100% Organic Cotton Yarn for Knitting and Weaving

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3 MT m.t.
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1200MT Per Year m.t./month

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Specification Of Grade AA 100% Organic Cotton Yarn For Knitting And Weaving


1. viscose tow: 0.8d, 1.0d, 1.5d, 3.0d.

2. OE Yarn:  8s ,10s, 12s, 16s, 18s, 20s, etc .

3. Ring spun yarn: 20s, 21s, 24s, 30s, 32s,  36s, 40s, 60s, etc.

4. MVS(vortex) yarn:  20s,21s, 24s, 30s, 32s, 36s, 40s, 60s, etc.

5. Special use yarn: mop yarn, glove yarn, socks yarn , denim yarn,  blanket/carpet yarn , etc


Usage Of Grade AA 100% Organic Cotton Yarn For Knitting And Weaving


Knitting, Hand Knitting, Weaving, Sewing


Pictures Of Grade AA 100% Organic Cotton Yarn For Knitting And Weaving



100% Organic Cotton Yarn


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Q:On the number of textile yarns
Is often said that the British count, English: SIZE, all commonly used S to do short.
Q:There are several kinds of yarn in textile mill
2. Blended yarn Blended yarn is made of two or more fibers spinning yarn, such as polyester and cotton blended yarn, wool and viscose blended yarn. Such yarns are used to highlight the fabric of the advantages of both fibers. According to the thickness of yarn 1. A fine yarn of 32 or more (18 in. And below). Such yarns are suitable for thick fabrics such as tweeds and coarse fabrics. 2. In the special yarn: in the special yarn 21 to 32 special (British 19 to 28 British branch) of the yarn. Such yarns are suitable for medium and thick fabrics such as medium cloth, gabardine, khaki and so on.
Q:What is the textile fancy yarn theory?
Fancy yarn refers to the yarn and yarn in the process of using special raw materials, special equipment or special technology for processing fiber or yarn with a special structure and appearance of the yarn, the yarn products with decorative effect Of a yarn
Q:What is the yarn in the textile
Usually in two or more loom to work together, the distance and the yarn used is not the same when there may be gripping yarn appears, and high-twist combed yarn generally do not produce gripping yarn.
Q:Will the following kind of yarn which fine? A32 support, B21 support
The more the better the quality, the finer the yarn, the thinner the yarn weave, the more soft and comfortable the cloth is. The number of branches is fixed, so the greater the number of yarns, the finer the yarn. British count is not China's current legal indicators of yarn fineness, but still widely used in the enterprise, especially the cotton textile industry.
Q:How good is the textile economy?
The requirements of the warping have three points: uniform tension, uniform yarn, winding density uniform.
Q:What is the cheese yarn?
So that the length of the yarn to take over and remove the yarn defects and impurities in the winder through the tank or the reciprocating guide yarn rewinding into the boundless or side, and into a certain shape (such as conical, Shape), a certain volume of the winding volume of the tube
Q:What does JC40S cotton yarn mean?
Cotton yarn production methods are more complex, in general, there are two kinds of spinning methods, that is, comb cotton spinning and combing spinning. (1) carding cotton spinning process: with cotton → open cotton → carding (2) combing spinning process: with cotton → open cotton → carding → combing → parallel → roving → spun yarn → post-processing → finished product inspection.
Q:How to reduce the cost of textile yarn dyeing?
Suggested to find a way out of the product, do different things, do not and the general dyeing factory on the line of homogeneous competition, to make their own company's characteristics!
Q:What are the types of cotton yarns?
According to the roughness habits: ① coarse yarn: 17 "special" (tex) and the following cotton yarn are coarse yarn. Mainly used for weaving thick or velvet, from the cotton fabric, such as coarse cloth, velvet, solid, etc .; ② in the yarn: 18-27 cotton yarn in the yarn, for weaving flat cloth, twill, satin and other general Woven fabric; ③ fine yarn: 28 and above cotton yarn, used for weaving fine cloth poplin, high-grade needle, woven fabric.
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