eight thousand Pure Water Produce Line With Double Stage RO System Project in Zambia

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Eight thousand Pure Water Produce Line With Double Stage RO System Project in Zambia

This project is 8000L pure water produce line with double stage RO system,the capacity for first stage is 12000L/H and the second stage is 8000L/H.

It is applied for the prodution of pure water, mineral water, beverage product water and process water, high quality, easy operation and maintenance.

We can offer the capacity for RO Pure Water Processing Line from 1000L/H to 50000L/H,if interested in our this rquipments,please tell me the capacity you need,then I can offer the best price base on the capacity you need.

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Q:Water treatment conductivity filter how much normal?
This is based on your water quality requirements, if you want to make pure water, then reverse osmosis water treatment equipment is a two-stage reverse osmosis, the national standard conductivity value is less than 10!
Q:Edi Ultra Pure Water Equipment System Benefits
⒉ continuous, simple operation: in the mixed bed due to each regeneration and changes in water quality, so that the operation process becomes complicated, and EDI production process is stable and continuous, water quality is constant, no complicated
Q:How the working principle works
This phenomenon is called reverse osmosis (reverse osmosis), which is called reverse osmosis membrane.
Q:Suspension (material) filtration characteristics
Both models are widely used in the slag separation of phosphate fertilizer production, the processing capacity is large, the continuity is strong, but the structure is complicated and the cost is high, which is not suitable for the filtration of the washing material.
Q:What is air filter
It can be used as a pre-filter for high efficiency filters, effectively extending the service life of high efficiency filters.
Q:How to achieve reverse osmosis
Reverse osmosis technology in addition to the application of reverse osmosis and reverse osmosis principle, but also the use of the choice of membrane adsorption and screening mechanism for organic matter.
Q:What is the composition and function of the water treatment system?
Central water purifier: to further filter impurities, remove the bacteria in water, microbes, etc., can reach the national quality water standards.
Q:How to achieve heat sealing
The bag is most likely to leak at the time of filling, and most of the damage to the bag in actual use occurs in the heat seal, so selecting the appropriate heat seal material and heat sealing parameters can reduce the rejection rate of the production line and
Q:Sealing machine precautions
2, in the power supply must be inserted before the induction aviation plug, and lock the screws.
Q:What is reverse osmosis equipment?
and then out of the concentrated water effluent, so as to achieve separation and purification purpose.

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