one thousand litres Pure Water Produce Line with RO System

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One thousand litres Pure Water Produce Line with RO System

This Pure Water treatment with RO system is composed of per-filter of sand filter,active carbon filter,ion -exchanger and reverse osmosis

system and ozone generator.

It is applied for the prodution of pure water, mineral water, beverage product water and process water, high quality, easy operation and


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Q:Edi Ultra Pure Water Equipment System Benefits
⒊ reduce the installation requirements: EDI system and considerable treatment of water compared to the mixed bed, there is a smaller volume, it uses modular structure, can be based on the height of the site and scent of flexible structure.
Q:The filter material is preconcentrated
(2) centrifugal sedimentation method: the use of hydrocyclone to achieve.
Q:What are the processes?
The system uses a combination of air and water flushing, backwash air provided by the fan, backwash water provided directly from the tap water.
Q:What is the difference between soft canned sterilization equipment and general equipment?
Glass bottles and tinplate canned products should be used after the sterilization process to ensure the shelf life,
Q:How to choose the best water treatment equipment
And some customers are required to use what process, that is to say to the water to which a precision.
Q:Filter equipment what is
Multi-media filter, also known as mechanical impurity filter, is one of the main equipment for water quality pretreatment.
Q:Public water treatment system
Main use: daily water treatment works, swimming pool filtration and disinfection project, aquaculture ornamental fish water, water-saving irrigation, desert brackish water desalination system, desalination system, electroplating wastewater treatment metal recycling, domestic sewage treatment and reuse, product cleaning water recovery
Q:What is the sealing machine?
it is necessary to seal the packaging container in order to keep the product sealed
Q:What is reverse osmosis equipment?
and then out of the concentrated water effluent, so as to achieve separation and purification purpose.
Q:Oral liquid sterilization equipment
As the heat and heat sterilization heat conduction is from outside to inside, in order to achieve this goal, you need a long time heating time, including the material for a long time heating process, the whole sterilization cycle generally takes 1 ~ 1.5 h to complete,

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