polyester yarn DTY FDY POY dope dyed color

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Product Description:

Basic Info

Model NO.: 22-167dtex

Pattern: Raw

Type: FDY

Coarseness: Fine Yarn

Structure: Multifilament Yarn

Trademark: cmax

Transport Package: Pallets Package

Specification: 12f-144f

Origin China: Mainland

HS Code:  5402


Production Facilities of FDY Yarn


We have the most advanced production system DSC. The whole production process is conducted and supervised by the operating platform. Meanwhile, there are 10 TMT fully automatic winding machine and Robot packaging system which highly improves the production efficiency and avoids manual mistakes.



Production Capacity of FDY Yarn


The production capacity is 200,000 TONS per year for now and it will be of 500,000 per year after the erection of the second production line.



Package of FDY Yarn


The FDY yarned is packed by plastic film, paper board, foam board and wooden pallets. Each pallets is about 640-720kg. Box package is also available.


Advantage of Us:


Subsidiary of Stated-owned group, reliable and trustable

Industry leader in the PET chip and yarn fields

On time delivery and prompt response

Well-funded and accept different kinds of payment terms

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Q:What are the types of textile yarns?
Artificial fiber: rayon (RAYON) also known as artificial cotton rayon (VISCOSE), blended fiber: long / short fiber blended yarn, there are T / RT / C two, with brightness: semi-light yarn / Triangular light yarn to processing points:
Q:Textile yarn 75d ppt memory silk how much money meal?
After dyeing, the surface will fold a lot of side pores, can quickly sweat and quickly dry, quickly sweat out.
Q:What is the textile bobbin?
The pipe wall can also be provided with grooves, easy to wire. It can be made of conical paper tube, pipe wall evenly open a lot of holes, its structure is simple, low cost, applicability.
Q:What is the cheese yarn?
Knitting factory and other yarn factory also has some customers to buy hank yarn and then into the cheese yarn. Or yarn finished yarn and then anti-playing into the cheese yarn, so the cheese yarn with the white yarn and yarn, cheese yarn ingredients can also be cotton, wool, silk, linen, chemical fiber and other raw materials, as shown.
Q:How to choose the twist of the roving?
Roving with large twist, must be appropriate to enlarge the spine after the interval, the appropriate increase in roller pressure, so as not to stretch the spinning frame due to increased drawing force and roller slip, a hard head.
Q:Textile exports to South Korea need to do what certification, pure cotton yarn
Personal words would like to export through the import and export rights of the company must export agents, enterprises, if the export can be handled if the export qualification. Declaration can find the declaration line, reported to check the newspaper line (the general declaration line can be reported at the same time commodity inspection)
Q:In the textile fabric, mesh cloth and the difference between the Bali yarn is what
It has a unique elasticity function. Mesh fabric mesh structure, in the production process after a high temperature stereotypes, when subjected to external forces, can follow the direction of force extension, when the pull force to reduce the withdrawal, the mesh can be restored to the original shape. Mesh cloth is made of tens of thousands of polymer synthetic fiber yarn, refined from the oil out. Made of knitted weave, it is not only firm, able to withstand high strength of the tension and tear.
Q:How good is the textile economy?
The requirements of the warping have three points: uniform tension, uniform yarn, winding density uniform.
Q:What is the diameter of a yarn of 40 yarns?
The diameter of the yarn is related to the number of yarns (the number of cables in the linear density), the raw material and the twist. Commonly used approximation method to calculate the yarn diameter: cotton yarn diameter can be calculated using the following two methods:
Q:Men's sweaters with what yarn?
Men's (middle-aged) autumn and winter sweater yarn: low-end: the proposed use of expanded polyester yarn, yarn yarn prices generally in 26 yuan / Kg

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