Factory price china yuchai diesel generator sets 110kw

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300 unit/month

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open type dioesel generator with yuchai enginee 
1) Factory direct sale 
(2) CE, ISO9001 quality 

Power range



All series powered by Yuchai engine


All series owning alternator options of Stamford/Marathon/ENGGA

Controller system

Hanging control box, automatic control module Smartgen HGM6310

Base frame

International channel steel welded base, inbuilt composite damping system; sandblast, acid-washing, antiseptic treatment


Standard genset-joining radiator of 40 °C ambient temperature



Diesel generator Powered by Yuchai Engine,which yuchai is a large state-owned enterprise and a Nasdaq listed company in USA (NYSE:CYD). Its main business covers diesel engine, contruction machinery, vehicle parts. The engines produced by Yuchai include series YC6G, YC4G, YC4E to which American technology applied, series YC6A, YC6B, YC6J, YC4B, YC4D, YC4F, YC4W to which German technology applied, and YC6M series in which world top technology integrated, totally 12 series.

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Q:Diesel generator selection criteria?
The performance and quality of the diesel generator set shall be in accordance with the relevant standards
Q:Generator upgrade generator only not motor?
My best suggestion would be upgrade to Solar Photo Voltaic where you get output and also save diesel+ environment. or buy a second hand D.G .
Q:Diesel locomotive horsepower question?
Locomotive Horsepower
Q:How much would it typically cost to rent a 6000-8000watt diesel generator for a week?
You can expect to spend between $60-$80 per day for a diesel generator.
Q:what electric generators can i buy for my home?
waw. That's a lot of energy for just a house. You got to be kidding me. okay, you can find diesel generator if you like, but you need to keep storage of diesel enough for it.
Q:Which generator type, natural gas propane or diesel is best to power a house?
Diesel generators are about the best and heavy duty for continuous running. You need to remember that diesel generators work best running 90% to 110% load the majority of the time. You should judge you power consumption on the peak usage and not on the maintained usage. Check your power consumption when everything is turned on. Such as well water pump, microwave, washer, dryer, oven, stove, refrigerator, TV, computers, etc. Units like these will pull the most power and you will have to accommodate for these items when they are all on, if your generator may not support the total load and start popping breakers or just shut down. With everything turned on your generator should pull 110% to 130% of the load, this is good. If your current generator cannot do this then you will need to get a bigger one. Plan for the maximum use just in case you forget to turn something off before you use some other appliance. Diesel oil is safer then bottled gas and has less restriction on the transportation of this fuel. Less chance of starting a fire and blowing something up. Diesel can run a longer time on less than on bottled gas. If you mix in some kerosene, the fuel will burn a little cleaner and hotter. This mixture will survive colder temperatures. Either natural gas or propane gas generators are good but, can you put a large enough tank on your island to support 24 hour usage? 100 gallon tanks can be used but transporting them to your island might be a problem and how often do you have to refill them.
Q:If i am using a permanent magnet dc motor as generator then?
I'm not an expert on this, but I'll give it my best guess. To try to point you in the right direction. First, you need to know the torque of this magnet. 1 horse power 0.74569 kilowatts So to get a 1 kilowatts, you need 1.35962 horsepower. The motor will have a certain efficiency. I do not know if this is factored in to the motors power rating, however if the efficiency is, say, 90%. Then you will need to divide the horse power by 0.9 to get the correct horse power rating. Is this a motor part of a diesel / fuel generator, or is it part of a wind turbine / water turbine?
Q:Electric car questions?
i have considered the same thing. it will take a good size generator to power an ev tho. say you have a 15hp motor in your conversion. you will need a 15hp generator minimum to power it and it must have a large enough surge rating to handle the start up currents. one hp equals 746 watts. all in all the idea is sound but a little more involved than it seems.
Q:Break away cabs on EMD E and F units?
I seem to recall a reference in Trains stating that these were designed to buckle right behind the cab in order to protect the crew in cases of head-on collisions. Apparently, the buckling was intended to absorb energy that otherwise might crush the cab. I can see how the buckling might appear to be a design flaw in the form of a weakness in the frame that allows the buckling. But my understanding is that it was an intentional design feature, kind of like how a fuse is the weakest link for the purpose of protecting the rest of the circuit.
Q:Fitting Carbon neutral generator to an RV any advice?
You need the power level, and I suspect it is very high. The shower is the problem, as it will use several thousands of watts only for a few minutes, then zero power for the rest of the time. Everything else is a hundred watts or so. If you could switch to a tank hot water storage system, where you can heat the water slowly, with perhaps 500 watts over hours of time, so it is ready for those showers. Perhaps even less. Hydrogen is not practical, as it is not readily available, neither is bio-fuel. Your best bet is solar, as you have plenty of space on the roof for the panels. You will need a charge controller, a few sealed deep-discharge 12 volt batteries, and an inverter. The batteries can store up power for the times you need it. The number of batteries will be determined the needed power levels. Again, the shower predominates. Get readings of watts used and time lengths, so you can calculate the number of batteries. .

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