100% Viscose Yarn for Knitting and Weaving

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3 MT m.t.
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100MT/Month m.t./month

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Specification Of 100% Viscose Yarn For Knitting And Weaving From China


1 Yarn Count: NE30-NE50

2 Color: raw white 

3 Material: 100% Viscose 

4 Technics : Spin 

5 Yarn Type: Spun

6 Package: usually pp bags packing , 25kgs per bag , 320 bags / one 20' container (8tons)


Features Of 100% Viscose Yarn For Knitting And Weaving From China


1 Well strength for knitting and weaving

2 Below 330 for knitting , above 380 for weaving


Application Of 100% Viscose Yarn For Knitting And Weaving From China


Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Pilling, Eco-Friendly, Moisture-Absorbent


Usage Of 100% Viscose Yarn For Knitting And Weaving From China


Sewing, Knitting, Hand Knitting, Weaving


Pictures Of 100% Viscose Yarn For Knitting And Weaving From China


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Q:How good is the textile economy?
Unhealed tension of the yarn: As the distance between the cheese and the creel, the yarn is unwound due to the self-weight of the yarn and the friction force of the yarn when it is unwound. The high-speed operation produces the centrifugal force, The unwinding tension of the yarn.
Q:On the number of textile yarns
Simply said that the length of the unit weight, the longer the length will be fine, so the greater the number of yarn the more thin!
Q:How to choose the twist of the roving?
Roving twist factor is too small, easy to produce accidental drawing, increase the broken, so that the product is not uniform.Therefore, the roving twist coefficient is the same as the drafting factor, roller pressure, roller gauge, etc. The roving twist factor is mainly based on The length of the fiber, the spinning varieties, the thickness of the roving, the post-spinning process and the temperature and humidity factors to choose to control:
Q:Textile class 21 yarn, 32 shares of what is the meaning of goods ah
The finer the yarn, the larger the number, the thinner the fabric. In addition there is the difference between single yarn and yarn, single yarn refers to a single yarn, strands refers to the single yarn twisted by the synthesis of the strands
Q:What is the process of towel in the textile?
Electronic jacquard machine without the need to design a good program, including the flower and auxiliary needle control, dobby machine to design the program, if it is the most original machine to design a spike and shuttle steel plate, Organize the design of the pattern of the organization.
Q:Textile exports to South Korea need to do what certification, pure cotton yarn
Personal words would like to export through the import and export rights of the company must export agents, enterprises, if the export can be handled if the export qualification. Declaration can find the declaration line, reported to check the newspaper line (the general declaration line can be reported at the same time commodity inspection)
Q:Textile yarn 75d ppt memory silk how much money meal?
Memory is the shape of memory fibers. Fabric gloss soft and bright, anti-crepe shrinkage performance is good, there are wicking perspiration and anti-ultraviolet function
Q:How to reduce the cost of textile yarn dyeing?
3, water and electricity state control, you can not save 4, the equipment is the previous, and now do not expand the scale, for the time being
Q:What are the types of cotton yarns?
(2) according to the principle of spinning points: ① free spinning (such as air spinning, 赛 spinning) ② both ends of the holding of spinning (such as ring spinning, compact spinning) there is a more popular in recent years is the vortex Spinning, this textile technology is the use of air swing principle to improve.
Q:Textile spinning mill management system
The cube net table in this regard is done in place, both from the supplier, procurement, production, to sales, are able to provide timely data and synchronization, can make the various departments of the staff through the query can understand their own The information and circumstances required.
In recent years the company continue to grow stronger, now has 10 worsted imports, domestic production lines, domestic brand half worsted, worsted 5000 ingot, equipped with computer Mao Dou, synchronization and electronic yarn clearer and air splicing equipment, make product quality grade, more competitive

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