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I used 7lbs of D.E. to battle bed bugs as a post treatment because other tenants have . I've been vacuuming and vacuuming my room to figure out the best way to clean. I'm worried that the powder would turn into mud but testing out the powder in the bowl, I figured that if I change the water depending how many rooms i go through (I have three rooms) i should be okay to avoid clogging or anything. The powder is powder sugar fine and don't build up or stay patted when you do. It's soft and moist to the touch.Do you think with that I can have my carpet cleaned that way? My sister is getting annoyed by all of the powder I've used. lol
With proper care and maintenance, the Rug Doctor Pro is designed to last a lifetime. The outside covering of the machine is made of a durable thick plastic that can withstand hits and bumps without cracking. The Rug Doctor Pro machines are similar in construction to the Rug Doctor rental machines which stay in circulation for over ten years before retirement and are rented, transported and used several times a week.
what should i use for a rug for basement, it gets wet maybe once a yea from rain floods,
An indoor/outdoor would work or how about an area rug with tile around the edges. I don't know how much water you get but an area rug wouldn't have the padding that takes so long to dry. Good luck!
The hotel chain is some ground floor, how carpeted? I thought whether joining the chain hotel.
PVC floor and tile contrast:1. different components and production process: the ceramic tile, with refractory metal oxidea metal oxide, through grinding, mixing, pressing, sintering process, glaze, and the formation of building materials or decoration of the corrosion resistance of ceramic or stone, known as the porcelain brick. The raw material from a mixture of clay, quartz sand and so on.2., performance and maintenance are different: tile is not slippery and cold texture, maintenance is also troublesome, very easy to dirty.3., there are differences in installation: tile is heavy, relatively difficult installation, and installation is difficult to move away, can not be reused. The PVC floor light texture, installation is very simple, in the original ground can be directly paved without compression space, so in the old building transformation is very suitable.
My vacuum cleaner picks up large amounts of powder every time I vacuum. The powder color is light grey and I am worried it may cause health issues for my family.I had the carpet professionally cleaned twice, but the powder is still there.What could it be? Should I have it lab tested? Please help!!
its just dust. That's why carpet isnt good to have in closed places or just generally in your house. It holds in lots of dust and pet hair and other stuff in the air that settles. Its most likely nothing toxic but it can have negative effects on health in the long run like shortness of breath. best up some money and remove the carpet and put tiles or hardwood flooring (easier to maintain too) Or you could vacuum like twice a week (at least).
Water was spilled on his rug a few days ago and now the smell of skunk where the water was spilled is becoming overwhelming. Tried scrubbing it with soap but once it dried the smell came back. And there absolutely was no skunk in the house. No animals in the house either. Wondering if my daughter peed on that spot ( she pulls her diaper off sometimes). Please suggest something to get rid of the smell I can't afford the steam cleaner right now but I have a wet/dry shop vac.10 points for best answer thanks in advance for your help
Your are gonna need to google this to prove i'm right because it sounds crazy. Tomato juice takes out that horrid urine/skunk stink. A skunk sprayed the front of my door once it was horrible. Its important to know if its carpet or a removable rug. Either way the liquid that made the stinky spot undoubtedly soaked through to the floor. Pour some canned tomato juice around then onto the spot before you go to bed let it sit over night. The next day vacuum it up with your wet/dry vac scrub it with plain old dish soap water. Then vacuum that up to remove the tomato stain. I HATE FABREEZE. It does NOT clean. It is only a fabric perfume that temporarily covers odors. When the perfume goes away the smell leaks through the dirty area again. If you do NOT want to use tomato boil two cups of water have you shop vac ready por the boiling water on the carpet vacuum it up at almost the same time. Repeat. the boiling water will kill any live bacteria sanitize the area. Which ever method you choose put a dry towel on the spot after you vacuum it walk on the towel you might need to fold the towel use tow or three of them to get it dry.
anywhere to find cheaper rugs?
I think you might be surprised but one of the best places to find cheaper rugs would be OKorder. You could search through by size and key words (and price). Just make sure that the company offers free shipping and a return policy. Also - make sure to check out the company's reviews - just to make sure that they are legit and always use a credit carpet (Amex would be best) when buying online. Hope I was able to help :) Omri
What's the difference between a carpet and a rug?
According to the use of carpet pattern can be divided into rugs and covered with a blanket, blanket pattern is mainly used for indoor decoration and a specific location such as bedding, craft hall carpet, tapestry, coffee table, blanket, blanket, the general cost is relatively high, for local decorative.
Hair Dye was spilled on the carpet a couple of months ago we tried a couple of things ,even the carpet cleaners could not get it out, any suggestions ?
Go to a beauty supply store, like Sally's. They have a product that takes hair color off of things (can't think of the exact name right now, but they will know what it is.), it's cheap, and used to take color off of skin or clothes when color gets there. Try that. Try putting some of the solution on a towel and dab it onto the carpet.