.

1.3 The purchaser shall call for additional testing if test results are unsatisfactory or marginal. Any equipment rejected shall be repaired or replaced to the purchaser’s satisfaction and tests shall be repeated.

1.4 Any unsatisfactory material, equipment, installation, or workmanship shall be replaced or repaired to the purchasers satisfaction at the manufacturers cost.

1.5 The engine and generator shall be tested individually in accordance with relevant standards specified above.

1.6 The completed and individually tested engine and generator shall be assembled onto the base plate with all auxiliaries, instruments and controls for a complete test of the generator set.

400KVA Standby Diesel Generator Set (Cummins NTAA855-G7A)


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If you are talking about the truck (traction) motors on a locomotive, then whole power system! diesel engine, generator, exciter generator, truck motors, can range anywhere from seven hundred horsepower for a switch engine up to several thousand horsepower for a line haul locomotive. The traction motors get their power from the generator which is connected to the diesel engine. There is no direct mechanical connection from the diesel engine to the wheels. All the diesel engine does is turn the generator. The power from the generator is what running the traction motors which in turn drives the wheels of the locomotive. That is where the term diesel over electric comes from. In short the diesel engine drives the generator. The power from the generator drives the traction motors. The traction motors drive the wheels. The wheels drive the locomotive. The amount of power the generator puts out is controlled by two things. How fast it is turning (number of RPM and how much excitation voltage it's fields are being excited with by the exciter generator. Both the RPM's and the excitation voltage is controlled by the engineer. The advantage of using diesel over electric is they can tandem several locomotives together to pull long trains and be able to control them all from the lead engine. (Locomotive) As far as size Look at the trucks on the locomotive. The area between the wheels is pretty muchly taken up by the traction motors. Here is another fact. The generator is a DC generator and the traction motors are DC motors. Most of the time they are series wound DC motors for better starting torque since they are always coupled to a load. Here is another fact from the been there done that file! Traction motors are nasty and dirty to work on like when you have to change brushes and seat the new brushes and horne the commutator
Q:Why don't hybrid car makers just run the gas engine to power a generator at constant speed? More efficient.
The next generation of Hybrid vehicles are being designed to do exactly this. They are referred to as REEVs, or Range Extended Electric Vehicles. Essentially, they are a fully electric vehicle, like a Tesla roadster. Electric vehicles have greater low end torque than internal combustion engines, and are inherently more energy efficient (more energy used goes toward locomotion rather than waste heat) To extend the range of these electric vehicles beyond just plugging them in to charge the batteries, they have an on board generator that can be set up to run on gasoline, diesel, bio diesel, or ethanol. They also take advantage of the same regenerative braking systems that are already being used in current hybrid vehicles. REEVs are pretty much awesome. If you're looking at getting a new ride, I'd recommend waiting a few years and getting one of these.
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Measures: replace the cylinder pad, adjust the pressure relief mechanism.
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On April 26, 1986, the operating crew planned to test whether the Reactor No. 4 turbines could produce enough energy to keep the coolant pumps running until the emergency diesel generator was activated in case of an external power loss. During the test, power surged unexpectedly, causing an explosion and driving temperatures in the reactor to more than 2,000 degrees Celsius—melting the fuel rods, igniting the reactor’s graphite covering, and releasing a cloud of radiation into the atmosphere. The precise causes of the accident are still uncertain, but it is generally believed that the series of incidents that led to the explosion, fire and nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl was caused by a combination of reactor design flaws and operator error.
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start it up and plug it up to something, and let it run, the seller should have something to plug it in and show you it does work good.
Q:generator carrier for 5th wheel?
I would like to help--but I need to know what size of generator you want 2.8 k-12 k ; and what type of fuel Gasoline, propane, diesel. I would ask why don't you mount a Onan Micro quite or light into the side or front of your fifth wheel---but with out seeing your trailer I have no idea what to recommend

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