Colored Metallic Yarn With High Quality From China

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Ningbo Port
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TT or LC
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3 MT m.t.
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15MT Per Month m.t./month

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Specification Of Colored Metallic Yarn With High Quality From China


1 Thickness : 12 micron, 23micron,30 micron,50micron
2 Color : Golden, Slivery,Green,Blue,Yellow etc.
3 Material : cutting aluminum-plated and dyed polyester films
4 Technics : Ring Spun
5 Style: M-Type
6 Package : net weight 300g/bobbin ,64bobbins/carton

19.2kilo/carton . one 20 GP can contain 545cartons = 10464 kg


Feature Of Colored Metallic Yarn With High Quality From China


High Tenacity, Anti-Pilling


Application Of Colored Metallic Yarn With High Quality From China


Sewing, Knitting, Weaving


Usuage Of Colored Metallic Yarn With High Quality From China


Sewing, Hand Knitting, Knitting, Weaving


Pictures Of Colored Metallic Yarn With High Quality From China




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Q:What are the differences between the yarn and the yarn of the yarn?
(1) carded yarn: cotton fiber is the ordinary spinning system spinning yarn. (2) combed yarn: cotton yarn is combed by the spinning system spinning yarn. Combing yarn selection of high-quality raw materials, yarn in the fiber straight parallel, knot less, good gloss, dry strips, high strength, this type of cotton yarn used for weaving high-grade fabric.
Q:What is the reason for the low strength of cotton yarn
We found in the spinning frame yarn problems, roving weight qualified, and later found in the apron with a plot of flowers, may affect the yarn less stretch.
Q:How does the textile shake the knot?
2, the right hand will be the yarn frame on the twisted yarn head to find, put the right hand thumb food fingers pinch the yarn, the two yarn into a cross shape. 3, the right hand thumb fingers pinch the top of the hammer head, along the left hand around the thumb, and then pressure in the cheese under the yarn head.
Q:What is the cheese yarn?
Cheese yarn is the textile industry spinning mill production process of the winding process, from the process on the spinning frame or twisting machine down the pipe, according to the weaving factory, or knitting factory, or towel factory with the yarn After the process requirements
Q:40s / 2 What does it mean, is this yarn 40 or 80?
21S / 1 x 40S / 2 means: 100% cotton fabric is 21S (count) / 1 (single stock) x 40S (count) / 2 (double
Q:How much does it cost to do a small cotton textile mill?
Also open a small spinning mill very tired, to know how the current workers are not obedient. Small factories, then generally have to sell intermediaries, one to own sales, two words will have the initiative to contact you.
Q:What is the knitting yarn and the woven gauze?
General woven yarn twist factor of 380 or so, and knitting yarn only need about 340 it. Such as 40s single yarn, woven yarn twist is 99 twist / 10cm, and knitting yarn is about 88-89 twist around it
Q:Why in general the yarn in the woven fabric strength coefficient of use greater than 1
2. Use Cotton yarn is widely used, it can be used as woven yarn, can also be used as knitting yarn, especially combed yarn can be used to produce high quality textile products, such as high-grade T-shirt, fine poplin, cotton Can produce special industrial ...
Q:What is the yarn in the textile
The naked eye can be seen, generally can be hand picked out, but some of the fabric organization is not to pick, specifically to try their own.
Q:What is the difference between textile sizing and paper making?
The modified starch used in textile pastes are: acid modified starch, oxidized starch, phosphate starch, acetate starch, carboxymethyl starch, grafted starch.
In recent years the company continue to grow stronger, now has 10 worsted imports, domestic production lines, domestic brand half worsted, worsted 5000 ingot, equipped with computer Mao Dou, synchronization and electronic yarn clearer and air splicing equipment, make product quality grade, more competitive

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Location Zhejiang,China
Year Established 1997
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Main Markets North America, South America, Western Europe, eastern Europe, east Asia, central Asia, southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Oceania
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