Polyester Material And Filament,DTY FDY POY Yarn Type polyester yarn

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Product Description of FDY Yarn



100% polyester


FDY (Fully Drawn Yarn),  semidull


Multifilament Yarn, Continuous Filament


White and Black


Eco-Friendly, High Strength,


Knitting, Weaving, Sewing, Embroidery


11-167dtex, 12-144F




Low melting polyester will be melted at 110/180 degree Celsius and be endowed with adhesive property. 

Use low melting polyester is harmless, and enhances the strength of the fabric.

The fabric made with low melting polyester yarn is with high strength, washable, stiff and smooth, easy care.

Low melting polyester yarn owns good adhesiveness and stability, adhesive quickly.

The processing is simple, low energy consumption, nonhazardous, no pollution, Eco-friendly.


Production Facilities of FDY Yarn


We have the most advanced production system DSC. The whole production process is conducted and supervised by the operating platform. Meanwhile, there are 10 TMT fully automatic winding machine and Robot packaging system which highly improves the production efficiency and avoids manual mistakes.


Application and suggestion:


1. The adhesive of two layers of sports shoe Upper material  —FDY 50D/75D

2. Soft curtain, Zebra curtain, Roman curtain—FDY 75D/150D

3. Vertical blinds—FDY 250D

4. Filter net for air condition—FDY 30D/50D/75D/150D

5. Electromagnetic wire: PET-Glass fiber blended fiber—FDY 50D/75D

6. Garment lining cloth for suit, tie, hat, etc. —FDY 150D/50D/420D

7. Warp knitting fabric such as: Stiff mesh fabric, medical/food filter net, inner car decoration.

8. Top-grade eco-friendly filter material

9. Other applications: protective gloves, dust gauze, top-grade window screen, invisible screen, etc.


Regular Specifications

Polyester Material And Filament,DTY FDY POY Yarn Type polyester yarn

Polyester Material And Filament,DTY FDY POY Yarn Type polyester yarn

Q:Textile spinning mill management system
The same for the financial, the need to be able to generate reports from time to time to understand the day, month, quarter, year of the report statistics, and for sales need to be able to grasp the customer's information and inventory, and further sales, production, procurement, etc. And so on a series of work processes.
Q:What does JC40S cotton yarn mean?
(2) combed yarn: cotton fiber is combed spinning system spinning yarn. Combine yarn selection of high quality raw materials, the use of cotton yarn, Yarn in the fiber straight parallel, less knot, good gloss, dry strips, high strength, this type of cotton yarn used for weaving high-grade fabric.
Q:Cotton yarn from the process and use is how to divide
Knitting yarn requires yarn twist small, even dry, to ensure that the knitted sweater of the villi thick, good elasticity, warm and strong. Woven yarn requirements of light, weft knot less, even dry.
Q:How much does it cost to do a small cotton textile mill?
Also open a small spinning mill very tired, to know how the current workers are not obedient. Small factories, then generally have to sell intermediaries, one to own sales, two words will have the initiative to contact you.
Q:What is Artex and Artex Products?
According to statistics, Japan, the United States, Germany, Canada and so are the generous consumption of yarn products, but also China's exports of major markets
Q:What is the yarn?
1, the choice of neutral detergent for cleaning; 2, to avoid vigorously rubbing lead to clothing deformation or material damage;
Q:Forming Principle of Yarn of Textile Industry
Steel ladder in the older models is completed by iron cannon, that is, a designed iron arc to guide the steel lift, a bit similar to the cam mechanism. But now some new models, such as 1502, there are special molding agencies, I think it should be computer control, and is a separate variable frequency motor drag
Q:What is the process of towel in the textile?
Determine the yarn count, warp and weft density, the number of warp yarns and weft yarns (especially yarn-dyed), with a number of pieces, wearing a reed method, jacquard to determine the installation of wear method (in layman's terms, , Wear, mix wear method), reed width, shaft width, yarn consumption, hair times, under the specifications and weight, and so on
Q:What are the types of textile yarns?
(Polyester) Polypropylene (PP) Polyethylene (PE) Polyester (Polyester) Polyester (PPL) Polyethylene (PE)
Q:How good is the textile economy?
Unhealed tension of the yarn: As the distance between the cheese and the creel, the yarn is unwound due to the self-weight of the yarn and the friction force of the yarn when it is unwound. The high-speed operation produces the centrifugal force, The unwinding tension of the yarn.

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