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Do the ceiling is good or good with gypsum board good
1, gypsum board composition materials Gypsum board as the name suggests is gypsum as the main material, but also joined the fiber, adhesive, modifier, after mixing press, dry from. 2, gypsum board performance Gypsum board with fire, noise, heat, light, high strength, low shrinkage and other characteristics, the general use to the finishes, such as partitions, partitions, ceiling, veneer, etc., but not for wet environments, Sex is poor.
how do I lay cement board on a concrete floor with out screws?
look for a web site for the product your buying or ask for an installation sheet at the store. It will tell you what you can use and how to do it.. Type of glue etc. you don't want it to pop up and leave a springy section in the floor that bounces when walked on. I would think if you glued it down you would have to weight it down overnight.
I plan on installing about 400 square feet of ceramic tile in a kitchen. I wanted to know if I need to put down a cement backer board before laying the tile?If so, how do I determine if I should use 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch?Finally, what is the preferred method of securing it to the subfloor? Is is it glued somehow or nailed to the floor joists (I suspect nailed, but I've never used it before).The subfloor is plywood and seems secure. I am not sure how thick the plywood is yet (haven't gone to the basement and looked for any stamps on it). I've done ceramic tile before, but it has always been a small area with mosaic tile, so I never put much thought into the backer board.Thanks
Advantages of using backerboard instead of wood is its ability to withstand moisture, steam, and other types of wetness common to rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms where ceramic tile is usually installed. The cement backer board can be screwed or nailed to the wood framing. Always follow the instructions printed by the manufacturer. I use hot-dipped ring-shanked nails if I am nailing. Corrosion-resistant screws can also be used
do i have to use cement board under tile on a shower wall?
Cement board, Denshield, or Hardibacker board , all with a vapor barrier behind it is the best and longest lasting products to use. DO NOT use green sheet rock, especially if its a straight stand up shower. IT WILL NOT LAST.. In a tub/shower, I ve found that the average green board lasts about 7 years at best in a well used shower. There is also a product called Detra that can be used in a shower but I personally have never used it. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there. GL
how do those karate guys break cement and wood pieces by jsut like one hit, why doesnt it hurtthem or break there hands and feet?dont gimme a BS answer,im lookin for an actual reasonable explanation
Not to sound rude, but with proper technique... you hit them really hard... i have broke my middle knuckle on my right hand 5 or 6 times from punching 3 or 4 boards... 1 brick is about the equivilant of 2 boards... spacers (pencils used to seperate multible boards) make it very easy to break and obsurd amount of either... some people don't use them, but most do to put on a better show for the unknowing general public.... there is no short secret, no mystical power you train and you get better... and you break more bricks or boards with a variety of techniques.... it's really high up there on the cool factor, but also may give someone a false since of security if they have never tried to hit someone (or been hit) with that kind of power.... in actual live sparring...
the cement board is made of cement-bonded paper sludge
I'm not sure but, I know under direct heat concrete tends to explode.
Can v board be glued directly on the wall?
Saw board, the UV decorative panels according to the actual requirements of a block into a block.
Anyone that can supply UAE - Middle East, preferrably from the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
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