Green Handmade Thick Yarn Polyester Silk Shaggy Carpet

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300 m³
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10000 m³/month

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Packaging Detail:Package:every sheet rolled up in one , bundling with tapes,wraped with plastic bag,POP,care lable,bar code are available as your request.
Delivery Detail:Within 30 days after the LC or the deposite.


Tufted carpet 
1)The design is precisely Tufted. 
2)Any pattern is OK,within 6 colours are available. 
3)Big production capacity

                                     Polyester Tufted carpet


1.Brief introduction.


The main sizes of our hand woven carpet are 1200*1800,1400*2000,1600*2300,1800*2900 for bedroom,living room,hotel,etc.Any design with less than 4 colours are all available.The pile height should be less than 2 cm.


Item No.CMAX-006
Material100% Polyester fiber
TextureCut pile,shaggy pile.
Pile height1.2cm
Pile weight1800g/sqm
Performance density2000g/sqm
Back clothcanvas latex back,grey colour
 Size 160*230,any size(the width less than 2000)is OK.
 Colours Less than 6 colours
 Design Any design is available.

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Q:Difference in Kitchen Rug & Bathroom Rug?
The only tme it matters is IF the backing to the rug is latex AND it is going over a vinyl flooring that is light colored. Latex backing will turn the vinyl yellow over time and for some reason, it tends to happen more in the kitchen then in the bathroom. I had a latex backed rug in the bathroom for 10 years, but picked it up and hung it to dry after the last shower of the day. I had the same rug in the kitchen which I picked up and washed whenever it needed it, but it was on the floor continuously for most of the time. The same vinyl was in the kitchen that was in the bathroom and the kitchen vinyl yellowed while the bathroom did not. And, it also happened to several of my renters as well. One of my genuis tenants used a carpet pad underneath the one in the kitchen, she lived there for 6 years and that prevented it from happening to her...
Q:How to remove Wood Stain from carpet?
This Site Might Help You. RE: How to remove Wood Stain from carpet? Yes... i have been staining a part of my wood closet doors. While this has happened... i had accidentally gotten a few small spots of stain on the carpet. Does anyone know how to get these out?
Q:What's the mattress on the floor of the bed?
The bed end towel is a kind of articles used on the bed of a hotel or a living room, and the bed towel is also named as the bed mat, the bed flag and so on. The south is often called the bed flag, and the people in northern China are mostly called the bed towel.
Q:Should I rug a New Forest pony?
If she hasn't been rugged this winter I would definitely not rug her - you'll only flatten her coat and take away her ability to regulate her own temperature. Native ponies are very good at looking after themselves naked, but if she has been rugged over the last few months her coat will not be as good as it could be, it will be lacking in some oils to keep her waterproof and it won't be able to fluff up properly. It takes a whole coat cycle (ie a year) for a pony's coat to recover from being rugged unnecessarily - not a lot of people know that! - and in the meantime she'd be cold without a rug. Most of my ponies live out naked and they'll start to come back into work in the next couple of months. You have to take it slowly and not let them get sweaty, which is not easy with a pony with a full coat, but you just need to keep to walk and don't be tempted to speed things along by trotting. I wouldn't clip after the new year, the spring coat never comes in nicely if you clip too late.
Q:how much carpeting?
Lowes sells carpet tiles in 40 sq ft cartons for $148 to $165 per carton. Or Wall to wall carpet from $1.68 to $1.98 per sq ft. plus installation and padding.
Q:Hardwood floors over carpet?
no.. it needs to be on the bare floor
Q:Where can I get a free prayer rug?
Google for the nearest one. In terms of the prayer mat/rug, it's not mandatory to pray on them but if you want one you might have to buy one but you can use a clean bath towel in lieu of a prayer mat if you want to which is what i did. I've used a clean unused plain white towel.
Q:How much would it cost to redo my carpet?
Carpet with a standard pad and a medium grade carpet will run you 2.50/3.00$ a s/f.. You need 132 s/f. You can find cheaper and of course more expensive, but this is a mid range price. This will not include rip out and disposal of the old , but that can be negotiated into the price or you can do it yourself and save money. The stains you describe cannot be gotten out with a rented machine.Perhaps not even a professional. Figuring the 3$ a s/f , it ll cost around 400$ ( +-).
Q:carpeting a subwoofer box?
To apply carpet, all you'll need is a utility knife, staple gun, and adhesive. 3M spray adhesive is an excellent choice; simply spray it on the back of the carpet and onto the box, allow it to dry until tacky, and then adhere the carpet to the box. Pop a few staples in unobtrusive spots — it'll help make sure your carpet stays firmly in place. Warren recommends that, if you plan to carpet your box, you use a special construction technique. Inset the left and right sides of your subwoofer box just a bit, so that you end up with a protruding edge all the way around both sides.
Q:Sims Bustin Out Xbox, Where do you get a love rug?
You do not need to buy a rug in order to get married. There is a bear skin rug in buy mode / decorative that you can relax on and make-out. To get married in Bust Out mode, you just need to be in good relationship and in love with someone from the Tootie or Frootie household. Then you can just ask them to marry you. If they are hungry, need to pee, etc. they may refuse. If you are in Freeplay mode, 2 adult sims already in the same household cannot get married, but you can ask sims in a different house to marry you if there are 3 or fewer sims in the household already. Freeplay has a 4 sims per house limit.

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