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would like to add an assitional zone to my basement
Boilers are designed to turn water into steam. The steam is then routed through insulated pipes to the radiators in the rooms of the house. Radiators are just the opposite of insulated, they are designed to radiate the heat out into the room as quickly as possible to heat it. The steam turns back into water as it gives up it's energy and returns to the boiler via the return line. If you are going to add another radiator to your system you need to ask a few questions. 1. Will your boiler handle the increased load? If it wont, then your whole house will suffer. 2. You must have a supply (Steam) line run to the new space as well as a return (water) line. Good Luck Pal 8-) Ummm not sure what Morris is talking about........ A Hot water system Has a Hot water Tank. A System with a Boiler boils the water into steam.
boiler will shut off, and the low water shutoff light will come on. so, not sure what is the problem? because after breathing the water system from air, the boiler will work just fine, but after 2days later, same problem will occur again, and I will have to go thru the same process by breathing the system in order for it to work. this happened more than 5 times in last 2 weeks, pls help.I have 2 zones, I'm using programable thermostat in one side, and regular one on the other side.
if you have a pressurised system, and after bleeding the radiators you have to re-pressurize, you have air ingress. this could come from a small water leak somewhere in the boiler or pipework. if your system is filled via a header tank and the pump is away from the boiler, turn the pump speed down to reduce surging. hope this helps.
I have a generator rated 3000w/3500w surge was told that it would run my gas boiler OR TV fridge but not all. Is that right?
It should be able to feed all these appliances comfortably. Not one of these devices needs even 500 watts each. The fridge and boiler will each have a pump motor but not a very powerful one. If in doubt have a look at the information plate on each appliance and add all the wattages together. I'm betting they total less than 1000. But you need a safety device so that the mains and the generator can never be connected together, or else there will be an almighty bang. This will be a legal requirement and you'd be well advised to get a professional to wire it all up.
It is a 3/4 inch valve, and on the tag it has (NO. M335) and the BTU's are 510,000. The new valve has, model M 3/4 inch 374A ,,,, for SET it is 30 PSIG,,, and for BTU's it has 550,000. Is it ok to replace the old leaky valve with this one. When I replace this valve which of the water lines should I turn off. Please help and Thank You.
==== you should be able to shut off the water that is flowing into the boiler [[[ at the boiler -- if there is no shut-off then you will want to consider that addition for safety]]]... then you can remove the Pr Relief Valve .... go to the hardware giant
I have a Gloworm boiler and I have got a plumber to look at it he said the heat exchanger needs replacing. Also the diverter valve. If the heater exchanger was not working would I still be able to get the heating to work?
If this is a boiler (Not a forced-air furnace), then the heat-exchanger is either good or it is bad. If it is leaking and cannot be easily repaired, it is bad. If it is not leaking and you are getting proper heat, it is good. Similarly with hot water. It is just possible that the heat exchanger has become clogged with scale or debris - this would be highly unusual. The diverter valve is another story. They fail fairly commonly. But this taken with the suggestion on the heat-exchanger makes me think he might be fishing. Get a second opinion, for sure.
am i doing any damage pressing restart. guarantee just run out. any information would be greatly welcomed. just had it flushed,but no luck.
Impossible to say. Get British Gas to do a one off repair they will give a fixed quote over the phone. Then think seriously about having a maintenance contract with them. They actually install Worcester Bosch boilers, so know them backwards. Also, apart from the gas safety aspect, you will be glad of the cover when it fails in mid winter!
How does water get into a boiler if the pressure inside is greater than the water supply pressure?
Hi Jon, you need a high pressure pump as a boiler feed pump.
There is an overflow pipe (I'm assuming - its a small pipe that goes through the wall from the combi boiler and into the yard) it used to just drip occasionally however it's now pouring with water. Whenever the heating is put on the water is gushing out of the pipe like a tap. Has anybody got any ideas what this is. Thanks.
It sounds as though your overflow valve on the boiler is partially open from rust or scale. Look at the pipe that goes through the wall only look at it at the boiler. There should be a small valve with a small lever that you can lift to allow it to blow full blast. Do this for 5 to 10 seconds and shutoff. the problem should be fixed or the valve is faulty. Hope this helps you and good luck. Richard.