11000Dtex Polyester High Tenacity Multifilament PE Yarn

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1000 m²
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10000 m²/month

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Other Yarn



Yarn Type:

Monofilament PE yarn









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Artificial Grass/Synthetic Turf/Lawn/Carpet



Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Packed in pallet
Delivery Detail:7-20days


Polyester Yarn 
1. Color: raw white, green, red, black, brown and etc 
2. PE 
3. 500D-22000D 
4. curly yarn, UV yarn


1) grass yarn


  Item No.:


  Stitch Rate:









  Monofilament PE yarn


  for artificial grass





2) landscaping artificial grass feature

Abrasion Resistance

Durability, Eco-friendly material made

Soft and Comfortable, similar to natural grass

Color will not change with time

UV protection, Safe

No matter season change: No fade, always green and longer life

Large Markets: 

America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe


Why the artificial grass is so popular in many countries?

As we know, the most important thing is very cheap to maintain the artificial grass. Artificial grass can keep green without watering which can save water, because the weather get warmer, even hotter, and the water become less and less. If you seed the grass, the maintenances fee is expensive, but for the artificial grass, u needn't pay the extra money. Artificial grass can be chosen in different styles depend on your own taste as well as the season changing! Artificial grass can be installed no matter it is indoor or outdoor, the affections are both wonderful!

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Q:What are the differences between the yarn and the yarn of the yarn?
2. Processing of cotton yarn manufacturing methods are more complex, in general, there are two kinds of spinning methods, that is, cotton spinning and combing spinning. (1) carding cotton spinning process: with cotton → open cotton → carding → → → → roving → yarn → post-processing → finished product inspection. (2) combing spinning process: with cotton → open cotton → carding → combing → parallel → roving → spun yarn → post-processing → finished product inspection.
Q:Cotton cotton yarn consumption of cotton how much?
Cotton combed cotton consumption quota: 1.3 tons / ton yarn; yarn per ton of finished yarn 0.77 tons. Polyester cotton carded cotton (cotton 35% polyester 65%) cotton consumption quota: 0.45 tons / ton yarn; (polyester 0.67 tons / ton yarn).
Q:How does the textile shake the knot?
4, the right hand index finger will be the other end of the yarn, over pressure in the tube head, and then the thumb will be the head of the tube into the circle and press the left thumb with the left hand, the right hand cut with the scissors too long Section so that the ending length meets the standard.
Q:What is the textile bobbin?
It overcomes the outer yarn of the cheese yarn is easy to be humidified, and the inner layer of the inner wall of the tube is still dry, resulting in the inner layer yarn and the outer layer of the humidity is not consistent, not easy to knit or wool shortcomings, so that the cheese yarn humidification evenly.
Q:There are several yarns of textile mills
In the special yarn: in the special yarn 21 to 32 special (British 19 to 28 British branch) of the yarn. Such yarns are suitable for medium and thick fabrics such as medium cloth, gabardine, khaki and so on. 3. Fine yarn: fine yarn refers to 11 to 20 special (British 29 to 54 British branch) of the yarn. Such yarns are suitable for thin fabrics, such as fine cloth, poplin and the like. 4. Special fine yarn: special fine yarn refers to 10 special and below (British 58 British branch and above) of the yarn.
Q:What is the cheese yarn?
So that the length of the yarn to take over and remove the yarn defects and impurities in the winder through the tank or the reciprocating guide yarn rewinding into the boundless or side, and into a certain shape (such as conical, Shape), a certain volume of the winding volume of the tube
Q:What is the reason why the yarn is spinning
The insurance yarn is woven out of cloth on the edge of 0.5 to 1 cm of the lock side, is to prevent the yarn spread out the yarn, the insurance yarn is more important than the weaving yarn
Q:Textile spinning workshop car car summary and plan
After the work you need to improve what ability or enrich what knowledge, superior like people who take the initiative to work. You have to be prepared for things, that is prepared for the following work for your reference
Q:In the textile fabric, mesh cloth and the difference between the Bali yarn is what
Have good ventilation and moderate ability to adjust. Compared with other banner fabric, mesh cloth permeability better, in the outdoor life cycle will be longer.
Q:What are the benefits of the steaming machine to the textile industry?
Quick steaming box - treatment effect: 1. Relaxation, shaping, humidification. 2. Increase the yarn strength, reduce the fracture (cotton yarn breaking strength will increase by 10%, wool yarn elongation increased by 30%); Cotton yarn feathers fall by 30-45%; 4. Yarn moisture uniformity, control moisture regain high precision;

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