Complete Pure water Production Line For Bottle Water Project in Cameroon

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Complete Pure water Production Line For Bottle Water Project in Cameroon

Our Whole Pure Water Production Line for PET Bottle Water have been installed and debugged completely in Cameroon.

It is applied for the prodution of pure water, mineral water, beverage product water and process water, high quality, easy operation and maintenance.

The Project is composed of below parts:

1.Pure Water Treatment With RO System 4000L/H,Include the sand filter,carbon filter,resin filter,precision filter,RO system and so on!

2. "3 in 1"washing,filling,capping machine for bottle water

3. Inkjet Code Machine

4. Automatic Sleeve Shrinking Labels Machine(PVC Shrink Labels)

5. Shrink Stove and Boiler

6. Automatic PE Shrink Packaging Machine

If you interested in our machines,please do not hesitated to contact with us!

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Q:Vacuum filling machine equipment introduction
At this point the cam opens the mechanical valve and closes the vacuum bottle valve and the suction valve opens, causing the vacuum generator to generate a vacuum (negative pressure).
Q:Fully automatic filling sealing machine is what
Mainly used for plastic cups, plastic boxes and plastic bottles of the filler, the corresponding material composite film sealing products production.
Q:What is the electronic water treatment device?
physical, biological, chemical scale Have obvious prevention and removal effect.
Q:How to achieve reverse osmosis
It can filter out a variety of bacteria, such as one of the smallest bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa (3000 × 10-10m), but also filter out a variety of viruses, such as influenza virus (800 × 10-10m), meningitis virus (200 ×
Q:The use and application of filtration equipment
Organic matter and other small particles and other impurities, to achieve the purpose of water purification.
Q:What is the softener?
After the soft water machine water treatment equipment to produce water, particularly strong cleaning capacity, laundry, shower, beauty skin care effect; can also reduce energy consumption.
Q:What is a disc vacuum filter?
Easy to handle the settlement speed is not high, easy to filter the material, not suitable for handling non-sticky material, the scope of application and drum vacuum filter the same.
Q:What is the water purifier?
Disadvantages: water purification equipment, water treatment equipment to remove the scale, water alkali effect is poor, suitable for the following hardness areas; a single ultrafiltration machine can not completely remove the smell of water, water taste worse; for the core is too much trouble, can not completely remove heavy metals in water.
Q:Filling machine industry outlook
In recent years, the level of scientific and technological improvement, the domestic filling machine industry has also been rapid development, technical level, equipment performance, quality, etc. have been greatly improved in supporting enterprises efficient, safe production
Q:How to do rust corrosion
Positively charged isotonic Fe +, to prevent the separation of Fe + from the metal pipe into the water, (the system produces yellow rust water is Fe + in water color).

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