Aseptic Pulp filling equipment

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GXGF3020206typepulp 4-in-1 fillingmachine is aset of rinsing(disinfectantrinsing, pure water rinsing), pulpfilling,juicefilling and cappingin oneof the moderate (high)temperaturefilling machine, pulp,juice separately fillingsolvethe problem of unevencontent.

Host fully enclosed sealed windows, filling area and rinsing area isolated, filling part 100 cleanto ensure that the environment in the filling area to reach the desired temperature and filling requirements.

Bottle conveying adopts activeclamptransition, to reduce the adjustment and operation to the machine when changing bottle shape under the circumstance of keep the bottle mouth.

Host usingSEWreducer and couplinginteractiontransfer powerto ensure thesmoothoperation.

Technical parameters:

8000BPH(Φ38Bottle neck)/7000BPH(Φ28Bottle neck)
Number of working station
rinsing 30、pulp filling 20、juice filing20、capping 6
Main machine power
Air consumption
Air pressure
0.7 M3
Suitable bottle
Diameter Φ50mm-Φ120mm  Bottle height 160mm-330mm

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Q:Direct drinking water equipment how to disinfect raw water disinfection
Direct drinking water disinfection Pipeline rinse mostly use tap water, the flow rate is large enough to ensure that every part of the rinse process is rinse.
Q:Classification by working principle
3. Unit filtration area of the larger flow of processing, filtration resistance is small, high filtration efficiency.
Q:What is self-cleaning filter
In the filtration process, the fine filter of the inner layer of impurities gradually accumulate, its inside and outside on both sides of the formation of a pressure.
Q:I would like to know the structure and principle of the filling machine
, Can open the feed solenoid valve again to feed.
Q:Equipment classification of water treatment equipment
, EDI deaerator system, factory drinking water equipment, bag filter, ozone sterilization device, the whole effect of integrated water processor, physical and chemical treatment unit, materialized full integrated water processor, permanent magnet processor, cyclone in addition to
Q:Fully automatic filling the type of sealing machine
① screw cap sealing machine: This sealing machine finished the finished product in advance of the internal thread, the thread has a single head and long points.
Q:The characteristics of the sterilization equipment
Microwave on the bacterial membrane section of the potential distribution of the cell membrane around the electron and ion concentration, thereby changing the permeability of the cell membrane, bacteria and therefore malnutrition, can not be normal metabolism, growth and development blocked by death.
Q:What is the atmospheric filling machine?
Is in the atmospheric pressure by filling the liquid weight.
Q:Filtering equipment is sorted by media type
With the principle of absorption will be different colors of light separation
Q:Where is the application area?
Thermal power, power plant, mine, medium and low pressure boiler power, water supply system

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