one thousand litres Pure Water Produce Line with RO System

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Product Description:

One thousand litres Pure Water Produce Line with RO System

This Pure Water treatment with RO system is composed of per-filter of sand filter,active carbon filter,ion -exchanger and reverse osmosis

system and ozone generator.

It is applied for the prodution of pure water, mineral water, beverage product water and process water, high quality, easy operation and


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Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of the rotary filling machine relative to the straight line?
In contrast, the linear compatibility will be better than the rotary type, linear adjustment filling mouth and the location of the bottle, while the rotary type will have to replace the bottle, a bottle star wheel.
Q:Vacuum filling machine equipment introduction
Vacuum filling machine (self-nesting type) works is to open the hand-operated valve and gas source connected.
Q:Sealing machine maintenance information
Sealing machine is a suitable for small businesses and home use of heat sealing equipment.
Q:Edi Ultra Pure Water Equipment System Benefits
⒊ reduce the installation requirements: EDI system and considerable treatment of water compared to the mixed bed, there is a smaller volume, it uses modular structure, can be based on the height of the site and scent of flexible structure.
Q:Fully automatic filling sealing machine is what
Mainly used for plastic cups, plastic boxes and plastic bottles of the filler, the corresponding material composite film sealing products production.
Q:Three - in - one filling machine process
In the specific area of the bottle, the bottle was sprayed with a bottle of water and a pure water filling machine was used to rinse the inner wall of the bottle.
Q:What is the tipping vacuum filter
At the same time washing, flexible operation, low maintenance costs, can be applied to the chemical industry,
Q:What are the precautionary measures of the harmful effects of water treatment equipment?
Hardness 1 degree is equivalent to 10 milligrams of calcium oxide per liter of water.
Q:What is the pneumatic vertical sealing machine?
The pneumatic vertical sealing machine adopts vertical sealing method, which improves the working efficiency of the operator and the flatness of the sealing, and can reduce the labor intensity when overweight items.
Q:Classification by working principle
4. Wide range of applications, can be used for coarse filter, filter or fine filter; to achieve the same filter effect in the case, compared with the frame fine filter, filter-type filters and other equipment with low investment costs, long life and filtration

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