Deep Cycle Rechargeable Lithium ion Lifepo4 12V 30Ah Lithium Battery

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2000 unit/month
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Residential ESS CFE-384S 12.8V 30Ah 384Wh


Volumetric Energy Density increased by 23.5%

LED power display screen and switch buttons

Rugged stainless steel body ensures 5 years warranty

High protection level IP65

Support 1C charge / discharge and excellent heat dissipation design

Quick connection and insulation protection

Stainless steel handles guarantees 3000 fatigue tests

Supports four external connections in series with voltage up to 51.2V 

 Product Spec





Nominal Voltage


Nominal Capacity @1C


Charge Voltage


Charge Current Max Continuous


Discharge Current Max Continuous


Discharge Voltage Minimum


Pulse Current 5 Sec




Dimensions L*W*Hmm


Q:Basically, i just purchased a Fusion Power Plant 1200watt with 500 RCM watt bass pack. But before i fit it and everything i'd like to know if it'll drain my battery. Over the past year i've had to recharge the battery a couple of times if i use it when the engine isn't running, so if the bass pack will drain my battery i'll buy a new one before i install it!thanks!
you might be able to find a good battery cap to help it run a little longer before your battery dies but inevitably it will happen. it might be cheaper to just carry a portable jump start kit that you charge up that way if your battery dies you got a jump right there. look forward to getting a new GOOD quality alternator within a year so as amp systems burn up factory ones quite easily.
Q:I need to build a battery pack that will last a min 2hrs to power a motor through a speed controller. The motor will be run at the slowest speed possible.Motor Specifications:? Torque: 12.0kg/cm? Rated Voltage: 12.0V? Operating: 4.5 - 18V max? Current - No load: 70mA? Current - Full load: 1380mA? Gear Ratio:
You need to do two things to work this out as you have not provided enough detail. Step one: Determine average motor current over the two hour period. Step two: Calculate the required AH (amp hour) rating required for the batteries. Step one: connect an ammeter to the supply side of the speed controller. Run the motor at the speed you require. Measure the current. (lets assume 300mA) Step two: Battery Capacity. Lets say you need 3 hours run time. 300mA * 3 hours 900mAhours required. Check the AH rating of your batteries. (lets assume they are 450mAH rated) Building the battery pack: You neeed 8 batteries in series to get the required 12V. But if you did this you would only have a 450mAH rated battery pack. You need to double that, so put another 8 batteries in series. That will give you 900mAH which is what you require. (total 16 batteries) If you have 900mAH batteries you would only need 8. If you have 450mAH battaries you would need 16 (two parallel lots of 8) If you have 100mAH batteries you would need 72 batteries (9 parallel lots of 8)etc If you have 1800mAH batteries you will still need 8 to get the required voltage, but the motor will run aproximately twice as long as with the 900mAH solutions. Hope this helps!
Q:I have a battery pack that takes 4AA batteries but the black and red wires got broke off of it. Can I take a 9 volt battery and touch the black and red wires into the 9V and make it work?
A nine volt battery may not have the current necessary to run a device that the AA batteries have. You need 6 volts not 9.
Q:How does UPS and battery pack fit?
C3KS you can connect 16 12V24AH battery (8 in series in parallel) the remaining four spare, full load 2400W nearly 2 hours.
Q:The battery pack in the circuit diagram, which is a positive long and thin a short and thick?
Long vertical that the battery cathode, short vertical battery that the negative.
Q:I live in Akron Ohio and would like to dispose of the old battery pack. Anyplace around here to recycle?Joe
There should be an 800 number to call printed on a sticker on the HV battery itself. I however would first make it known that you have an old pack laying around by posting on Priuschat and similar forums as someone might want it for spare modules or just to toy around with and might pay more for it than the $200 that Toyota offers.
Q:I found a battery pack from a few years ago attatched to an remote control car, but cant remember how i used to charge itits one like this
go to walmart or kmart and buy an rc car battery charger. this type of battery requires a slow charge, that is about 12 hours. there are other, special type batteries, that can be fully recharged in 10 minutes. DO NOT TRY THAT WITH THIS RC BATTERY. just make sure that the charger is for the 9.6v pack.
Q:I just got my xbox 360 2 weeks ago and i cant use it without plugging it in (it has chargable battery pack) i charge it for LONG periods of time but when i unplug it and play the most it lasts is 2 minutes
Make sure that when you plug it, the little light turns RED. If it turns green too fast, it means it is NOT charging!! Try plugging and unplugging it. I actually saw a video where a guy said that if this happens it might mean your controller is completely drained, even so much as to charge itself, so what you should do is plug it, wait for the light to turn red, then when it turns green unplug it and plug it again, and then continue this process for several instances until it is able to charge itself! Hope this helps!!
Q:How much life do you get with this battery pack after it has been fully charged?
For me it can last 3 days , if it hasnt even be used like videos camera etc , otherwise it will be 1 whole day hope i helped x
Q:How much MV is required to achieve a balanced charge? The The Is the precision of the balance.
After the battery system is installed, charge the battery pack before charging it.

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