one thousand litres Pure Water Produce Line with RO System

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One thousand litres Pure Water Produce Line with RO System

This Pure Water treatment with RO system is composed of per-filter of sand filter,active carbon filter,ion -exchanger and reverse osmosis

system and ozone generator.

It is applied for the prodution of pure water, mineral water, beverage product water and process water, high quality, easy operation and


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Q:Filter equipment what is
Filtration equipment is a variety of filtration facilities commonly known as refers to the use of filtering machinery or equipment, common in industrial production.
Q:Three - in - one filling machine process
The bottle holder is equipped with a bottle holder, and the bottle holder clamps the bottle to turn 180 ° along a guide to make the bottle down.
Q:What is a tubular filter?
4. Easy to operate, large processing capacity, low investment costs
Q:What is the pneumatic vertical sealing machine?
The machine structure is reasonable, stable quality, reliable performance, you can manually operate and pedal electric, simple and convenient, efficient and practical.
Q:Liquid filling machine no water how the matter
Our own home in the north of the machine can go to the problem is to find aftermarket
Q:Filling machine instructions
2, before driving must first shake the handle with the handle, to see whether there is a change in the shape of it, and indeed found that normal can drive.
Q:What is the power plant water treatment equipment?
Power plant water treatment equipment ultrapure water process
Q:The characteristics of the sterilization equipment
Microwave sterilization equipment is the use of microwave thermal effects and biological effects of the common role.
Q:What is reverse osmosis equipment?
and then out of the concentrated water effluent, so as to achieve separation and purification purpose.
Q:What is the use of capsule filling machine?
Applicable to powder, granular drugs and health care products of the capsule filling.

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