Pure water line

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SHG,Shanghai China (Mainland)
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filter tank material:
well water,underground wate
full automatic cotroller
ro membrane:
hydranautic ro 4040
Packaging Detail:
wood case
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10- 15 working days

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:wood case
Delivery Detail:3-5 days


good quality with best price

drinking water treatment chemicals/Reverse Osmosis pure water treatment equipment

Product Advantage

Individuality appearance design is big and elegant.

Free combination makes application scope more wide.

Big board and one key control make operating easy.

Advanced control system is steady, reliable and energy conservation.

Standard Business Management and reliable quality.

Advanced insulation system, full climate working.

Application scope more wide.

Scope of Application

Water for Life, like: High-rise Buildings, Residential Quarter, Villa, etc.

Public Places, like: Hospital, School, Gymnasium, Golf Course, Airport, etc.

Commercial High-Rise, like: Hotel, Office Building, Department Store, Large-Scale Sauna Bathroom, etc.

Irrigation, like: Park, Play Field, Orchard Garden, Farm, etc. drinking water treatment chemicals ,water equipment. drinding water treatment.

Manufacturing Industry: Production-Manufacturing, Washing Device, Food Industry, Factory, etc. drinking water treatment, well water treatment, water equipment

Else, like: Impounding Reservoir and Other Type Water Supply Corporation

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Q:Direct drinking water equipment how to disinfect raw water disinfection
Direct drinking water disinfection Pipeline rinse mostly use tap water, the flow rate is large enough to ensure that every part of the rinse process is rinse.
Q:How the working principle works
This phenomenon is called reverse osmosis (reverse osmosis), which is called reverse osmosis membrane.
Q:What is a disc vacuum filter?
Easy to handle the settlement speed is not high, easy to filter the material, not suitable for handling non-sticky material, the scope of application and drum vacuum filter the same.
Q:The principle and function of reverse osmosis equipment
Reverse osmosis equipment is the original water through the fine filter, granular activated carbon filter, compressed activated carbon filter, and then through the pump pressure, the use of pore size of 1 / 10000μm (equivalent to the size of E. coli 1/6000, the virus 1
Q:To solve the important way of water resources, the main method of what?
To solve the reality of human society and life are closely related to the water problem, we must use the modern water treatment technology and water treatment equipment
Q:Fully automatic filling the type of sealing machine
Bottle bottles with multi-head thread, canned bottles with multi-head thread.
Q:How to do rust corrosion
At the same time, the "skin effect" generated by the electromagnetic field of the overhanging composite modulation frequency caused by the high frequency electromagnetic wave accumulates excess negative charge on the tube wall, and the excess charge is accumulated in the water, and the positive charge in the water is strongly repelled
Q:What is the water purifier?
⒈ water purifier principle and function: the use of 0.01 micron ultrafiltration membrane separation technology, can effectively remove the water of the sediment, rust, suspended solids, colloids, bacteria, viruses, macromolecules and other harmful substances.
Q:Sealing machine description
To get the film to confirm the film winding direction, find counterclockwise direction, and put it on the film pole fixed.
Q:What is the mechanism of asymmetric fiber filter structure
Sexual impact is not, so as to improve the filter bed cut capacity.

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