Big powerul cyclonic style vacuum cleaner#C4201

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20000 unit/month

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Product Description:

Model: C4201



Cord length 5m

Dust capacity 3.0L

Speed control on body

Automatic cord rewinder



Product size:420 x 250 x 260mm

Carton Size:460 x 320 x 330mm


Load quantity:630/1280/1440pcs




Vacuum (Kpa):18-23




Permanent bagless design with translucent dust compartment

Multiple cyclonic design

Stand holder for tube

Handle airflow control,crush-proof hose,2 position brush and integrated accessories

multiple filtration system

360 degree hose swivel

Remote control(optional)

Additional Info.

Trademark:OEM, ODM

Packing:Gift Box / Export Cartons

Standard:CE, GS, EMF, EMC


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Q:Why are cats generally terrified of Vacuum Cleaners?
Our cats hate them too. I think its due to the fact that there louder the showering machines and dishwashers. Motor bikes are loud however they're kept out part or in a storage now not within. I also think there petrified of them on the grounds that you progress them about and they might think you you are going to hit them with it or suck them up (lol) or anything. No need to fear if your that concerned about it put them in an extra room or put them out part. All cats are the equal!! Our cats hate them our white cat runs and stays on the window sill and the other stays on the couch!!
Q:What is the best vacuum cleaner in the $100-$150 range for thick carpet and pets?
This Site Might Help You. RE: What is the best vacuum cleaner in the $100-$150 range for thick carpet and pets? I have gone through three vacuum cleaners in the last 6 months because I vacuum all the time(3 children and one dog). I really want a vacuum that sucks up the dirt well as well as pet hair and can clean the stairs well.
Q:Are all Shark vacuum cleaners really loud?
I had a shark one and got rid of it primarily for the noise. They use such a small motor with alot of rpms which is why they are so loud. Plus it stopped sucking very well after a short period of time. I have a Hoover wind tunnel now which is pretty quiet. It is a generic version of the Dyson. Got it at Walmart for $ 110.00.
Q:How hard is it to replace a power cord to a Kenmore vacuum?
Q:Dust problem for conure?
You will be fine. If you are worried about your little buddy next time you clean, put him in a different room. I have a cat carrier that I put my parrot in if I need to keep her in a different room for a bit. As for the other guy's joke about the vaccume....I actually have a friend whose boyfriend did vaccume up her parrotlet, fortunately it was a shopvac not a vaccume with a bag, and the bird was ok!
Q:Any advice on the dirtdevil featherlite bagless vacuum?
its light weight and is esasy to move around. the bad thing is that it fills up right me
Q:Are you afraid of vacuum cleaners?
No. But I still don't keep one in my house.
Q:Vacuum Cleaner - which is best? Volta or Kambrook?
I work at a vac store and I've never heard of either brand. Its hard for me to say for sure not being familiar with the companys or products.(USA) My best advice is to call their customer service lines and see who is the most willing to help you. A compnay that produces a good product will have good customer support to stand behind it. Make up a problem and see how eager they are to solve it. e.g. you are having trouble putting it together. Pick the one that takes care of you the best. You can also look to see where the machine is manufactured. Stay away from chinese, and korean. Look to see if the parts that are going to take abuse(brushroller, bottom plate, tools, wheels) are made out of durable material(ABS plastic or metal). Last you can call local vac shops, try a few different ones, tell them you were interested in purchasing those vacs and you wanted to know if they sold them and what their opinion was on them.
Q:Should I dole out $400 for a vacuum cleaner.?
I personally don't have a cool vacuum because I simply cannot afford one, but I do have a husky (a notoriously hairy breed) and talk to other husky people, and they SWEAR by Dyson. From what I have heard, though, is that it is not that worth it to get the model specifically for pets, that one of the regular models should suffice. They have some cheaper models available at Target now, so check them out there.
Q:Do people know that dyson vacuum cleaners are ****?
While I've only heard good things from people who have bought DYSONS- I believe that proper maintance is really key... I have an older vacuum a HOOVER-SAVVY which I LOVE.. I've had it for just over 5 yrs. and it works very well. In fact when it came out it was rated as good as, or better than a DYSON and it cost 1/2 as much... I also since the vacuum was a gift I purchased the extended warranty which has been a great purchase and still was cheaper than a DYSON.. The warranty covered pretty much everything except filters.... So, I would take my vacuum in- 2x a year for it's annual clean check ( I would call under warranty and tell them it wasn't working properly) and basically come home with a new vacuum... I believe that anything you buy and use regularly and I vacuum almost everyday needs upkeep and maintanace... So, to anyone that buys a DYSON and finds it to be sub-par I would send it back under warranty and keep sending it back until the problem is fixed or they send you a new one... I have a set of CALPHALON non-stick commercial grade pans... I got them for a wedding present ($200.00)... They have a 10 yr. warranty. I send them back every couple of years and get a BRAND-'NEW set. No questions asked... After the 10 yrs. are up I'll probably just buy some other pans... I don't like them... However, if I can get brand new pans every yr. then why not? Read and use the warranty... good luck

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