Barium sulfate precipitated used for Paint

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Product Description:

Name of Product: Barium sulfate precipitated
Molecular formula: BaSO4
CAS No.: 7727-43-7
H.S. Code: 2833270000
Appearance: White powder
Use: widely used as filled object for paint, printing ink, rubber, plastic and insulating tape. Also used in industries of palette, china, storage battery, porcelain enamel, glass and spice etc.
Packing: 25KG woven bag with plastic lining, or according to customer’s request


High-class product

First-class product

BaSO4content ≥



Moisture %≤



Water soluble %≤



Fe %≤



Whiteness %≥



Oil absorption g/100g






Fineness (45um test mesh residue) %≤



Particle size analysis

Less than 10um%≥



Less than 5um%≥



Less than 2um%≥



Name of product: Natural Barium Sulfate/Barytes powder
Character: high whiteness and barium content
H.S. Code: 2511100000
Use: Widely used in chemical, paint, rubber, glass, paper, medicine, and other fields, barite extraction of barium raw, ground into a fine powder can be used for drilling mud weighting agent, also as fillers for white pigments, coatings, rubber industry and  paper industry etc.
Packing: 25KG woven bag with plastic lining, or according to customer’s request


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Quality paint is nice.. but you also need quality labor. There are 'painters' who can make a Mona Lisa out of spray cans and others who can take the best paint in the world and turn it into junk. That said..lets ignore the cost of body work and fancy detail work like striping or extra colors since you did not mention that... A decent and good paint job should be at least three coats of color and two coats of clear.. each rubbed out before the next and dried hard before taking them outside. With those basics it should cost you between $800 to $1000 depending upon where you are (the cost of living factors in a lot and the same paint job in San Francisco or New York will cost you more then somewhere in the middle of Kansas) .
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