Electro Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh

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Product Description:

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Welded wire mesh

Material:low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire ,galvanized steel wire, PVC coated iron wire.
Surface treatment:Hot dipped galvanized, electro galvanized, PVC coated.

Application: widly used in industry, agriculture, building, transportation, mine, playground,lawn,cultivation, enclosure fence, decoration, nachine protection,etc.

Advantages of welded wire mesh:
1.simple structure beautiful and practical.
2.Stronge welded point
3.Anti-erosion, Anti-aging, Anti-sunburn

Quick Details

PVC Coated
Welded Mesh
Up to customer's requirement

Welded Wire Mesh Style

  • Stainless steel wire welded wire mesh

  • Electro or hot dipped galvanized after or before welding

  • PVC coated galvanized welded wire mesh

  • Black wire/ no coated welded wire mesh

Welded Wire Mesh Features

  •     Made of high quality steel wire.

  • Various configurations and sizes.

  • Used for the loose strata to avoid falling rocks.

  • Suitable for shotcrete applications

  • Range of sizes to suit roadway width and bolting patterns.

  • Easy installation

  • Available in black or hot dip galvanized

Welded Wire Mesh Application

  • Welded wire mesh is used in industry and agriculture building

  • Transportation and mining for all such purposes as poultry houses

  • Egg baskets

  • Runway enclosures

  • Draining rack

  • Fruit drying screen

  • Fence

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Description:

    • Material: Low carbon steel wire

    • Surface treatment: galvanized or powder coated

    • Wire diameters: 3-7mm

    • Post length: 847-2,947mm

    • Fence height: 1,500-2,500

    • Feature: Corrosion resistance, aging resistance, sunshine resistance and weather resistance, easy to transport and easy installed

    • Application: Expressway, railway, garden fences, decorative fences, security fences, barbed wire fences, chain link fence, expanded metal fences, and more

Primary Competitive Advantages:
  • Brand-name Parts

  • Country of Origin

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  • Green Product

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  • Small Orders Accepted

Main Export Markets:
  • Eastern Europe

  • North America

  • Mid East/Africa

  • Central/South America

  • Asia

  • Western Europe

  • Australasia

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Q:how to correctly wire a chandalier?
If you have an Ohmmeter you can trace the chandelier wiring out. Each socket in the chandelier has two connections, the threaded part of the base and the very bottom of the base. The safest way to wire it is to run the hot to the bottom of the base and the neutral to the threaded part of the socket. Anyway you should be able to ohm each wire out to see where they go, then hook all the wires going to the bottom together and to the black wire in the junction box, then all the wired going to the threaded connection together and to the white wire in the junction box.
Q:electrical wiring question....?
hi kate in Engand we call it trunking but ime pretty sure its the same stuff, we also cal lit conguate but ime not sure the spell on that is right anyhow we have it white in the uk not sure what your question is but i can only say that its used mainly for protection against animals and more often than not...people hope ive helped danx
Q:Does the color of 12v electrical wire matter?
The color of the wire indicates wire gage
Q:can i hook a black wire to a white wire?
Before you do anything, turn off the power. Sometimes people will wire up switches hot, but they know what to touch and what not to touch. You should not take that risk. There will be two power cables coming into the box, one from the power source and the other to the ceiling light. Each cable has a black wire, a white wire, and a bare copper wire. Connect all the white wires together with a wire nut. Connect all the bare wires and an extra piece of bare wire together with another wire nut. Connect the extra piece of bare wire to the green screw terminal on the switch. Connect the black wire from the power source to one brass screw terminal on the switch. It doesn't matter which one you use. Connect the black wire from the ceiling light to the other brass screw terminal on the switch. Don't screw the switch into its box yet. Turn the power back on. Test the switch, being careful not to touch any wires while doing so. After it works, turn the power off again and screw the switch into t
Q:Photocontrol on a outside light wiring help?
yes, the photo cell will work anywhere, in fact it will probably work better where the light is not hitting it when it comes on. It will work longer if direct sunlight cannot get at it.
Q:Dimmer switch w/ 3 wires and only 2 wall wires?
The green is your ground. You can just attach it to one of the screws or the metal mounting bracket. Your hot wires are black. Good luck!!
Q:connect amp wire to car battery?
This Site Might Help You. RE: connect amp wire to car battery? when we connect the amp wire to the car battery we first remove the negative side then connect the amp wire to the negative side and reconnect the negative battery wire thing. is this correct?
Q:Simple switch wiring!?
you ought to positioned the switching in earlier the low voltage transformer. If the light fixtures are all under pressure jointly, there's no way you have gotten the skill to preform this activity. you will ought to positioned the two light fixtures on one transformer and have the switched with or via the feed wires to the transformer. The final mild will must be via itself transformer and switched additionally with the a hundred and twenty volt feed. I woul hire an electrician a stable one, A union guy on the part or somthing. no longer your girlfrinds uncle chuck..
Q:1 .5 hp motor needs what size wire?
Depending on the distance, heavier wire might help. It's possible that there is too much voltage drop in the wire during motor starting. That would lead to heavy startup currents being drawn for longer periods. The pump manufacturer should have wire size / distance recommendations. Voltage and current measurements at the pump during startup with min/max peak holding meters should reveal the problem. Don
Q:Using solid-copper HOUSE WIRE (of the proper guage) TO WIRE A CAR amp/subwoofer system?
yes. even bigger difference when you used it to wire the battry to the amp. The solid-copper house wire are design for high voltage and lov current. But, your car voltage is low, only 12 volts. Now see if you have a big amp and use 1000 watts. and calculate with the Power formula : P = V x I P stands for Power, V stands for Voltage, and I stands for Current. The currents you use in 12 volts equals 83.333 ampere. its a big current. now if you use the home voltage(220 volts) the currents equal 4.545 ampere. See the different? 83 ampere and 4 ampere. that is why the wire for car amp/subwoofer usually not use solid copper, but use hairsize copper. Of course not a single hairsize copper, but alot of it. I have a car with audio system. I use 1 swiss audio power amp 2000 watts and 2 poweramper 1500 rms Sub. and to wire the battery and the amp, I used a thumb size cable - hairsize copper.

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