Automatic Wrap around Packers

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Product Description:

Product Description:

1.Composed of:

1.1 Infeed conveyor 1.2 Cardboard feeding 1.3 Bottle separating 1.4 Main frame 1.5 Cardboard feeding 1.6 Bottle pushing 1.7 Carton folding conveyor 1.8 Up and down clamping

2.Working principle: Containers are conveyed to the bottle separation section, the bottle separating system separate bottles into scheduled packing collocation, cardboards are distributed to the climbing section then to synchronous conveying section, cardboard and products are conveyed to glue spraying section, when products pass through they will be wrapped and glued, after that the carton is clamped tightly, which makes the carton glued.

3.Performance parameter:

3.1 Capacity: 45PPM 3.2 Packing type: wrap around 3.3 Applicable bottle:

(1) Glass, PET bottle and can etc. diameter ranges: Ø50~110mm

(2) Bottle height: H70~360mm 3.4 Carton size (1) L200~530mm (2) W200~350mm (3) H70~360mm 3.5 Cardboard specification:(1)Material:corrugated paper (2)Thickness:3mm (3)External covering pressure:150~200 g/m2

(4)Internal covering pressure:150~200 g/m2

(5)Central covering pressure:150~180 g/m2 3.6 Bottle separating type: servo motor

4.Other parameter:

4.1 Machine size: a.Infeed conveyor: L3430mm,mat top chain width: 508mm ` b.Cardboard magazine: L2710mm,mat top chain width: 996mm

4.2 Total power:23.1 Kw

4.3 Control power:24V DC

4.4 Compressed air (a) Pressure:0.6MPa (b)Air consumption:100L/Min

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Q:Application purpose and value
From the source to implement control, can maximize the system to ensure good operation, reduce losses.
Q:Fully automatic filling sealing machine is what
Mainly used for plastic cups, plastic boxes and plastic bottles of the filler, the corresponding material composite film sealing products production.
Q:Filling machine instructions
5, the machine must be kept clean, the machine is strictly prohibited oil, liquid or glass debris, so as to avoid damage to the machine, it must:
Q:Classification of filling equipment for filling equipment
Filling equipment according to many different aspects of filling different products, solid, liquid, gas, powder, paste and so on different states, filling machine is different, filling machine filling the way under the liquid filling, liquid
Q:Fully automatic filling the type of sealing machine
② thread sealing machine: This sealing machine finished with aluminum cover, no thread in advance, is rolling with aluminum roller cover, so that the cover and the bottle thread shape exactly the same thread, the container sealed.
Q:Desktop automatic aluminum foil sealing machine is what
suitable for large Mass production, beautiful appearance generou
Q:Filtering equipment is sorted by media type
So that the pollution of the air is clean to the production, life needs of the state, that is, to achieve a certain degree of cleanliness of the air.
Q:Sealing machine is not sealed
Seal the edge of the film every 10 centimeters have a small black box, that is identified signs, and then when the sealing machine power when there will be a small bayonet will be lit, you put the seal on the black box
Q:What is the role of filter
RO membrane of the role of membrane: the use of reverse osmosis principle, under pressure driven by the choice of semi-permeable membrane retention effect, the solution of solute and solvent separation, the raw water of metal ions, bacteria, viruses, organic matter and other impurities removed,
Q:What is the flexible container seal?
Bags, filling constitute a joint machine, rarely independent use, due to different materials, the sealing device is not the same.

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