XY Model Automatic Liquid Packer Machine Sachets Filling Machine

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Product Description:

  This packer has passed the provincial appraisal and expertise, all the performance indexes reach the Chinese advanced level of similar products and won the gold prize for Patent Invention. In 1995, it passed the test of the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and was rated as standard。This series has been long-tested and its performance enjoys a very high reputation .Up to now, we have owned more than 10000 users in china, they all reflect that this series is simple in operation and runs smoothly with low failure rate. The percentage of certified products is greater than 99%.

Main uses:
      It is widely used for various kinds of liquid packing. such as: milk, soyamilk, peanut milk, juice, drinks, ice bag drinks, soysauce, vinegar, yellow rice wine and beancurd, and etc. Use single-layer PE film or two-layer or three-layer co-extrusion film as packing materials.

Main Technical Performance:

Film Developed Width(mm)

 320  or     240

Packing capacity(ml)

200-500 or  70-350

Production Efficiency

1500 or 2000bags/h

Application Voltage

380v or 220v

Horse power


Machine Weight

about 650kg

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Q:The structure of the sealing machine
So that the film heat and soft, and then through the cooling zone, so that the film surface temperature decreased properly, and then through the knurling wheel (or printing wheel) rolling, so that the sealing part of the upper and lower plastic film adhesion and press out the mesh pattern (or printed mark
Q:Filling machine out of a two out of six what six mean
Filling machine does not have this argument, filling machine is generally said how many heads,
Q:Self-cleaning water filter is what
It is particularly important how to control it from the source through effective means to ensure that the system is well run and to reduce subsequent losses.
Q:Intermittent pressurized filter
Working pressure: 0.3-0.8Mpa, up to 3.5 Mpa, suitable for solid and liquid density difference is small and difficult to settle the separation, or solid content is high and require clarification of the liquid, or solid solution recovery rate,
Q:What are the processes?
System wastewater (high efficiency automatic gradient density fiber filter backwashing wastewater) into the sewage treatment system.
Q:What is the electronic water treatment device?
similar in the domestic products on the basis of Bocaizhongzhang, continuous improvement, t
Q:What is a tubular filter?
5. With compressed air or "gas water" recoil slag regeneration, but also chemical regeneration, filter long life
Q:Where is the application area?
Microelectronics products with high purity water, semiconductors, CRT with high purity water, computer circuit boards and other integrated circuit water, solar cells, dry battery water.
Q:What is the water treatment equipment?
the general equipment of the shell are made of metal materials, scale and metal materials, the oscillation frequency is different
Q:What is the mechanism of asymmetric fiber filter structure
Solid and fiber bundle adhesion is much greater than the adhesion with quartz sand, is conducive to improving the filtration rate and filtration accuracy.

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