Auto Depalletizer For Beer

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Product Description:

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1. Main machine: 1.1 Main frame driven by chain and made of carbon steel, stable structure. Lifting fork welded wholely, firm structure. The use of wheel and rail combined with movement, horizontal adjustable. Wheel of INA brand, rail using 45# steel surface after heat treatment produced by high-frequency hardening. 1.2 Internal plates of lifting well made of stainless steel, controlled by cylinder, which can satisfy two different pallet sizes. 1.3 There is a pallet probe device of the bottle gripper for irregular pallet to make the whole pallet bottle lift to a correct height. 1.4 Suckers are installed on the bottle gripper, they are sucking the chipboard when the bottle gripper is moving the bottles, which saves the time of depalletizing. Sucker and vacuum generator using FESTO brand, long life, precise control of ventilation of solenoid valve, reducing air consumption. 1.5 Chipboard conveying and chipboard collecting magazine are fixed together, using driving lever to block the chipboard into the chipboard collecting magazine. With a function of chipboard collecting and arranging. The upper baffle plate can prevent the chipboard falling vertically.

2 Pallet conveyor Chain conveyor has a length of 1600mm standard pallet conveyor, 2400mm unbinding platform and pallet turning. • Pallet conveyor adopts double chains, smooth transmission, no slipping, easy maintenance. • Height adjustable, smooth transition. • Spacing device protects pallet against forklift colliding. • Guide rail adjustable, easy adjustment when changing another pallet. • Pallet stacker width adjustable, can satisfy a maximum width of 1200mm.

3 Bottle discharging conveyor The conveyor is made of stainless steel chain. Side plate made of stainless steel, the sprocket goes fifty-fifty and easy to change.

4 Operating platform The column uses 100mmx100mmx5mm square tubes, beams and ribs using 12# U steel, surface hot-dip zinc treatment and grid anti-slip structure.

5 Pallet stacker,maximum width adjustable to 1200mm,which can stack and dispense pallet. 6 Unbinding platform Pedals of unbinding platform made of galvanized plate.

7 Forklift protection Forklift protection is used to protect the pallet chain conveyor against forklift colliding and prevent the pallet slanting. Technical specifications: 1 Capacity:21000BPH

2 Applicable bottle:glass bottle, metal can and PET bottle etc.

(1) Bottle diameter Ø50~110mm (2) Bottle height H70~360mm

3 Dimensions:3700*2416*4345(L*W*H) Pallet size:1200x1000x150(L*W*H)and other normal size

4 Power supply:3P AC 380V±5%;50Hz Control voltage: 24V.DC

5 Compressed air: Working pressure 0.4―0.6MpaAir consumption 330~550L/min

6 Weight: 6T

7 Total power:24KW

8 Noise: <85dB

9 Operator: 2 persons

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Q:Intermittent pressurized filter
Cake with low moisture content of the occasion, filter press filter, the filter rate is high, the unit filtration area covers an area of small, strong adaptability to the material, filter area selection range is wide, the application is very wide.
Q:Filter equipment what is
Filtration equipment (Filtration equipment) refers to the machinery used to filter or equipment, is a common industrial production equipment.
Q:Classification by working principle
2. High filtration accuracy, suitable for any fine particles or suspended solids, filtration range from 1 to 800 microns.
Q:Sealing operation procedure (panel operating instructions)
When the hot plate reaches the predetermined temperature, the red thermostat indicator light (sealing machine at work, the heating device in the heating and insulation state constantly alternating, so the green and red lights are constantly alternating display, this is a normal phenomenon).
Q:What do the filling crew do?
1, operation filling machine normal production, cleaning, running.
Q:I would like to know the structure and principle of the filling machine
The material sent from the previous process is placed in the tank through the solenoid valve. When the appropriate liquid level is reached, the signal is sent by the liquid level sensor, and the solenoid valve is closed to stop the feed. When the material surface drops to a certain position
Q:The working principle of Edi ultrapure water equipment
Membrane.) The transition from the cation to the negative electrode through the yang film is removed by the film in the thick chamber. The anions of the water migrate to the positive film in the positive direction, and are retained by the sun film in the thick chamber, so that the number of ions in the water
Q:How to achieve heat sealing
Can effectively improve the overall barrier properties of packaging.
Q:The water filtration system of the bottle washing machine
4.2 process parameters: the first level for the pre-filter, pore size 4.5um (filter: 5);
Q:Sealing machine can be wide and wide
. When the switch K is closed, the AC power is reduced by R1 and R2, and the diode D1 is rectified.

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