100% Polyester ATY

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1000 m²
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10000 m²/month
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100% Polyester



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170d±5 or customization




1.5%±0.5 or customization .

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:3.5kg~4kg/roll, 6 rolls/carton
Delivery Detail:Depending on the quantity of order


ATY - air textured filament for weaving 
Cotton-like yarn 
Good touching feeling 
High quality 
Competitive price

ATY - 100% Polyester air textured filament yarn

Product Description

Product Details
Material100% Polyester
TechnicsAir Textured Yarn
Yarn TypeFilament
LusterSemi-Dull Yarn, Full-Dull Yarn
Yarn Count90D~500D
PatternRAW White

Packaging & Shipping


Packing & Delivery
Packing3.5kg~4kg/roll, 6 rolls/carton
DeliveryDepending on the quantity of order

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Q:Is the price of oil and textile yarn?
I was doing the fabric, the relevant situation can be considered a certain study, the final result is related but not the most important factor.
Q:What is the yarn?
1, the choice of neutral detergent for cleaning; 2, to avoid vigorously rubbing lead to clothing deformation or material damage;
Q:How does textile twist yarn identify?
Different textile fibers, chemical composition is different, in the combustion process of course have different phenomena
Q:Textile spinning workshop car car summary and plan
Summary, is a time period of the situation to conduct a comprehensive and systematic overall evaluation, total analysis, analysis of results, lack of experience and so on. Summary is the application of a writing, is done on the rational thinking of the work done
Q:How to reduce the cost of textile yarn dyeing?
Suggested to find a way out of the product, do different things, do not and the general dyeing factory on the line of homogeneous competition, to make their own company's characteristics!
Q:In the textile fabric, mesh cloth and the difference between the Bali yarn is what
Have good ventilation and moderate ability to adjust. Compared with other banner fabric, mesh cloth permeability better, in the outdoor life cycle will be longer.
Q:40s / 2 What does it mean, is this yarn 40 or 80?
We love the veil is dedicated to do the cotton yarn, so I give you the answer is that 40 2 shares of yarn, the two lines are 40, that is, 20 per share
Q:How does the textile shake the knot?
2, the right hand will be the yarn frame on the twisted yarn head to find, put the right hand thumb food fingers pinch the yarn, the two yarn into a cross shape. 3, the right hand thumb fingers pinch the top of the hammer head, along the left hand around the thumb, and then pressure in the cheese under the yarn head.
Q:What are the types of cotton yarns?
According to the roughness habits: ① coarse yarn: 17 "special" (tex) and the following cotton yarn are coarse yarn. Mainly used for weaving thick or velvet, from the cotton fabric, such as coarse cloth, velvet, solid, etc .; ② in the yarn: 18-27 cotton yarn in the yarn, for weaving flat cloth, twill, satin and other general Woven fabric; ③ fine yarn: 28 and above cotton yarn, used for weaving fine cloth poplin, high-grade needle, woven fabric.
Q:Textile spinning mill management system
The same for the financial, the need to be able to generate reports from time to time to understand the day, month, quarter, year of the report statistics, and for sales need to be able to grasp the customer's information and inventory, and further sales, production, procurement, etc. And so on a series of work processes.

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