China Raw 100% Silk Yarn 60NM/2 - 240Nm/2

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Loading Port:
Shanghai Port,China
Payment Terms:
TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
300kg m.t.
Supply Capability:
50MT per month m.t./month

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Specification Of China Raw 100% Silk Yarn 60NM/2--240Nm/2


Model Number


Yarn Count



Different Colors


Feature Of China Raw 100% Silk Yarn 60NM/2--240Nm/2


Yarn Type





Melange Yarn


Ring Spun


Knitting, Weaving, Hand Knitting, Embroidery 


Eco-Friendly, Anti-Static, Anti-Pilling


Pictures Of China Raw 100% Silk Yarn 60NM/2--240Nm/2


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Q:Textile spinning mill management system
The same for the financial, the need to be able to generate reports from time to time to understand the day, month, quarter, year of the report statistics, and for sales need to be able to grasp the customer's information and inventory, and further sales, production, procurement, etc. And so on a series of work processes.
Q:Textile spinning workshop car car summary and plan
Work summary is to let the superior know what you have contributed to reflect the value of your work. So it should be written several points: 1, your position and work on the understanding of 2, specifically what you do
Q:Cotton yarn downstream enterprises have what kind of
In particular, combed yarn can be used to produce high quality textile products, such as high-grade T-shirt, fine poplin, cotton yarn can also produce special industrial electric wax cloth, tire cord fabric, high-speed sewing thread and embroidery line.
Q:From the yarn to the finished textile fabric production process
Is the famous American chemist Carothers and his research team invented. The main varieties of nylon are nylon 6 and nylon 66, accounting for the absolute dominant, followed by nylon 11, nylon 12, nylon 610, nylon 612, in addition to nylon 1010, nylon 46, nylon 7, nylon 9, nylon 13, Varieties are nylon 6I, nylon 9T and special nylon MXD6 (barrier resin) and so on
Q:There are several yarns of textile mills
This type of yarn for high-grade fine fabrics, such as high-shirt, worsted sweater and so on. According to the spinning system. Spinning yarn Worsted yarn, also known as combed yarn, refers to yarns that are spun by combing processes, including combed cotton yarns and combed yarns. The fibers are parallel to the fiber in a high degree of straightness, smooth, smooth, but higher cost, higher yarn count. Combed yarn is mainly used for high-grade fabrics and knitwear raw materials, such as fine spinning, gabardine it, tweed, sweater and so on.
Q:Cotton cotton yarn consumption of cotton how much?
Cotton carded yarn consumption of cotton fixed: 1.08 tons / ton yarn; cotton yarn per ton of finished yarn 0.926 tons.
Q:40s / 2 What does it mean, is this yarn 40 or 80?
We love the veil is dedicated to do the cotton yarn, so I give you the answer is that 40 2 shares of yarn, the two lines are 40, that is, 20 per share
Q:What is the difference between textile sizing and paper making?
The modified starch used in papermaking is mainly: acid modified starch (surface sizing), oxidized starch (surface sizing, coating), phosphate starch (surface sizing, coating), oxidized acetate starch (coating) Cationic starch, amphoteric starch (pulp added), grafted starch (coated. Market less) a technology is not up to standard, and then a cost can not accept
Q:How to choose the twist of the roving?
Roving twist factor is too small, easy to produce accidental drawing, increase the broken, so that the product is not uniform.Therefore, the roving twist coefficient is the same as the drafting factor, roller pressure, roller gauge, etc. The roving twist factor is mainly based on The length of the fiber, the spinning varieties, the thickness of the roving, the post-spinning process and the temperature and humidity factors to choose to control:
Q:Why in general the yarn in the woven fabric strength coefficient of use greater than 1
Cotton yarn is made of cotton fiber by spinning the yarn, processed by the stock after the cotton line. According to the different spinning process, can be divided into carded yarn and combed yarn. (1) carded yarn: cotton fiber is the ordinary spinning system spinning yarn
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Location Shandong,China
Year Established 2008
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Main Markets
Company Certifications ISO9001:2000 ISO9001:2008

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